Cenio – the new lightweight and versatile mounted cultivator

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Cenio – the new lightweight and versatile mounted cultivator

With the Cenio, Amazone launched a new 3-row compact mounted cultivator at this year’s Agritechnica 2019. Designed as a lightweight but extremely flexible mulch cultivator, the Cenio rounds off the bottom end of the Amazone cultivator range of 3-point linkage mounted cultivators as the "little brother" of the Cenius. The Cenio is available in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m in a rigid execution and can be used behind tractors with engine power ranging from 105 to 190 hp. Despite its extremely robustly constructed frame, the Cenio requires significantly lower lifting power in comparison with other cultivators. This makes it the ideal soil tillage tool for small to medium tractors.

The Cenio can be used at a range of working depths from 5 to 25 cm for shallow stubble cultivation as well as for medium-deep incorporation or deep-loosening soil tillage. When attached to the tractor, the cultivator offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to the twin coupling points at different heights for both the top link and the lower links. As a result, the ideal pull point and a sufficiently large lift height can always be achieved; even with smaller tractors. In addition, the Category 3 lower link pins are swivelled either inwards or outwards, in order to switch quickly between the standard dimensions of Category 3 or 3N.

The tine element - ideal for soil loosening and the incorporation of crop residues

Even with a tine spacing of just 30 cm, the machine works without any blockages, even where there are copious amounts of crop residues, reliably mixing the existing organic matter into the soil. For the Cenio Special variant, the cultivator is equipped with shear bolt overload safety protection. Whereas, in the case of the Cenio Super, the overload safety protection consists of a newly designed automatic stone safety release system which is constructed with a 450 kg trip force that meets the highest demands in this sector. This ensures that the working depth is always maintained, even under dry and harsh conditions.

The tines of the Cenio match the leg profile used on the Cenius. And, due to that special shape of leg, which gently lifts the ground at the point and does not switch to a steep angle of attack until the guide plate area is reached, the Cenio, on the one hand, operates very smoothly, thereby saving fuel. Whereas, on the other hand, this leg shape generates an outstanding crop residue mixing ability. Depending on the application, all the well-known share variants from the Cenius are available as soil engaging metal. The machine can therefore be used for shallow stubble cultivation, e.g. with the 350 mm C-Mix wing share, as well as for deeper cultivation with a working depth up to 25 cm using such as the 80 mm C-Mix share. The convenient C-Mix Clip share quick-change system is also available for the Cenio.

The working depth of the tine element is adjusted mechanically on the machine or, as an option, hydraulically from the tractor cab, whereby a clearly visible scale provides the driver with good orientation and enables them to react very quickly and comfortably to different situations occurring during work.

A level soil profile thanks to spring steel tine levellers or levelling discs
Optional spring steel tine levellers are available for levelling the ground behind the tines. These adapt optimally to the ground contours and are also protected against obstacles thanks to the spring suspension. Finely-serrated concave discs with a diameter of 410 mm are available when working where there is a very high proportion of crop residues. These have a very high self-driving effect plus, at the same time, a good crumbling effect and are mounted with maintenance-free bearings.

The levelling unit can be adjusted very easily either manually by inserting the pin into a hole on either side of the machine or, for maximum adjustment comfort, automatically when changing the working depth of the cultivator.

Extensive reconsolidation roller range
The end user can select the ideal roller for reconsolidation from 10 different options. The rollers are connected to the cultivator by means of clamps with the tried and tested quick-change system, so that the roller can be replaced quickly to match varying soil types. Various harrow systems form part of the optional equipment.

If catch crops need to be sown directly into broken up stubble, then the Cenio can be equipped with the GreenDrill 200 universal catch crop seeder box on request.