High quality and comfortable

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Large, optimised hopper profile 
Highly efficient thanks to the large hopper and 3-point linkage with a favourable centre of gravity. The optimised hopper profile prevents material residues from adhering to the steep hopper walls.

Convenient swivel hopper cover 
Reliably protects the material from dirt and water.

Easy maintenance and cleaning
The open design and the removable covers simplify the maintenance and washing down the IceTiger.

High-quality materials 
The conveyor unit, spreading plate and chute are made of corrosion-free plastic or stainless steel.

Important dust protection
Prevents any build-up of corrosive salt dust on the rear of the tractor.

Convenient parking device
Four wheels make it easy to manoeuvre the IceTiger as well as facilitating coupling and uncoupling.

Perfect lighting
Complete with LED bulbs.

Useful camera system
Option of connecting a reversing camera with a view of the spread fan as well as an internal hopper camera for monitoring the fill level.

WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

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