FPC Aprocomteh SRL, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova

Premium Center of FPC Aprocomteh SRL in Chişinău, Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is a small independent state between Romania and the Ukraine. Moldova is a very beautiful country whose heartland is located between the Dnister and Pruth rivers and therefore in the historical region of Bessarabia. The region is gently undulating and some parts are marked by hills with a height of up to 429 m. The warm, dry climate enables wine and fruit growing on a large scale. Agriculture is present in all parts of the country, so that it is worth meeting its needs.

The Aprocomteh dealership in the capital of Chişinău has been representing Amazone there since last year. They also represent the Deutz-Fahr company.

The directors of Aprocomteh: Anatol David (2nd from left) and Ion Cotorobai (2nd from right)

The managing directors of Aprocomteh are Mr Anatol David and Mr Ion Cotorobai, who are already underway with sales and have a dynamic team. They have noticed that the interest by farmers in Amazone machinery is constantly increasing. They have already sold a good number of our machines to their customers and would like to receive more intensive training from us in the near future, in order to become more familiar with the increasingly sophisticated technology.

We are delighted with this great success and will gladly support this ambitious team to the best of our ability.

WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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