GreenDrill 501

CatrosXL 8003-2TX mit Universal-Aufbausämaschine GreenDrill 501
CatrosXL - GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box
New universal catch crop seeder box with 500 l tank capacity

The GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box with 500 l tank capacity, is suitable for the precise sowing of catch crops, fine seeds and nurse crops as well as the spreading of fertiliser in combination with the trailed AMAZONE soil tillage range or the Cirrus trailed drill combination.

Seed hopper 

The hopper of the GreenDrill 501 can hold 500 litres of seed. The hopper is made of plastic and can be accessed easily using steps and 
a platform. The GreenDrill has a hopper opening for rapid seed filling. The screw lock protects the seed against dust and moisture. The lid is attached to the hopper by a strap to prevent it from sliding away when it is open. The seed hopper has a fill level sensor that can be attached in two positions. The bottom section of the hopper contains a protective sieve in order to protect the hopper from foreign bodies.

Große Behälteröffnung für sichere Befüllung mit Bigbags
Large hopper opening for safe filling from big bags
Trittstufen zum Erreichen der Wartungsplattform, hier an der Cirrus 6003-2CC
Steps for accessing the maintenance platform, here on a Cirrus 6003-2CC

Accurate electrical metering

Cirrus 6003-2CC mit Universal-Aufbausämaschine GreenDrill 501
Cirrus 6003-2CC with GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box

The metering of the seed is carried out by an electrically-driven metering unit below the seed hopper. Different metering rollers are available for different seed types. These rollers can be interchanged quickly and easily. The electric drive facilitates easy setting of the seed rate using the terminal in the tractor cab. Alternatively, the electric drive can also be controlled fully automatically using application maps. It is furthermore possible to calibrate the system at the push of a button and to do pre-metering in field corners.

The machine can be calibrated either using the terminal, a calibration button or the mySeeder App on a smartphone.

Options for the blower fan drive 

If the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a Cirrus trailed drill combination, no separate blower fan is required. The air flow from the hydraulic fan drive from the Cirrus is, in this case, used for seed delivery.

If the machine is mounted on a trailed soil tillage machine such as the Catros compact disc harrow, the GreenDrill 501 will have its own hydraulic blower fan to transport the seed from the metering unit via the distribution head to the sowing coulters or the baffle plates.

Einfacher Wechsel der Dosierwalze
Easy exchange of the metering rollers

GreenDrill 501 mit hydraulischem Gebläse an der CatrosXL 8003-2TX
GreenDrill 501 with a hydraulic blower fan on the CatrosXL 8003-2TX

New accurate distribution

The segmented distribution head, familiar from the AMAZONE seed drill technology is the basis for an accurate distribution of the seeds over the seed rows. This is available in different sizes and equipment levels, so that 16 to 48 outlets can be supplied, as required. This distributor head can also be used for tramline control.

The seed is transferred from the distribution head to the baffle plates, which ensure an optimal lateral distribution across the whole working width. Combination with the Cirrus facilitates under-sowing of nurse crops via baffle plates as well as the opportunity of an option for moving additional seed from the GreenDrill to the sowing coulter.

Segmentverteilerkopf zur exakten Verteilung des Saatgutes
Segmented distribution head for accurate distribution of the seed
Prallteller an der Cirrus 6003-2CC
Baffle plate on the Cirrus 6003-2CC

Machine control via ISOBUS

Voll integrierte Bedienung der GreenDrill 501 über das ISOBUS- Terminal AmaTron 4
Fully integrated operation of the GreenDrill 501 via the AmaTron4 ISOBUS terminal

Machine control of the GreenDrill 501 can be achieved in various different ways, depending on the machine onto which it is mounted. For example, if the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a Cirrus, it is an “ISOBUS participant” and, as such, is fully integrated into the electronic system of the Cirrus. The GreenDrill is shown in the controls of the machine operating section of the terminal as a second or third seed hopper with metering unit. If the GreenDrill is mounted on a soil tillage unit, it gets its own ISOBUS job computer and can be operated either from the ISOBUS terminal on the tractor or, for example, the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal.

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