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Cataya Super

• In 3 m and 4 m working widths • Seed hopper from 830 l capacity or with hopper extension up to 1,730 l hopper capacity • Elektric metering drive (single-side, left or right / as option: both sides) • RoTeC Control single disc coulters or, from choice, TwinTeC double disc coulters with Exact following harrow or coulter harrow on the TwinTeC coulter. For the Cataya 3000 Super, an additional Roller harrow is available if desired. • GreenDrill catch crop seeder box (optional)

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The large seed hopper

Due to the large seed hopper, re-fill times are reduced. Via an extension, the large seed hopper can be increased up to 1,730 l and thus offering a huge output in their class. Thanks to the all-round sealing, closing the hopper cover makes the seed hopper dust and splash water safe.

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Comfortable filling

An especially-wide loading board, accessible via folding rear steps, simplifies the filling of the seed drill. The very spacious fill opening dimensions allows the quick and convenient filling process – not only from big bags and front end loader buckets but also from sacks. The hopper lid with its integrated loading aid serves to provide a comfortable and loss-free filling of the seed hopper.

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Reliable operation

Sieves reliably protect the user from any unintentional contact with the agitator shaft as well as protecting the metering system against the ingress of any foreign objects. When the ladder is folded out, the safety sensor prevents the start of both the seed and agitator shaft. The sieves are also suitable as a rest for depositing the seed bags on.

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CombiDisc hydraulic depth adjustment

In addition, a comfortable hydraulic working depth adjustment is available enabling the easy and precise setting from the tractor cab. Easily visible and with a large scale for orientation allowing operation in the field to be as shallow as necessary and yet conveniently deeper on the headland and in any tracks.

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KX/KG hydraulic depth adjustment

The optionally available hydraulic depth adjustment for the KX/KG rotary cultivator offers the driver even more comfort and operational possibilities than before, as now, the levelling board is guided in parallel via the roller and so does not require any readjustment when changing the working depth. If required, for instance when working deeper on the headland, the rotary cultivator can be steplessly adjusted comfortably from the tractor cab. So any change in soil conditions can be directly responded to and the optimum quality of work maintained.

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LED work lights – night becomes day

Optional work lights on the seed hopper provide excellent visibility for the operator at night. By pivoting the LED lights, the working range to the side and behind the sowing combination can be optimally lit. In addition, as option, LED work lights for the sowing coulters are available which illuminates the coulter area. All work lights can be switched on conveniently via the terminal.

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Lights for road travel

With the road lighting equipment the Cataya fulfils all demands of road traffic and transport safety. As an option, the Cataya Super can also be equipped with LED lighting for road travel which also includes internal hopper lighting.

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Hand wash tank – for Cataya Super

A hand wash tank is integrated in the machine on the right hand side so that the operator can wash off any seed dressing, etc. after filling or adjusted the machine.

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Flexible and effective

With the KX rotary cultivator, in a 3 m working width and for tractors in the 190 HP class, a very flexible, usable PTO-driven soil tillage implement now exists that can be used as a rotary cultivator or as a rotary harrow. Many farmers want to use a flexible machine for differing soil and operating conditions. That means, for example, a rotary cultivator with its “on-grip” tines for relatively heavy soils when mulch sowing and a rotary harrow with tines set to trailing mode on lighter, stony soils, so that the stones are pressed back down into the soil. Previously, the tines have often simply been turned from “trailing” to “on-grip”. The finished result can then often be unsatisfactory, because only tines specially designed for each specific purpose can produce the best work.

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Long-Life-Drive – for all rotary harrows and rotary cultivators

Quality within the system: Long-Life-Drive is the optimised drive system for all AMAZONE rotary harrows and rotary cultivators that ensures an extended operating life, maximum smooth running and a high resale value. Gear wheels and bearings run in a single oil bath and so are maintenance-free – there are no grease nipples. (1) Robust gearbox (2) Highly-hardened spur gears with large teeth contact area (3) Exact spacing of all bearing seats for a maximum smooth running (4) Heavy-duty taper roller bearings with wide spacing between mounting points (5) Large clearance between tool carrier and smooth trough base for blockage-free mulch sowing and optimum though passage (6) Double sealing system with cassette sealing ring against oil loss and labyrinth seal against ingress of plant fibres and dirt (7) Tine carriers and shaft forged forged from one piece and with a large shaft diameter, KE rotary harrow ∅ = 45 mm/KG and KX rotary cultivator ∅ = 60 mm (8) Quick + Safe System with proven, tool-less tine change solution and integrated stone safety protection

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KG Super rotary cultivator – the “muscle man”

The KG Super, in a working width of 3 m or 4 m, is equipped with a high-performance gearbox for tractor capacities up to 300 HP. The KG Super has reinforced tines as standard and can be ordered with hydraulic depth adjustment and oil cooler as options. • KG 3001 Super for tractors up to 300 HP/220 kW • KG 4001 Super for tractors up to 300 HP/220 kW

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KX rotary cultivator – the all-rounder

The KX rotary cultivator, in a working width of 3 m, is ideally suited for seedbed preparation on medium to heavy soils. The benefits of the rotary cultivator: • Short set up times by the proven tine quick change system • Very flexible in operation – can be, from choice, operated with trailing tines or with “on-grip” tines • More rigidity – reinforced trough profile, thicker shaft diameter and stronger tines • Loosening of hard and compacted soils without any problem • Intensive incorporation of straw and other organic matter

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Strength is trumps! Rotary cultivators from AMAZONE

Strong rotor carrier: The tine carrier and shaft are forged in one piece from high grade steel. The shaft diameter is a heavy-duty 60 mm. The tine carrier shaft is supported by bearings with the optimum bearing spacing. Trough sealing is done with a special cassette seal with an optimum sealing effect and maximum service life. In addition, labyrinth seals prevent the ingress of plant fibres. Robust trough: The high-standing 8 mm thick gear case made in a trough-type profile with double skin base and welded-in bearing sleeves is extremely torsion resistant, which enables it to easily withstand the high forces that occur when transporting heavy packer rollers and pack-top mounted seed drills without cumbersome external bracings. Spur gears and bearings are oil-immersed and thus maintenance-free – no grease nipples. • Tine carrier and shaft are forged from one piece. The shaft diameter is 60 mm: strong as a bear.

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The direct drive!

A simple angle drive redirects the power only once and connects directly with the tine carriers. • That saves fuel as fewer gear wheels mean less internal friction, less heat generation and less wear. • The highest torques occur directly on the tine carrier shafts, resulting in an increased durability plus a high degree of safety and protection for the tractor. • The tine carrier and the shaft are forged from one piece. With a shaft diameter of 45 mm.

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KE rotary harrow – the strong lightweight!

The reliable, long-distance runner: KE rotary harrows, in working widths of 3 m and 4 m, ensure, especially on light soils, a very good seedbed. Either in solo operation or in combination with a power harrow-mounted seed drill, a fine crumbled seedbed is achieved with the trailing tines. • KE 3001 Special for tractors up to 140 HP/102 kW • KE 3001 Super for tractors up to 180 HP/135 kW • KE 4001 Super for tractors up to 180 HP/135 kW The benefits: KE Special and KE Super • Fine-crumbed seedbed • Easy rotor speed change by simply repositioning the bevel gears in the gearbox • Light, handy and at the same time robust – thanks to the double-skinned trough design

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Mechanical depth adjustment

Via the mechanical depth adjustment, the Combi Disc is very fast and easy to adjust to suit the conditions. With the mounted compact disc harrow you only need to operate as deep as necessary – thus saving fuel.

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Universal setting tool – the tool for every need

Cataya’s new universal setting tool is the ideal solution to avoid all that annoying searching and the need to transport a multitude of tools. Due to its ergonomic shape and the position of all the setting points, any adjustment can be changed instantly. It is possible to set the following: • Adjusting the track marker • Adjusting the sowing depth • Adjusting the coulter pressure • Opening the protection sieve • Adjusting the pre-emergence markers • Adjusting the Exact following harrow • Height adjustment of the levelling board • Adjusting the side plates

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Exact and targeted: the reconsolidation

The Exact harrow is followed by the AMAZONE wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile, consisting of twelve 800 mm diameter tyres. The over-sized wedge ring roller ensures a highly smooth running and, at the same time, serves as integrated running gear for road transport. Thanks to its special profile design, the wedge ring roller consolidates the seed bed in strips, precisely and exactly above the seed sown. In this way an optimum field emergence is achieved, even under dry conditions. Simultaneously loose stones are pressed into the soil meaning that a separate operational pass to roll the seedbed is no longer required. Scrapers on the roller ensure that it is not blocked or smeared, even under highly moist conditions. As an alternative to the standard air-filled transport tyres, polyurethane-filled tyres are also possible. Filled tyres can possibly require a special operating licence and so please observe your national traffic regulations.

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Adjustable wheel track and side discs

The CombiDisc features wheel track and side discs that are individually adjustable in their height to ensure an optimum cultivation and a consistent seedbed even in the tractor tracks and at the outer edges.

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Safe and absolutely maintenance-free!

The elastic rubber sprung elements suspending the discs not only serve as an optimum matching to the ground contours but also act as an overload safety device for the individual pairs of discs. The oversized rubber buffers are maintenance-free and are characterised by a large spring deflection providing safety even where large stones prevail. Practically orientated down to the last detail: • Contour following of the individual disc segments and with built-in overload and stone protection

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Side plates

The newly-developed side plates are sprung loaded. Thanks to their suspension, the side plates can be adjusted via a slotted hole and, when worn, be simply exchanged. The universal setting tool supplied as standard is all that is necessary for the adjustment.

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KG Special rotary cultivator – the universal genius

The KG Special rotary cultivators, in working widths of 3 m and 4 m, are ideally suited for seedbed preparation on heavy soils and for mulch sowing. • KG 3001 Special for tractors up to 220 HP/161 kW • KG 4001 Special for tractors up to 220 HP/161 kW

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Fill level sensor

The adjustable fill level sensor monitors the fill level of the seed hopper. Sight glasses and internal hopper lighting moreover also allow the quick visual check of the fill level.

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WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

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