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Option: Fill port

For filling from a pressurised hose, a fill port with either a Geka or Camlock coupling is available as an option. This connection can be used to fill the fresh water tank simultaneously from the left-hand side.

Option: Befüllanschluss (1) UF_0015_d2_191021
Filling via the suction hose

The sprayer can be filled using the suction hose via the 2" suction port. The liquid flow is routed in such a way that during the filling procedure there is always clean water available at the induction bowl.

“In terms of filling capacity, the sprayer from Amazone is right out in front.”
(profi magazine – Practical test: "5 mounted sprayers in comparison" - 12/2012)

Füllstandsanzeige (1) UF_0091_frei_d2_191022

A 2" discharge port for quick emptying under pressure can also be supplied (option).

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Piston diaphragm pumps

The piston diaphragm pumps run perfectly happily when dry and are liquid fertiliser safe. The design of the pumps simultaneously ensures an even, high delivery capacity with a high filling performance and quiet operation even under high pressure.

Pumps with an output capacity of 160, 210 and 250 l/min are available. The oil reservoir for the pump is positioned within the field of vision of the driver for easy monitoring of the pump from the tractor cab.

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UF 01 operator station – Clear and simple via the SmartCenter

All functions are controlled with only three levers

  1. Pressure Vario-Control valve for filling, inducting, spraying, internal or external cleaning
  2. Quick emptying (option) for emptying the spray liquid tank with the aid of the pump
  3. Agitation valve for the infinitely variable setting of the agitation intensity via the self-cleaning pressure filter. Integrated additional function: Selective draining of the pressure filter
  4. Suction Vario-Control valve for drawing from the spray agent tank, from the fresh water tank or via the suction hose. Integrated additional function: Pressure-free residue draining and venting of the suction filter.

SmartCenter – Clearly arranged and user-friendly.

  • All control elements are logically and unmistakably arranged directly to the front left-hand side of the sprayer. 
  • The valves are all marked with self-explanatory symbols to avoid operational errors. Compare!

“All the valves and taps are located on the left hand side which means less walking.”
(dlz agrar magazine – Field test UF 1201 “Super also in small widths” · 05/2016)

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UF 01 liquid circuit

Logical and comfortable

Flüssigkeitskreislauf UF (1) Fluessigkeitskreislauf_UF

The liquid circuit of the UF 01 series has been optimised for operator friendliness and lowest residual sprayer volumes. Cleaning can be carried out with a partially filled tank, and the suction and pressure filters can be emptied before opening the filter housing.

  • AmaTron 4 – execution with DUS, quick emptying and external wash down kit

  1. Pressure Vario-Control valve
  2. Quick-emptying device
  3. Agitation valve
  4. Suction Vario-Control valve

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Induction bowl

The 55 litre induction bowl offers fast and clean working and is very easily accessible from the front left of the central operator control panel.


Powdery agents and high rates of granular fertiliser are quickly and safely dissolved via the rinse ring and simultaneously inducted at high capacity. Three additional jets provide the spill-free and effective induction. Stepless adjustment of the delivery and induction rates.

“The three additional mixing nozzles provide a high agitation effect and allow the induction of agents difficult to dissolve. Practical: When closed, the canister flushing also cleans the lid and the induction bowl.”
(dlz agrar magazine – Field test UF 1201 “Super also in small widths” · 05/2016)

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Canister cleaning

A high fill rate is obtained with the venturi. The same professional induction bowl is used on the UX trailed sprayer.

For unproblematic cleaning of the spray agent canisters and for full utilisation of the contents, the canisters are flushed using the rotary nozzle. With this nozzle, the induction bowl can be cleaned even when the lid is closed. A dead man‘s control keeps the user safe.

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Druckfilter (1) UF_0024_d2_191024

Pressure filter

The self-cleaning pressure filter is standard equipment. The agitator tap also enables the specific draining of the pressure filter. This allows the filter to be checked without any leakage of spray agent – especially when the tank is full.

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Comfort-Pack for in-cab control of the filling and cleaning

One option with three functions for all UFs with ISOBUS

  • The automated fill stop actuates the suction valve when the desired fill level has been reached.
  • Automatic agitator shut off at a fill level of less than 5% (of the nominal volume) results in small residual volumes.
  • The spray line, tank and agitator can be cleaned via the ISOBUS terminal. The user no longer has to leave the tractor cab.
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Manually-actuated HB valve chest

The manually operated valve chest allows spraying without any electrical power supply. The main switch, the manual pressure adjustment and the switching on and off of either three or five boom part-width sections are arranged in a clever, ergonomic manner. Due to the equal pressure system the spray rate per hectare remains constant when switching on and off the part-width sections.

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Electrically remote controlled NG part-width section valves

The NG equal pressure control unit for the AmaSet+ control box is centrally positioned in the middle of the boom. Ultramodern motor valves allow the fast, drip-less on/ off control. Matching the equal pressure valve chest to the nozzle size is quickly and easily carried out via the colour coordinated dials.

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Electrically remote controlled TG part-width section valves

Cutting-edge valve technology is available for ISOBUS control and the AmaSpray+. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and drip-free via electric motor valves with pressure relief. The amount applied is accurately and directly controlled by the computer in any situation. A unit with equal pressure compensation is not required with this system.

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