» UF - The world of precision

» Automatic boom guidance

Perfect adherence to the desired distance between the nozzle and the target surface thanks to the DistanceControl plus automatic boom guidance system having 4 sensors.

» DUS pressure circulation system

The DUS pressure circulation system provides a uniform spray agent concentration at each nozzle from the beginning to the end of the application. No deposits are formed and it is also very easy to flush the spray line with water.

» Automatic 50 cm part-width section

Precise switching at the headland and on wedge shaped fields by combining the GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control and the AmaSwitch single nozzle control. 

» A reduction in the use of plant protection agents of approx. 5 to 10 % depending on the conditions 

» SmartCenter operator station in the UF 02

Complete operation of the machine is simple, centrally and logically structured, meaning that setting errors are avoided.

  • The optional Comfort-Pack with TwinTerminal enables remotely controlled and automated activation of the spray agent circuit. This includes the automatic filling stop, automatic agitator switch-off, reliable emptying of residual amounts without foaming and automatic cleaning at the end – very simple and effective.
  • The high-performance 60 l induction bowl with an extraction capacity of 150 l/min guarantees the induction of plant protection agents and micro-nutrients.
  • The liquid only finds its way to where it is needed thanks to the 7-way pressure tap with intelligent poppet valve technology.

» FT front tank

The FT front tank enables the tank capacity of the UF mounted sprayer to be easily extended by 1,000 l or 1,500 l. The front tank is the perfect solution for extending the capacity of the UF thanks to the optional FlowControl system and the compact design. More...

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AMAZONE Perfect boom ride

The booms, with an aircraft wing design are both super-light and super-stable and ensure a long service life. The free-hanging boom suspension with multiple damping and spring-mount provides an extremely smooth boom ride. Plus: Super-narrow transport width.

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UF 02 mounted sprayer

The compact sprayer UF 02 is available with a tank capacity of 1,600 and 2,000 l and is characterised by its particularly user-friendly design. With the Super S2 boom in working widths of 15 to 30 m, the UF 02 offers particularly good levels of efficiency machine. In combination with the FT front tank, the tank capacity of the sprayer can be easily expanded by 1,000 l or 1,500 l.

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