» EDX - the world of precision

» Large fertiliser hopper with 4,600 l

Less time required for refilling and fertiliser collection. 

» Large 800 l seed hopper

The centralised, large and easily accessible seed hoppers mean shorter filling and set-up times and thus results in an additional increase in efficiency. 

» ElectricDrive for precision

The electric drives for fertiliser metering and seed singling enable easy setting and changing of the fertiliser and seed rate.

» Xpress sowing unit

Every Xpress sowing unit is built up of several elements. First a V-shaped angled double disc sowing coulter cuts the soil surface and pushes any crop residues to one side. This is followed by the furrow former which shapes the furrow and firms it along the bottom. Behind the furrow former the seed is shot into the furrow, caught by the catcher roller and pressed in. Subsequently the multi-adjustable Super-V press wheels cover the seed furrow with soil and press above the covered furrow.

1. Super-V press wheels
2. Catcher roller
3. Scraper for carrying roller/sowing coulter (optional)
4. Furrow former
5. Carrying rollers
6. Double disc sowing coulter
7. Depth control chain for fertiliser coulter
8. Hard-faced fertiliser openers
9. Fertiliser coulter

» Xpress seed singling and placement system

Seed singling and seed placement take place separately: The seed is actively conveyed in the overpressure system for precise placement in the seed furrow via the singling system and seed tubes. Working speeds up to 15 km/h can thereby be achieved. More...

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EDX-TC precision air seeder

The EDX trailed precision seeder, which can be used after the plough, in mulch or for direct sowing, is characterised particularly by its reliability and its high operational comfort. The EDX, in working widths of 6 m and 9 m, has seed hopper sizes of 600 l and 800 l respectively and can be operated at speeds of up to 15 km/h.

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