The first all-in-one package containing the FertiliserService, EasyCheck and EasyMix Apps for perfect spreader adjustment

Well-founded fertiliser settings for over 27 years

Service: AMAZONE made this word its own in the field of fertilising advice back in 1992. And even back then, it was recognised that it was impossible for farmers to find the perfect adjustment for each fertiliser, given the wide variety of fertilisers. In addition to the broad range of fertiliser sorts available, even the same types of fertiliser or those with identical names can have different properties. The properties of a fertiliser can even change due to incorrect storage or restacking. In order to provide our customers with optimum and extensive settings at the start of the spreading season, AMAZONE developed its FertiliserService. Since then, farmers have been able to submit their own fertiliser samples free of charge or call the service line.

The first App – the FertiliserService App

mySpreader fertiliser search

With the arrival of the smartphone, the AMAZONE FertiliserService App was then also launched. With this App, the settings for AMAZONE spreaders across numerous fertilisers could be looked up when with the machine as early as 2011. Thanks to the many samples sent in annually by farmers, fertiliser suppliers and fertiliser manufacturers, we can always keep the App up-to-date so that the user has access to current information at the start of every season. The success of this App can largely be attributed to our excellent cooperation with the fertiliser industry, the agricultural supply trade and farmers and contractors. We are therefore able to draw on a very deep knowledge in App development.

The next step – the EasyCheck App

mySpreader EasyCheck

At Agritechnica 2015, AMAZONE presented the award-winning EasyCheck digital mobile test kit. In this test kit, plastic mats are placed and spread on the field at defined intervals. The spread mats are then photographed and an App calculates the degree of coverage of the mats. Based on these values, the App can suggest adjustment improvements for the lateral distribution of the AMAZONE spreader to the user. While the weight has been almost halved compared to conventional test kits and the volume needing to be transported has been reduced to one tenth, the accuracy of the results with test trays was also maintained with EasyCheck. At the same time, EasyCheck is significantly cheaper. The App is free and can be downloaded for modern smartphones with Android operating systems and iOS. With the help of this technology, the adjustment of the spreader can be checked quickly and easily and the user can optimise his crop care at lightning speed.

The marriage of two successful spreader adjustment Apps

The new AMAZONE mySpreader App has now combined the benefits of both Apps to exploit synergies. This means that fertilisers that match the spreader settings can now be found and selected with ease. The same App is used when doing a test with the EasyCheck kit. In this way, the information is directly assigned to the fertiliser and used for the optimisation. This saves time and prevents input errors. In addition, each customer can develop their own personal fertiliser database, in which they can recall fertiliser properties, spreading results and spreader settings at any time. As usual, the mySpreader App can also be used for direct contact with the AMAZONE FertiliserService. Completed settings and spreading results can be sent to the experts if required so that they can make the best possible recommendations for the respective situation.  

In addition, the App includes a menu to perform spread rate calibration on fertiliser spreaders without weighing technology. Here, the user is taken through the manual calibration procedure step by step. Annoying tables and reading errors when using slide rules are no longer a problem.  

In addition, the App in the fertiliser database can be used to filter down to the correct fertiliser. In this way, settings, as a start point, can be found faster if the fertiliser is previously unknown to the user.  

The mySpreader App is rounded off by a tool that works out setting recommendations for blended fertilisers. This function is called EasyMix.

Automatic setting of the spreader via App

In the same breath, AMAZONE introduces a Bluetooth adapter for ISOBUS machinery. Via this interface, all the settings for the spreader can be transferred from the mySpreader App to the AMAZONE spreader. After this data transfer, the spreader sets itself automatically. This saves time and avoids setting errors, whilst, at the same time, being much more convenient. The Bluetooth connection is used both when setting the values from the digital setting chart and when sending the corrected values through EasyCheck. In plain language, this means:

Open the App and select the fertiliser    
→ Send data to the terminal    
→ Set up the EasyCheck digital test kit    
→ Spread over the mats    
→ Open the App and photograph the mats    
→ Send data to the terminal
→ A faster way to check the lateral distribution does not exist.

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WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

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