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Liquid circuit UF – logical and convenient

The liquid circuit of the UF-series has been optimised as to operator friendliness and minimal residual volumes. Cleaning of the partly filled tank is possible as well as the targeted emptying of the suction- and pressure filter prior to opening the filter housing.  

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Manually operated HB valve chest

The manually operated valve chest enables spraying without any power supply. The main switch, the manual pressure adjustment of three or five part width sections are ergonomically arranged. Thanks to the equal pressure unit the application rate per hectare is maintained when switching part width sections.

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Electrically-controlled NG valve chest

The NG equal pressure valve chest for the AMASET+ control box is positioned in the centre of the boom. Ultramodern motor valves allow the fast, drip-less on/ off control. Matching the equal pressure valve chest to the nozzle size is quickly and easily carried out via the colour coordinated dials.

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Electrically-controlled TG valve chest

For actuation using either ISOBUS or AMASPRAY+, modern valve chest technology is utilised. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and drip-free via electric motor valves with pressure relief. In all situations the spray rate is exactly and quickly controlled directly via the computer and so negating the need for any mechanical equal pressure control.

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Clear and operator friendly

All functions with just three operating elements:  1) Vario-control pressure side for filling, inducting, spraying, internal cleaning and external cleaning 2) Quick emptying (option) for emptying the spray agent tanks with the aid of the pump 3) Agitator valve for the stepless adjustment of the agitator intensity via the self cleaning pressure filter. Integrated additional function: targeted emptying of the pressure filter 4) Vatio control suction side for sucking off the spray agent tank, the clear water tank or via the suction hose. Integrated additional function: Pressure free residual emptying and ventilation of the suction filter

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Self cleaning pressure filter

As standard the pressure filter is self cleaning. Via the agitator tap the targeted emptying of the pressure filter is also possible. In this way monitoring the filter without the escape of spray agent is possible, especially when the tank is filled.

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Comfort Pack for the remotely controlled spray agent flow circuit

The new option with three functions for all UF models with ISOBUS communication - Automatic fill stop for controlling, on and off, the suction tap at the desired fill level. - Automatic agitator shut off at a fill level of less than < 5 % (of the nominal volume) results in small residual volumes. - Cleaning the spray line, tank and agitator is possible via the ISOBUS terminal. - No need for the operator to leave the tractor cab.  

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Fill port

For filling from a pressurised hose, a fill port with either a Geka or Camlock coupling is available as an option. Using this connection, the fresh water can be simultaneously filled from the left hand side.   

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Induction bowl

The 55 litre induction bowl for quick and clean operation is easily accessible on the operater terminal front left. The power injector allows a high filling capacity. It is the same Profi induction bowl as on the UX trailed sprayer! Via the circuit ring line powdery agents and bigger amounts of urea are safely solved and at the same time inducted with big capacity. Three additional nozzles care for a splash free and effective induction. Delivery and sucking off are infinitely variably settable.

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Canister flushing

For the problem free cleaning of spray agent canisters and for the full exploitation of the content the canister can be flushed with a rotation nozzle.With this nozzle the induction bowl itself can be cleaned when it is closed. A dead man's handle protects the user.

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Piston diaphragm pumps

The piston diaphragm pumps are able to run dry and are liquid fertiliser proof. Together with a high suction capacity the pump design ensures an evenly high delivery capacity and a smooth running of the pump even at high pressures. Available pumps with 160, 210 and 250 l/min. capacity. For the constant monitoring of the pump from the tractor cab the oil volume equaliser of the pump is within the view of the driver.  

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WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

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