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Hektor semi-mounted reversible plough


The top benefits

Top Argumente Aufsattel-Drehpflug Hektor

+ Efficient and robust semi-mounted reversible plough with high operational reliability
+ The standard hydraulic front furrow width adjustment ensures a constant optimum plough profile
+ Outstanding wear properties and easy pull of the plough bodies due to the unique ©plus hardening process
+ Wide variety of suitable plough bodies for all applications and conditions
+ Smooth and material protecting turnover procedure thanks to the turnover mechanism with hydraulic
end position damping
+ The substantial support wheel ensures an exact depth control and the optimum soil structure protection
+ Maximum safety and comfort in the transport position due to the standard suspension of the wheel
+ Rugged plough beam with the option to extend it by one furrow
+ Shear bolt leg components create the highest release forces for the most arduous of soil conditions
+ Hydraulic NonStop stone safety device with a spacious lift height and additional shear bolt

Robust beam

Robuster Rahmen

The back bone of the plough is the robust 150 x 150 x 12 mm beam. The 100 cm point to point clearance between bodies and the 82 cm beam height ensure good material passage even where large amounts of plant mass prevail. With the mechanical, stepped furrow width adjustment offering 38, 42, 46 or 50 cm, the Hektor can be matched to differing situations with regard to both tractor and soil conditions.

- Blockage-free ploughing even in large amounts of crop residues
- On request: extendable beam


Gentle turnover action

Schonende Wendevorrichtung

The new swing-arm system that forms the front connection between plough beam and turnover mechanism, ensures the maximum true track following and the optimum pull line of the combination. The turnover cylinders, with hydraulic end positioning damping, guarantee a smooth, sequenced turnover procedure for the plough.

- Comfortable and gentle turnover

In combination with the tractor

Kombination mit Traktor

Particularly convenient is the parking position of the Hektor in its transport position. As the tilt adjustment does not have any influence on the position of the lower link cross shaft, the coupling and uncoupling of the plough on and off the tractor is particularly comfortable. The lower link cross shaft is, from choice, available in either Cat. 3 or Cat. 4N.

- Comfortable coupling to the tractor
- Exceptional space-saving parking position

Exact depth control

Exakte Tiefenführung

The large-dimensioned support wheel (500/45 – 22.5) means an optimum ground drive and the exact depth control; even under the most arduous of conditions. The scraper reliably cleans the wheel. The support wheel is positioned to the side of the frame so that ploughing close up to the field border is possible. The standard hydro-pneumatic suspension of the support wheel provides maximum safety and the highest comfort on the road.

- Safe and comfortable transport travel
- Reliable depth control

Plough adjustment


The very comfortable adjustment of the plough enables consistently excellent working results. In addition, a plough which has been optimally adjusted reduces the fuel consumption as well as the wear. Setting the Hektor is carried out comfortably and clearly in three steps.

1) The standard hydraulic front furrow width adjustment changes the working width of the first plough body directly and responsively and matches it to the inner track dimension of the tractor. This ensures the clean matching to the next bout and is especially useful when in changing soil types and on different tractors.

- Very useful when frequently changing tractors or when working on sloping terrain
- Exceptionally clean furrow

2) The setting of the plough tilt is done without tools and is adjustable individually for the right and left hand side.

3) The working depth is set steplessly and without tools via the support wheel.

Hektor with shear bolt stone safety protection

Hektor mit Scherbolzen-Steinsicherung

The shear bolt is the proven standard solution. Under load, the shear bolt snaps off at the predetermined breaking point and the plough body gives way to the obstacle by swivelling upwards. Raise the plough, insert a new shear bolt and off you go. The high release forces of the shear bolt allow operation also in heavy and hard soils.

The advantages:
- Double action shear bolts
- Hardened flange plates
- High-quality shear bolts; in 10.9 quality

Hektor S with NonStop stone safety device

Hektor S mit NonStop-Steinsicherung

The hydraulic NonStop stone safety release features, in principle, one hydraulic cylinder per plough body with each one directly connected to a nitrogen-filled hydraulic accumulator. When triggered, the plough body pushes in a piston in the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its initial position after passing the obstacle.

The NonStop stone safety device is available in 2 versions.

The advantages:
- Simple adaptation of the release force
- Smooth and material protecting operation
- Interchangeable ball joints
- As standard, with additional shear bolt

Central hydraulic accumulator on the hydraulic ram

In its simplest version, the hydraulic accumulator is directly combined with the hydraulic cylinder forming a compact unit.
The advantages:
- The plough bodies release completely independently of each other
- The plough bodies can be pretensioned differently
- No hydraulic hoses or pipes on the plough beam

Hydraulic accumulators with inter-connected pipework

Via the connection of the individual components, the release force can be also adjusted centrally across all the bodies. One isolator valve per hydraulic accumulator means that the setting on each plough body can, from choice, also set separately to different pressures.
The advantages:
- The adjustment of the release force is carried out across all plough bodies in just one step (even whilst on the move)
- Similar cross-sectional area of the hoses means that each furrow has only a slight influence on each other

Easy pulling from the tip


The basis for efficient ploughing is naturally to ensure the least tractor pulling power possible and thus less diesel consumed. In combination with the unique ©plus hardening process which gives a very hard and smooth surface, the clever design guarantees the ease of pull for which AMAZONE ploughs are renowned.

Plough bodies WY 400

Pflugkörper WY 400

Scrolled, universally usable from light to very heavy soils. It is extremely easy-pulling.

- For working depth of 12 to 30 cm

Plough bodies WL 430

Pflugkörper WL 430

Heavily scrolled and long-drawn for light to heavy soils, outstanding furrow clearance for wide tyres up to 710 mm, best handling of crop residues. Excellent behaviour in sloping terrain.

- For working depth of 15 to 33 cm

Plough bodies WX 400

Pflugkörper WX 400

Very shallow, scrolled plough body for medium to very heavy soils. Very easy pulling for extreme conditions, excellent cleaning properties.

- For working depths from 12 to 25 cm

Plough bodies WX 400 PE

Pflugkörper WX 400 PE

Very shallow, scrolled plough body for very heavy soils. Equipped with a mouldboard made from special plastic and thus featuring optimum cleaning properties for extremely sticky soils.

- For working depths from 12 to 25 cm

Plough bodies WXL 430

Pflugkörper WXL 430

Also for medium to very heavy soil conditions and, due to the pointed profile, very easy to pull. Good furrow clearance and handling of crop residues.

- For working depths from 15 to 28 cm

Plough bodies WXH 400

Pflugkörper WXH 400

Particularly scrolled body for medium to very heavy soils, especially easy to pull and very good furrow clearance.

- For working depths from 15 to 33 cm

Plough bodies WST 430 slatted mouldboard

Pflugkörper WST 430-Streifenkörper

Ideal for sticky soils, good crumbling effect and furrow clearance. Slats are individually replaceable. Excellent burying of crop residues, very universally usable for light to heavy soils.

- For working depths from 15 to 33 cm

Plough bodies UN 400/UN 430

Pflugkörper UN 400/UN 430

Steep universal profile in two sizes for light to medium soil types. Due to the inversion effect, good handling of crop residues.

- For working depths from 15 to 30 cm (UN 400)
- For working depths from 20 to 40 cm (UN 430)

Deflector plates


A cost-effective alternative to skimmers when incorporating surface crop residues. With additional leg support as standard.

Deflector boards


In conjunction with the skimmers, the deflector plates prevent straw (especially maize straw) from wrapping around the leg.

Sword landsides


Cost-effective alternative to disc coulters reducing the wear on the plough body.

Disc coulters for a clean ploughing performance

The disc coulter is important for a clean ploughing performance. Disc coulters also make a considerable contribution to efficient ploughing. The disc coulters precise cutting action helps achieve full turning and complete incorporation of crop residues as well as leaving an effective furrow clearance.

Serrated 500 mm or 600 mm diameter disc coulters are available. The depth of the coulters is adjusted via finely graduated toothed dishes.

Disc coulters on shear bolt ploughs


For ploughs with a shear bolt safety device, the useful knee lever clamping is used. This allows both sides to be adjusted at the same time. In addition the system is adjustable in a forward direction so that plenty of space between the body and coulter remains (blockage-free clearance).

Disc coulters on NonStop stone release ploughs


On ploughs with NonStop stone safety release, the disc coulter is fitted on the tripping leg of the stone safety release. When the overload protection system is released, the disc coulter is also lifted and protected from damage. Simultaneous adjustment of the pull-in force for both sides is also carried out using the familiar clamp.

M0 Skimmer

Vorschäler M0

The use of a skimmer ensures, even under difficult conditions, blockage-free ploughing. The M0 skimmer is universally suited for use in grassland ploughing as well as where there are large amounts of crop residues, especially maize straw.

- The skimmer M0 is also available in a fully adjustable version (working depth, stepless pull-in force and three-step throwing angle adjustment). An additional wear plate ensures a longer service life.

The ©plus hardening process

Das ©plus-Härteverfahren

As manufacturers of wearing parts for the soil tillage industry, AMAZONE can look back on a history spanning decades. Continuous advancements in materials and production techniques, as well as our know-how in heat treatment, lies behind the plough wearing metal parts of the highest quality. Carbon in its purest form, diamond, is the hardest material nature has to offer. A hardening process involving the introduction of carbon into the steel is used to increase the hardness and durability of ©plus wear parts. AMAZONE achieves, through this unique hardening process, an extremely high level of hardness on the face of parts such as mouldboards and so offers the optimum wear resistance. The reverse side remains relatively soft but at the same time extremely tough and impact resistant.

Benefits of the ©plus hardening process:
- Longer service life
- High impact resistance
- Less pulling power requirement
- Reduced fuel consumption
- Less sticking to the smoother outer surface