The AMAZONE plough range includes the Cayros mounted reversible plough with five types of two- to four-furrow ploughs in the medium size range as well as heavy, four- to six-furrow ploughs for large tractors and optional stepless working width regulation for the Cayron five- or six-furrow mounted reversible ploughs. The Hektor semi-mounted reversible plough for challenging operating conditions is offered with six to eight furrows for large tractors up to 360 hp.


To help prepare the field for the following sowing operation, targeted reconsolidation after ploughing is ideal. In many cases, there is insufficient time for the settling of the soil after ploughing and natural tilth formation does not take place so that combining two operational passes is an optimal possibility. A heavy ring packer, in combination with the plough, provides deep reconsolidation, crushing coarse clods and preventing the soil from drying out.

Compact disc harrows

The AMAZONE compact disc harrow range extends from the Catros Special, a start-up model, to the Catros series with five mounted and three towed versions, the Catros⁺ for large operations, the Catros XL for stubble clearing and the towed Certos-2TX. The CombiDisc 3-m mounted compact disc harrow was designed for high driving speeds, while the Ceus-2TX disc harrow cultivator combination handles several work steps during a single drive.


The mulch cultivator range by AMAZONE includes the Cenius 3-boom mounted mulch cultivator in three working widths from 3.0 to 4.0 m and the Cenius-2TX four-boom trailing mulch cultivator with four working widths from 4.0 to 8.0 m. All mulch cultivator models are available in the Special or Super versions. The Ceus-2TX tine & disc combination cultivator is offered in four working widths from 4.0 to 7.0 m and allows the combination of several work steps in a single pass.

Rotary harrows & Rotary cultivators

For active soil tillage of ploughed soils, AMAZONE offers the SE Special rotary harrow and the KE Super rotary harrow for stronger towing machines. The KG or KX rotary cultivators are used for mixing heavy and more solid soils, while the tines of the KX can be optionally set to “on grip” or “trailing”. The TL deep loosener can be optionally installed in front to facilitate one-pass cultivation without ploughing in high levels of straw.

Transfer hoppers & Catch crop seeders

The XTender rear mounted tank and the towed XTender-T tank in combination with the Catros and Certos compact disc harrows or the Cenius mulch cultivator make it possible to distribute fertiliser and/or seed at the same time during soil tillage for a catch crop seed.

Cambridge rolls

The AW Cambridge rolls by AMAZONE are universal machines to provide perfect soil contact, for example during seedbed preparation or when rolling fields of grain damaged by frost. The Cambridge rolls are available at five working widths from 6.6 to 15.4 m with Cambridge or Crosskill rings.

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