Brief chronicle of the AMAZONEN-Werke

1883 Foundation of Messrs. AMAZONE by Heinrich Dreyer

1891 Development of the winnower AMAZONE

1894 First plough (gallows plough) from Heinrich Dreyer

1901 Delivery of the 5000th AMAZONE

1904 Delivery of the 10000th winnover

1904 First cultivator "Siegfried" from Heinrich Dreyer

1907 Startup of the first steam engine for driving the machine tools

1910 First potato sorter "Federkraft" from Heinrich Dreyer

1913 Building of the former carpentry (2,250 sqm), free-span

1914 Delivery of the 50,000th winnower

1915 Patent application for the worm auger type fertiliser spreader "Michel" from Heinrich Dreyer

1917 First sales of the worm auger type fertiliser spreader "Michel"

1927 Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Dreyer jun. joins the firm 

1929 Erich Dreyer joins the firm 

1934 Building of the metalworking shop (shed construction)

1935 Building of the smithy (960 qm) and attached iron store of 500 sqm (today jig store) 

1936 Building of the lumberyard (today tool shop) 1500 sqm

1937 Building of the boiler house with a 3000 HP steam engine and own power supply 

1938 Completion of the so-called "Gefolgschaftshauses" (today guest house)

1939 Death of the founder of the company Heinrich Dreyer

1942 First potato harvester "S 42"

1945 Erich Dreyer killed in the Russian campaign in the second worldwar

1949 First sowing machine "AMAZONE D1"
First manure spreader AMAZONE

1956 Blaze in Gaste (the entire painting facility, the majority of the stores including the stock)
Installation of a branch factory in Delmenhorst-Hoykenkamp

1957 Building of the new painting facility (today ZA final assembly)
First construction stage of the Hude factory / Initiative Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Dreyer
Death of Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Dreyer

1958 Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Heinz Dreyer and Ing. Klaus Dreyer join the company
First twin disc fertiliser spreader "AMAZONE-ZA"

1959 Completion of the factory building ZA-assembly in Gaste

1961 Takeover of the market leadership at centrifugal broadcasters in Germany 

1966 Takeover of the market leadership at seed drills with the "AMAZONE D4"

1966 First reciprocating power harrow and the first modern sowing combination "RE-D4"

First tooth packer roller and the first tramling system
First crop protection sprayer "AMAZONE S 400"

1970 Purchase of the branch factory in Forbach / France (AMAZONE Machines Agricoles S.A.)

1975 Installation of an own department for the production of plastic parts in Gaste 

1979 First rotary cultivator with tines on grip "AMAZONE KG"

1980 First twin disc fertiliser spreader with exchangeable discs (24 m working width) "AMAZONE ZA-U"

Foundation of the AMAZONE Ltd. in Harworth / England
Completion of the spreading hall (research and development) in Gaste

1984 Purchase of the Hude Mühlenbau with a size of approx. 2.5 ha and conversion to "Hude-Nord" 

1987 First precision air seeder AMAZONE ED

1989 Purchase of an own sales company AMAZONE S.A. in Méré / France

1990 First twin disc fertiliser spreader with a working width of up to 36 m "AMAZONE ZA-M"

First fertiliser test laboratory with customer advice by phone
First trailed plant protection sprayer "AMAZONE UG"

First direct sowing machine with chisel coulters "AMAZONE Primera"
Completion of the two-floor assembly hall for sprayers in Gaste

Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. Christian Dreyer joins the company
Completion of the double storey assembly hall for sprayers in Gaste

First satellite controlled fertiliser spreader via on-board computer (DGPS)
First pneumatic seed drill "AMAZONE AD-P"
Foundation of the production compay GAG Eurotechnika in Samara/Russia

1996 Foundation of the sales company AMAZONE MW in Poznan / Poland

1997 Building of the central spare part storages in Gaste

Dipl.-Ing. Justus Dreyer joins the company
Foundation of the sales company AMAZONE Ukraina in Kiew / Ukraine
Foundation of the sales company AMAZONE Yugo in Novi Sad / Jugoslawia
Purchase of the branch factory BBG in Leipzig

New building KTL painting facility in Gaste
Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. Christian Dreyer takes over the general managerment from his father Ing. Klaus Dreyer
Introduction of the 3C arable farming concept

2000 Building of a new test hall in Gaste


Dr. Heinz Dreyer is awarded the title "Prof. h.c. SAA Samara" of the governmental agronomic academy in  Samara
Centaur cultivator for the part area specific soil cultivation (Silver Medal Agritechnica)
Intelligent nozzle gearbox for plant protection implements (Silver medal Agritechnica)

Opening of the ACTIVE Centre in Hude
First Cirrus large area combination

Extension of the dispatch department and additional exit in Gaste
Purchase of the concret component factory in Hude East (BBG Hude) incl. the former brickworks 

Dr. Justus Dreyer takes over the general management from his father Prof. h.c. SAA Samara 
Dr.   Heinz Dreyer
Building of two enlargements halls in Leipzig
New KTL painting facility in Forbach
  GPS Switch - fully automatic part width section control (Silver Medal Agritechnica)

Majority stake in the Eurotechnik production company in Samara/Russia 
First Citan large area seed drill with 12 m working width
Foundation of the own sales company AMAZONE OOO in Moscow
200,000th seed drill

Purchase of a former prefab building factory in Leeden with a hall space of 5,000 m²  
Foundation of the subsidiary AMAZONE Technologie Leeden (ATL)
First front tank system for the UF mounted crop protection sprayer
EDX 9000-T precision air seeder with Xpress grain singling and placement system
(Gold Medal    Agritechnica)

50 years "AMAZONE ZA-fertiliser srpeader" - 700,000 ZA fertiliser spreader sold
125th anniversary of the of the enterprise in Hasbergen-Gaste
Establishment of the Amazone foundation
Opening of the new Active Centre in Hasbergen-Gaste
50,000th rotary cultivator and rotary harrows sold within 30 years

Extension building of the central spare part storage in Hasbergen-Gaste
New production site Hude-Alktmoorhausen for the assembly of large area seed drills
Opening of the new French Amazone branch in Auneau with Service Centre and Active Centre
Establishment of the sales company KFT Hungaria
Amazone foundation awards the first Innovation Award
Introduction of the Envirosafe concept for sustainability
CCI-ISOBUS terminal with uniform operator concept (Gold Medal Agritechnica)
First UX e-Spray crop protection sprayer with electric drive line
New Cayena tine coulter seed drill and Condor up to 15 m
New ZA-M fertiliser spreader with Safety-Set
New EDX 6000-T with Xpress grain singling and placement system

Opening of the new fertiliser test hall in Gaste
Opening of the new ActiveCentre at Amazone Ltd in Harworth (England)
New 4WDi Profihopper with intelligent four-wheel drive
Extension of the EDX precision air seeder programm by three new mounted machines
"Goldline" anniversary campaign: 100,000th sold active sowing combinations
Production start of the new Pantera 4001 self propelled machine

New 4WDi PowerCompactor Profihopper
New Citan Solo seed drill with 6 m working width
New AMATRON 3 ISOBUS terminal with GPS Switch and GPS Track 
New AMAPAD ISOBUS terminal with AgApp concept
New AgApp WindControl HeadlandControl for fertiliser spreaders
New AcuraSpray residual amount management with AgApps SmartRefill and WorkToZero
New AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control
New BoomWash external sprayer boom cleaning
Automated steering for the Pantera
New VarioTrail carrying vehicle with integrated interface for EDX and Citan

Two new assembly halls at the factory site Amazone Technologie Leeden (ATL)
New powder coating plant, new storage hall with high-rack facilities at the site Leipzig
Expansion of production by three new halls at the site Hude-Altmoorhausen
"Grand Prix Award" for the Pantera crop protection self propelled machine at the Exhibition
"Techagro" Brno/Czech Republik
Silver medal for Pantera at the Exhibition Agrosalon Moscow
Fieldday "Amatechnica 2012" in Hasbergen-Gaste with more than 5,000 visitors
New trailed Cenius-T mulch cultivator in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m
"pro Pack" for liquid manure application with Catros 5001-2/6001-2 compact disc harrows
New trailed UX 11200 sprayer with an actual volume of 12,000 litres

Anniversary 130 years Amazone
Anniversary 150 years agricultural technology from Leipzig
Anniversary 30 years Amazone Ltd. in Harworth/Great Britain
1 Million Amazone fertiliser spreaders sold
Production site GAG Eurotechnika in Samara/Russia becomes a 100 % subsidiary of the 
Amazone Group
Silver medal at the demopark 2013 Exhibition for the SmartCut exact cutting rotor on the
Profihopper and Grasshopper
Award "best agricultural machine 2013" to the ZG-B 5500 fertiliser spreader at the
Exhibition "Golden Autumn 2013" in Moscow
Premiere of the Amazone Cayron reversible plough
New ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with up to 52 m working width and disc integrated
AutoTS border spreading System
New Cenius TX cultivators with 6 m and 7 m working width
New Cirrus 03-seed drills with 3 and 6 m working width
New Pantera 4502 self propelled crop protection sprayer with an actual volume of 4800 litres
New Strip Till Technology with XTill for the application of Mineral fertiliser
(cooperation with Vogelsang)
New Internet tool "E-Learning" for driver- and operator Training on the PC

750,000 ZA twin disc fertiliser spreaders sold
Opening of the technology centre for Research and development in Hasbergen-Gaste
New production hall for the Cayron reversible plough in the factory in Leipzig
Expansion of the Training centre at the site Hude
New logistic centre at the site Tecklenburg-Leeden
iF profuct design Award 2014 for the Pantera 4502 crop protection self propelled machine
Gold for ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with SwitchPoint and Silver for the trailed D9 6000-TC
seed drill Combi at the Exhibition Agrosalon in Moscow
Field day "Amatechnica 2014" in Hasbergen-Gaste with 5,500 visitors
Amazone world record at crop protection: 1,032 hectares in 24 hours with the UX 11200
Cenius TX cultivator with 4 m and 5 m working width
ZA-TS fertiliser spreaders with new sizes and widths
New Pantera 4502-H crop protection self propelled machine with hydraulically height adjustable  
Chassis and up to a ground clearance up to 1.7 m

Topping out ceremony for the new paint facility in Hude-Altmoorhausen
Opening of the Amazone subsidiary in Tianjin, China
Delivery of the 1,000th Profihopper of the 5th generation
New ZA-V fertiliser spreader with 36 m max. working width and electric Limiter V+
New ISOBUS seed drills AD-P Special and AD-P Super with electric metering
New ED precision air seeder of the 3rd generation
New large Certos compact disc harrow with integrated centre running gear and with working
widths of 4, 5, 6 and 7 m
Gold medal for ZA-TS 3200 Profis fertiliser spreader at the AGROmashExpo 2015 in Budapest
Cracker Disc roller as new equipment option for KE, KX, KG rotary cultivators and rotary harrows
New following roller with Matrix tyre profile and Double-U profile roller as new equipment option for the large Certos TX compact disc harrow and the Cenius TX mulch cultivator
New EasyCheck mobile digital test kit for checking the lateral distribution of fertiliser spreaders (Agritechnica Silver medal)
New sensor controlled individual AmaSpot nozzle switching with drift reduced injector nozzle technology (Agritechnica Silver medal)
New GPS-Switch with AutoPoint for pneumatic seed drills (Agritechnica Silver medal)
Award "Machine of the year 2016W for the new Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with ArgusTwin
Award best agricultural machine of the category "Fertilising- and cultivation technology" for the ZA-M 1500 fertiliser spreader at the exhibition "Golden Autumn 2015" in Moscow
E+S winter service spreader with new EasySet actuation computer

Purchase of the plough production from Vogel & Noot in Mosonmagyaróvár/Hungary
Purchase of a 24 ha site on the Schleptrup industrial estate near Bramsche
Opening of the new test centre in Hasbergen-Gaste
Christian Dreyer elected new chairman of VDMA Landtechnik
Field day “Amatechnica 2016“ in Hasbergen-Gaste with 6,000 visitors
Gold medal for the Amaspot sensor controlled individual nozzle switching at the Agrosalon 2016 exhibition in Moscow
Silver medal for the Primera DMC 12001-2C seed drill at the Agrosalon 2016 exhibition in Moscow
Silver medal for the Catros+ 12003-2TS compact disc harrow at the Agrosalon 2016 exhibition in Moscow
Gold medal for the ZA-V fertiliser spreader at the Polagra-Premiery exhibition in Poznan
Two innovation awards at the AgromashExpo 2016 exhibition in Budapest
New DynamicSpread dynamic part width section control with up to 128 part-width sections for the ZA-TS Hydro and ZG-TS Hydro fertiliser spreaders
New AmaSelect electric individual nozzle switching with 50 cm part width sections for the UX trailed and Pantera self-propelled sprayers
New Cayros mounted reversible ploughs
New Catros Special mounted compact disc harrows
New trailed Catros+ TX compact disc harrows
New XTender rear hopper for the simultaneous application of fertiliser and/or seed during soil tillage
New Disc roller for passive soil tillage operation
New gravity Cataya Super seed drill combination with the new TwinTeC double disc coulters
New KE 01 rotary harrow and KG 01/KX 01 rotary cultivator
Cirrus 6003-2 and 6003-2C trailed sowing combination with new TwinTeC+ double disc coulters
New Cirrus 4003-2 and 4003-2C trailed sowing combinations
New E+S H 751 winter salt spreader

Anniversary: 100 years of Amazone fertilising technology
Anniversary: 25 years of Amazone FertiliserService
Anniversary: 10,000 UX crop protection sprayers sold
Official opening of the new KTL paint facility in the Hude-Altmoorhausen factory
Opening of the new production hall at Eurotechnika AG in Samara
Reopening of the Amazone subsidiary Gablingen
First ground breaking for the new Amazone site in Bramsche
Reopening of the Application Center with the extended functions of “Test and Training“, “Data management” and “Knowledge transfer”
Russian Amatechnica field day in Samara
Awarded “Machine of the Year 2017” for the Cataya seed drill combination
Agritechnica silver medal for the new ContourControl boom guidance with SwingStop pro for crop protection sprayers
Agritechnica silver medal for the new SmartService 4.0 with utilisation of the virtual and augmented reality for service, training and maintenance work
Agritechnica silver medal for the new universal agrirouter data exchange platform - (in cooperation with DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG (and other agricultural machinery manufacturers)
Awarded "Machine of the Year 2018“ for the UX 01 trailed sprayer
New generation ZG-TS 01 trailed spreader
New WindControl (according to Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden), for the operation of ZA-TS and ZG-TS fertiliser spreaders in areas with difficult wind conditions
New FlowCheck for monitoring the outlet apertures of the ZA-TS mounted spreader
New UF 2002 mounted sprayer
New generation UX 01 Super trailer sprayer
New Pantera 4502 with Tier 4 final engine
New Catros XL compact disc harrow
New Ceus disc harrow cultivator combination
New C-Mix Clip quick change system for Cenius cultivators
New Double Disc roller
New Cayros mounted reversible ploughs
New XTender-T rear hopper with single-axle running gear
New Cataya Special gravity harrow-mounted seed drill
New Centaya Super pneumatic harrow-mounted seed drill
New AD-P 01 Special pneumatic harrow-mounted seed drill
New E+S 301 and E+S 751 winter salt spreaders