AmaTron 4: Ausgezeichnet mit dem iF DESIGN AWARD 2019.

AmaTron 4: Awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019.

AmaTron 4 – Manager 4 all


More precision, more efficiency

To meet all demands, AMAZONE offers various fee-based software licences for AmaTron 4. The applications GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro, GPS-Maps&Doc, GPS-Track, and AmaCam are already preinstalled so that no additional software is necessary. They can be used initially free of charge for 50 hours and only then does one have to decide whether permanent activation is required.

GPS-Switch basic

The automatic headland and GPS-Switch part-width section control is a GPS based, fully automatic headland and part-width section control for fertiliser spreader, crop protection sprayers and seed drills. When a field has been created, or if the border is known, the driver, in automatic mode, can fully concentrate on controlling the vehicle. GPS-Switch basic features the full functional scope of ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller Section Control). Equipped with the GPS-Switch basic version, the operator terminal offers up to 16 part-width sections.

GPS-Switch pro

With the GPS-Switch pro version, based on GPS-Switch basic, now up to 128 part-width sections are possible. Furthermore, with the GPS-Switch pro version, additional applications are possible, such as, for example, automatic boom lowering with Amazone crop protection sprayers or the intelligent tramlining switching, which, after having created the first AB line, can already calculate all further tramlines. There is also the possibility to establish a virtual headland, log any obstacles and add a point of interest (POI).



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With the completely new operating philosophy of Task Controller, GPS-Maps&Doc offers field-related and geo-referenced documentation. Via Task Controller, jobs, either as planned ISO-XML or newly created, can be processed. One can start work immediately and then decide later whether that data should be stored. Application maps can be processed in Shape format. When the work has been finished, the jobs can be stored in ISO-XML format on a USB stick for accessing again later.

GPS- Track

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The GPS-Track parallel driving aid proves to be an enormous help in orientation within the field, especially on grassland. It features various track modes such as the A-B line and contour line driving. The deviation from the optimum track is shown graphically in the display. Clear steering recommendations via the integrated light bar in the status bar keep you on track. Also, the distance to the next bout is displayed exactly– ideal for orientation, especially when finding the right maize row.

- The Light bar offers helpful and clear steering recommendations
- Thanks to GPS-Track, the driver always maintains the overview in the field. The parallel aid helps in remaining safely and relaxed in the track.


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Thanks to the AmaCam software licence, the optionally installed reversing camera automatically switches on when reversing. No inconvenient switching over. The analog video input can also be used alternatively for an external camera, such as, for example for use with a front tank.

- The AmaCam automatic reversing detection provides direct access to the reversing camera and prevents dangerous situations