The spreading disc drive: mechanical drive


On the mechanically-driven ZA-V spreaders, the spreading unit and also the agitator are driven via the PTO shaft. Here the spreader is, as standard, protected from overload via a friction clutch on the PTO shaft. The input speed from the tractor PTO is transmitted via the central gearbox resulting in an increased spreading disc speed. This allows fuel-saving fertilisation at low engine revs across the maximum working width.

With mechanically-driven spreaders, between two and eight part-width sections are switchable, depending on the operator terminal.

WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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