Hydraulic tramline offset for Precea precision air seeder

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Maintaining the seed rate even when tramlining

Hydraulic tramline offset

The idea of the hydraulic tramline offset is to produce crop care tramlines without having to switch off the singling units, thus avoiding reducing the seed rate. The singling units are not switched off for the tramline, they are simply moved apart. On the AMAZONE Precea, the fertiliser coulter is also moved alongside the displacement of the sowing units. The maximum offset distance of the units is 400 mm. However, this distance can be limited if the full distance is not required.

Hydraulic tramline offset on the Precea 6000-2FCC – symmetric arrangement

The hydraulic tramline offset can be either symmetric or asymmetric. With a symmetric offset, the cylinders for offset on the right-hand side and on the left-hand side of the machine are powered at the same time. With an asymmetric offset, just one cylinder is powered and thus just one unit is displaced. For example, the driver produces a tramline with just one wheel mark for the following crop care machine in the first pass, and then produces the second wheel mark in a second pass. The system is incorporated in the ISOBUS machine software to make it easier for the driver, and it reacts automatically as soon as comes to the generation of the tramline.

The asymmetric offset permits track widths up to 2.1 m
Symmetric tramline offset on the Precea 6000-2

The hydraulic tramline offset system is very flexible and thus offers many combination options for track width, tyre width and sprayer boom width, depending on the working width of the precision air seeder. The hydraulic tramline offset can be used on all Precea models, with the exception of the telescopic machines.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum yield potential since the seed rows do not need to be switched off, they are just displaced
  • Relief for the driver by automatic detection and adaption to make the tramline
  • Lack of plant damage during subsequent working in the crop, as a result of the existing tramline
  • Optimum fertiliser supply since the fertiliser coulter and the singling unit are displaced together

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