Monitoring solutions

Nitrogen sensors | Fertilising Technology

Optimum plant growth thanks to the correct nitrogen supply

Actually on-line sensors are the ideal tool for supplying the appropriate amount of Nitrogen. During fertiliser application, they measure the supply available at the plant. Within the restraints of the pre-determined values, the required amount of fertiliser for an optimum plant growth is then calculated.
Via the serial interface (RS 232) all ZA-TS spreaders with AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and other compatible ISOBUS...

WindControl | Fertilising Technology

In areas that are particularly windy, AMAZONE now offers WindControl (in accordance with Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden) as a supplement to the ArgusTwin system. Via WindControl, the influence of wind on the spread pattern can also be constantly monitored and automatically compensated for.

Argus | Fertilising Technology

ArgusTwin – Automatic adjustment to the optimum lateral distribution

With the Argus Twin system, AMAZONE offers a system for spread pattern monitoring with automatic spread pattern adjustment. The registration of the lateral distribution is carried out via radar technology which is not affected by dust and pollution, and provides reliable results in practice. ArgusTwin constantly monitors, via radar sensors mounted on both the sides of the spreader, the left and right...

Seed tube monitoring | Seeding Technology

An additional useful assistance system is the optional seed tube monitoring which immediately detects blockages at the coulter and in the seed pipe. Directly behind the distributor head, sensors check the seed flow inside the seed tubes. The system automatically detects when the drill is tramlining. Especially during long working days, the monitoring is an elegant possibility to check the performance.

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