AMAZONE KE rotary harrow


KE Special – the strong lightweight!

KE Special – Das stabile Leichtgewicht!

The KE Special is the ideal solution for tractors up to 140 hp because it is robust and light at the same time. The KE Special with a working width of 3 m weighs just 850 kg and thus, the whole sowing combination including tooth packer roller and AD pack-top mounted seed drill with its perfectly placed centre of gravity weighs in at a mere 1,900 kg.

KE Super – The strong lightweight

KE Special – Das stabile Leichtgewicht!

The KE Super is the right machine for the demanding requirements of a modern arable farm. Due to its sturdy design, it is fine-tuned against hard permanent stresses. For tractors up to 180 hp, the KE Super is the right rotary harrow for a punchy sowing combination

Large clearance and strength with AMAZONE!

Große Freiräume und Stabilität bei AMAZONE!

10 rotors on 3 m working width means more room and robust drive components, stronger tines and better material passage.

Offset tine arrangement guarantees smooth running: The tines on AMAZONE rotary harrows and rotary cultivators are set at a special angle in relation to each other. This guarantees even soil crumbling and smooth machine running. Incidents of vibration and peak loading are thereby prevented. The machines suffer less stress, and the power and fuel requirement is reduced.


Long-Life-Drive – for all rotary harrows and rotary cultivators

„Long-Life-Drive“ Antriebssystem

Quality within the system:
Long-Life-Drive is the optimised drive system for all AMAZONE rotary harrows and rotary cultivators that ensures an extended operating life, maximum smooth running and a high resale value. Gear wheels and bearings run in a single oil bath and so are maintenance-free – there are no grease nipples.

(1) Robust gearbox
(2) Highly-hardened spur gears with large teeth contact area
(3) Exact spacing of all bearing seats for a maximum smooth running
(4) Heavy-duty taper roller bearings with wide spacing between mounting points
(5) Large clearance between tool carrier and smooth trough base for blockage-free mulch sowing and optimum though passage
(6) Double sealing system with cassette sealing ring against oil loss and labyrinth seal against ingress of plant fibres and dirt
(7) Tine carriers and shaft forged forged from one piece and with a large shaft diameter, KE rotary harrow ∅ = 45 mm/KG and KX rotary cultivator ∅ = 60 mm
(8) Quick + Safe System with proven, tool-less tine change solution and integrated stone safety protection

e-box – the innovative gearbox for your rotary harrow!

e-box Getriebe für KE Special

The direct drive!
A simple angle drive redirects the power only once and connects directly with the tine carriers.
That saves fuel as fewer gear wheels mean less internal friction, less heat generation and less wear.
The highest torques only appear directly at the rotor shaft. That provides a high level of durability and reliability, and puts less stress on the tractor. 

Rotor Speed Change: simple and quick
The rotational speed of the tines can be changed by interchanging the two bevel gears. This system allows optimum adaptation to any soil conditions, can be easily managed and is cost-effective because no additional replacement gears are required. 

KE Special: Only 850 kg over 3 m
e-box is lighter than other gearboxes. That saves weight and requires less lifting power. Even smaller tractors can lift this rotary harrow.

Quick-System – Quick tine change system

Schneller Zinkenwechsel

The tines are simply pushed into the sockets of the tine carrier and secured with a lynch pin. It couldn't be easier or quicker as there are no tine fixing bolts that require retightening. Even converting tine operation from “on-grip” to trailing mode is quick and simple. The tines, which are forged from special hardened steel, are elastic and wear-resistant.

Safe-System: Integrated stone release

Amazone KE, KG, KX - Integrierte Steinsicherung

The sprung tine fixing system allows the tines to yield when stones are encountered. The tines are firmly clamped in the socket in the centre of the tine carrier. The socket becomes wider towards the outside so that the horizontal part of the tine can twist out of position while remaining sprung. Much of the shock is absorbed when the tip of the tine hits a stone. This tine fixing system ensures the safe operation in stony soils and allows the tines on both the KX and KG to be used in the “on-grip” mode.

More clearance on the KE, KX and KG

Große Freiräume bei KE, KX und KG

The large frame height, the absolutely smooth trough bottom without housings and the long tines ensure the maximum clearance between the trough and the tine carriers. Even extremely large clods of soil or volumes of straw can therefore pass through without hindrance. The tines have a long service life, i.e. low wearing metal costs. You will achieve an excellent seedbed structure that promotes the optimum field emergence of the young plants.

Levelling board


The levelling bar levels the flow of soil between rotary harrow and roller, and presses down stones. The levelling bar is set in height comfortably and quickly via a crank handle thereby easily establishing the pre-conditions for an even reconsolidation via the following roller.

''With the large diameter wedge ring roller we achieved a very good performance on medium to heavy soils under a variety of conditions and, last but not least, due also to the (rubber dampened) levelling board. Its height adjustment is carried out via a good ratchet mechanism.''
(profi 8-2013 - Test AMAZONE KG 6001-2 rotary cultivator)


Eccentric pins – exact setting of the working depth


The working depth of AMAZONE rotary harrows and cultivators can be easily adjusted by repositioning and turning an eccentric pin in 16 different settings. During operation the carrying arm rests underneath the eccentric pin and when lifted it drops onto the gear case trough. In this way, the rotary harrow or rotary cultivator can jump over stones without having to raise the roller and the seed drill at the same time. This saves tines and rotor damage.

Side plates


The side plates are mounted on sprung suspension which allows them to yield upwards when stones are encountered. A long carrying arm and sturdy springs also make the KE Super reliable to use on stony, heavy soils. This also applies for all rotary cultivators.

The “extreme” stone test track

Extreme Stein-Test-Strecke

All AMAZONE soil tillage implements are subjected to extreme stresses, being continuously tested on the stone torture track. This is not only for newly developed machines but also as part of series production supervision, meaning they are well prepared for the extremely wide range of operating conditions encountered when in actual use. This makes sure that you have the maximum of reliability with all AMAZONE rotary harrows and rotary cultivators.