Front tank

The small self-propelled sprayer – UF with front tank

Via the FT front tank, the tank volume of the UF mounted sprayer can be very simply increased by 1,000 l. Thanks to the compact design, the UF front tank is the ideal solution for increasing the overall capacity of the UF.

The benefits:

  • Improved driving stability on slopes due to the intelligent loading of the front axle
  • Very compact design thanks to front linkage – better manoeuvrability in the field and for a safer road transport

The special advantages offered of more manoeuvrable tractors with a mounted implement compared with trailed sprayers in smaller and more awkward shaped fields as well as the better behaviour on slopes are the major arguments for the front tank solution.

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Handling and transport

Thoughtful design for maximum safety

In the yard or in the barn: The compact combination, carried on its transport wheels, stores easily away. The system’s simple handling is already convincing even after just a few hours in the field. 

The internal cleaning of the sprayer combination is carried out via the fresh water tank of the UF. The 100 l additional clean water tank allows for the appropriate cleaning according to the European guidelines (clean water supply at least 10 % of the tank volume).

The additional 100 l capacity of the fresh water rinse tank allows the appropriate cleaning according to European guidelines (rinse tank capacity: min. 10 % of the tank volume). The compact sprayer-tractor unit is favourable especially in narrow lanes with hardly any obstruction to the view thanks to the well thought out design.

The AMAZONE FT 1001 fulfils all relevant EC guidelines and standards for traffic safety.

The optional traffic light kit is necessary in cases where the traffic lights of the tractor is hidden. The obscured low beam headlights on the tractor must be replicated on the tractor roof. The fitting on the front tank is not allowed.

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Optional camera system

In difficult driving situations, such as when pulling out of road junctions, the optional camera system on the front tank and on the mounted sprayer provides better visibility, and thus more safety, to the front and the rear. The high resolution, antiglare monitor is backlit and can also display two cameras at once.

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