Strip-wise reconsolidation with the Matrix tyres

Good reconsolidation plays an important role in sowing. Firstly, it provides a uniform and level seedbed. Secondly, it promotes optimum seed/soil contact and a good supply of nutrients and water to the plants.

Matrix-Reifen (3) Cirrus_6003-2_TwinTec_d0_kw_8397_d1_191029_beileger
Matrix tyres in action
Matrix-Reifen (2) Matrix_Reifen_001_d1_130812
Matrix tyres

Matrix tyres – optimal in times of extreme weather conditions!

Matrix-Reifen (1) Matrix_001_3Reifen_125erAbstand_d1_130808
Systematic strip-wise reconsolidation

  1. Row spacing 12.5 cm: Plants at a row spacing of 12.5 cm
  2. Row spacing 16.6 cm: Plants at a row spacing of 16.6 cm