UF 02 mounted sprayer


Top features

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

+ Lift capacity optimised design with favourable centre of gravity mounting
+ The clever quick coupling system and comfortable parking device make for easy mounting
+ The enclosed SmartCenter and integrated, dust-tight storage compartment prevents any contamination
+ SmartCenter: tailored operator valve chests – from the intuitively-operated Standard-Pack through to the Comfort-Pack with TwinTerminal 3.0
+ The high-performance induction bowl with a suction capacity of up to 150 l/min ensures the minimum fill times and a homogeneous spray agent mixture
+ High-performance self-priming, low maintenance piston diaphragm pump for large application rates even at high spray pressures
+ Outstanding, multi-facet spring suspension for a smooth boom ride
+ DUS and DUS pro pressure recirculation systems for a continuous circulation of the spray liquid
+ 50 cm part-width sections thanks to the AmaSwitch electric individual nozzle control
+ Automatic cleaning programme for perfect cleaning results under all conditions
+ With FlowControl+ and the FT front tank, the capacity can be extended up to 3000 litres – for even more output

High-capacity spray agent tanks

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

The UF 02 is available as the UF 1602 with a nominal volume 1,600 l and, as the UF 2002 with a nominal volume of 2,000 l. The specially shaped, polyethylene tank is integrated into the main frame to give a favourable centre of gravity. The advantages of this tank design are the absolutely smooth tank inner and outer walls, the rounded internal design and the low positioned sump on the tank bottom. This allows for quick, effective tank cleaning as well as min-imal residual volumes.

The filling of the tank is carried out, both on the suction side and also when pressure filling from a water source, near to the tank bottom. This reliably eliminates any tendency to form foam during the filling procedure. For an intensive agitation capacity and to prevent any deposits settling in the tank, the agitator is positioned down on the tank bottom. The internal cleaning nozzle, the tank breather and the easily opened, domed lid are positioned right up in the tank. In addition to the spray agent tank, the UF 02 features a 350 l fresh water tank.

Favourable centre of gravity – perfect frame design

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

Due to the large tank volumes of the UF 02, it is of importance to link the machine to the tractor with as favourable a centre of gravity as possible. To ensure this, the UF 02 is equipped with two different link arm positions for different tractors. Guide plates in front of the frame help to link the lower link arms to the torsion-safe, lower link pins which are ready fitted with Cat. 3 balls. The coupling geometry is designed for both Cat. 2 and Cat. 3 link arms. The pin size for the top link is also Cat. 3.

High performance and reliable pump technology


The UF 02 can be equipped, from choice, with a single pump system that has a capacity of 200 l/min, 250 l/min or 300 l/min. During the filling procedure at a nominal pump speed, the full pump capacity if available for filling the spray agent tank. At the same time, either the contents of the induction bowl can be drawn out via the venturi or the total fill capacity can be increased up to 450 l/min.

Benefits of a piston diaphragm pump:
• Simple handling due to its self-priming capability at the start of the filling procedure
• Very high, consistent application rates with system pressures of up to 10 bar
• Can run dry and is liquid-fertiliser proof
• Long service life

Stepless hydraulic main agitator


The intensity of the hydraulic agitator can, steplessly, be reduced down to nothing in order to avoid any foaming of the crop protection agent or to facilitate spraying out the remaining tank contents.

The fill level can be read off both via a clearly visible scale or the operator terminal.

High-performance, rotating nozzles clean the spray agent tank internally. Short pipe runs and hose cross-sectional areas as small as possible make for low residual volumes.

1) Main agitator
2) Fill level indicator
3) High-performance, rotating nozzles


Central actuation – all via the SmartCenter

SmartCenter UF 02

The new SmartCenter operator station is equipped with a large hinged door that protects all the relevant operating controls and the induction bowl from dirt and water splashes. In the inner panel of the swing door, a holder for gloves and a measuring jug is provided. As the swing door opens backwards towards the boom, it protects the operator from chemical contact on his clothing from the booms plus, at the same time, creates plenty of free space between it and the tractor. With the Standard-Pack and the Comfort-Pack, AMAZONE offers two particularly comfortable solutions for the operation of the UF 02.

The benefits:
• Central layout of all relevant operating components; and all perfectly accessible
• Operator station is sealed against dirt and splash water ingress
• 30 l dirt and waterproof clothing locker
• Integrated 20 l hand wash tank

Well thought through – in every detail

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

The 20 l hand wash tank is positioned above the induction bowl and it is completely integrated into the machine design. The wash water runs directly into the induction bowl and is sucked into the tank. In addition, a easily-accessible soap dispenser is positioned underneath the hand wash tank. As standard, the UF 02 features a 30 l dustproof and splash water safe clothing locker for carrying any personal protective equipment.

7-way pressure tap

7-Wege-Druckhahn UF 02

The UF 02 is equipped with a 7-way pressure tap. As oppose to a normal pressure tap, the in-house developed valve from AMAZONE consists of a cam and valve seats. Exclusively by swivelling in and out the handle on the pressure tap, the relevant liquid paths are reliably opened or closed.

SmartCenter with Standard-Pack

UF02 SmartCenter

Essentially, Standard-Pack means that the UF 02 is operated mainly via the manual suction and the pressure taps. The suction tap determines from where the pump is going to draw the liquid from, whereas, correspondingly, the pressure tap determines where the pump will send the spray liquid to. In addition, the in-house developed 7-way pressure tap from AMAZONE simplifies control of the pressure side.

SmartCenter with Comfort-Pack

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

In conjunction with Comfort-Pack, the TwinTerminal 3.0 is also utilised. In addition, automatic fill stop for the suction fill is made possible. As an option, fill stop is also available when force filling from a bowser. During application, the intensity of the agitation is regulated depending on the tank fill level. As the fill level decreases, the agitation capacity is automatically reduced down until it is completely switched off preventing the formation of foam at a low fill level. In addition, the automatic agitation regulation offers auto-dynamic agitator control. This means: if a larger application rate is required at the boom, the auxiliary agitation is closed. If the nozzles are switched off again on the headland, the agitation is automatically restored.

After the spraying operation is finished, Comfort-Pack provides fully automatic cleaning which can be controlled completely remotely from the tractor cab.

Additional functions such as boom rinsing, the cleaning the spray liquid circuit from heavy deposits or a defined dilution of a subsequent tank mix in the field are also included within Comfort-Pack.

Induction bowl

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

The 60 l induction bowl is positioned directly underneath the operator control chest. The phenomenal suction capacity of 150 l/min guarantees the quick, absolutely trouble-free filling and a complete emptying. For inducting powders or granular spray agents, an additional mixing nozzle is positioned underneath the suction aperture which safely prevents any blockage of the suction aperture. The mixing nozzle is infinitely-variable and can be operated in parallel to the infinitely-adjustable output of the high capacity rinse ring.

When either suction or pressure filling, the induction bowl can be also supplied with fresh water via a steplessly-adjustable 3-way valve!

The canister cleaning nozzle is activated simply by pushing down the canister or measuring jug. In the upper zone of the canister cleaning nozzle there is an additional, smaller contact area which is positioned where the nozzle can be activated, specifically for a more effective cleaning of the canister neck.

Details, such as the measuring jug holder, or the drain off possibility for the canisters located on the inner side of the dustproof and liquid tight lid, provide the operator with an exceptionally convenient operation. When the induction bowl is closed a complete internal cleaning can be carried out with the aid of the canister cleaning nozzle. The spray lance, included in the standard execution, is positioned to the right hand side of the induction bowl.

Exact mixing

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

The benefits:
• Exceptionally quick, trouble-free filling
• Suction capacity of 150 l/min
• Fresh water supply during both suction and pressure filling
• Safe induction even of powder and granular spray agents, thanks to the additional mixing nozzle
• Practical folding measuring jug holder in the induction bowl lid

AMAZONE aircraft-style boom design

Gestänge in Flugzeugbauweise, Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

Due to the special profile design AMAZONE sprayer booms are very light yet at the same time very robust. The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. For any operational use and any application rate the right nozzles are available, for example, for the optimum wetting, anti-drift or for liquid fertiliser use.

3-fold shock absorbed suspension for the most arduous operational conditions

3-fach stoßgedämpfte Aufhängung Amazone UF

As standard all AMAZONE booms are equipped with
• springs and shock absorber pack for damping the vertical roll movements
• rubber buffer damping elements with ball suspension to damp down the horizontal yaw movements
• tension springs for the shock absorbed suspension of the entire boom

As standard also is hydraulic height adjustment and guide skids that results in the perfect boom guidance and thus, the accurate longitudinal and lateral distribution of the spray agent.

Boom design to perfection

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Auslegerkonstruktion in Perfektion

In hilly terrain and with large working widths, hydraulic tilt adjustment makes sense. The quick and precise tilting and return of the boom into the level position is possible via a tractor spool valve or via the electro-hydraulic functions in the ISOBUS terminal.

The AMAZONE Super-S series booms are JKI approved and comply to the highest European demands on crop protection implements!

More than just the solid core: Profiles made from high tensile steel

Mehr als nur ein harter Kern: Das Profil aus hochfestem Stahl

That what has been taken away from the boom’s weight is returned in efficiency. The clever lightweight design makes use of the material where it makes sense. For instance, aluminium for weight reduction at the outer boom sections of the Super-S2 boom, but not however, in the middle of the boom. There, high tensile steel is necessary so that the boom is kept rigid and in line and so spray errors due to vibration are prevented.

Compare for yourself!

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002; AMAZONE Gestänge – eine Idee setzt sich durch

AMAZONE booms – an idea gets its way

Compactness matters!
Due to the low centre of gravity and the light and robust design of the machine it is easy to carry and the tractor front axle weight reduction is much less than with many competitors.

Drive safely!
The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Anywhere the tractor can go, the sprayer with its narrow booms goes as well. No protruding parts, no boom damage, minimal transport width.

Everything shipshape!
The boom locates safely in the transport hooks. No rattling. No susceptible wear on the boom pivots. Travelling fast is not a problem.

Clean working!
No spray agent from the booms drips on to the tractor or on the operator station and the booms also do not hit the tractor cab.

Maintenance-free and with a long service life

Anhängespritze UX

The decades of experience in boom design pay off: The conical hinge pin is the intelligent centre of a well thought-out boom philosophy! The boom pivots self-adjust against any play on the conical hinge pins and that ensures for the user an optimised boom function even after many years.

The standard use of stainless steel, the automotive-industry standard, cathodic dip painting process and the targeted use of plastics and aluminium are the perfect guarantee of a long service life.

Exclusively from AMAZONE: All hydraulic connectors are always made from stainless steel!

Super-S2 boom: 15 – 16 – 18 – 20 – 21 – 24 – 27 – 28 – 30 metres

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Superschmale Transportbreite von nur 2,40 m

Superbly narrow transport width of only 2.40 m

The Super-S2 boom folds fully automatically in and out via hydraulic rams. In the transport position, the boom sits compactly behind the tank with a transport width of only 2.40 m. Transport height is approx. 2.90 m.

Thanks to the 3-fold, shock-absorbed suspension, the hydraulic height adjustment and the elastic guide skids, the Super-S2 boom is reliably maintained at the precise height above the crop.

Electrically-controlled TG valve chest

UF02 Teilbreitenarmatur

For either ISOBUS control or AmaSpray+, the TG part-width valve chest is available. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and drip-free via electric motor valves with pressure relief.

In all situations the spray rate is exactly and quickly controlled directly via the computer and so negating the need for any mechanical equal pressure control.

Less drift also at higher wind speeds

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Abdrift

With the air-assisted injector nozzles, crop protection agents can be applied with very little drift. They are universally usable in all crops and all classifications. Because of the coarse droplet application, these nozzles can also be used in higher wind speeds.

AMAZONE offers a wide range of nozzles from agrotop, Lechler and TeeJet.

Single and multi-nozzle bodies

Anhängespritze UX, Einfach- und Mehrfach-Düsenkörper

The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. The 3-fold or 4-fold nozzle bodies are suited to frequent nozzle changes due to different applications and crops. Nozzle protection tubes, as standard on the outer sections, or, if desired, over the entire boom working width, ensures protection for long injector nozzles and multiple nozzle bodies.

Injector nozzles (ID, TTI) have a relatively coarse droplet spectrum and are particularly versatile with regard to their field of application. A pressure range of 2 to 8 bar is possible.

If coverage quality is at the foreground of the application, the use of standard or anti-drift fine droplet nozzles, such as XR or AD, is recommended. Special care is required here due to the tendency to drift above 3 bar.

A good compromise is provided by the modern ID-K or Airmix compact injector nozzles. These have relatively little drift, but do not have too coarse a droplet spectrum and are operated at 2 to 4 bar.

When it comes to special coverage qualities the double flat fan nozzle is an interesting alternative: the AVI Twin from Agrotop also produces droplets that are not too fine.

The split spray pattern ensures a more even deposit on the front and back of the plant and makes sense maybe, for example, in ear treatment.

For speeds greater than 10 km/h, the TD HiSpeed nozzle with its asymmetrical spraying angle is becoming a new industry trend.

ISOBUS – Machine actuation in the digital age

One language, many benefits!
With every ISOBUS-compatible machine, AMAZONE offers state-of-the-art technology from the digital future with virtually unlimited possibilities. To what extent you make use of that potential lies solely in your own hands. It doesn’t matter whether for this purpose you utilise an operator terminal from AMAZONE or use an existing ISOBUS terminal. ISOBUS is a worldwide recognised communication standard between, on the one hand, operator terminal, tractor and connected implements and, on the other hand, agricultural office software.

Operation with any ISOBUS terminal

Which means that ISOBUS enables you to take control of all your ISOBUS compatible equipment. You just connect the machine with the relevant ISOBUS terminal and immediately the normal operator interface is displayed on the monitor screen in your tractor cab.

Benefits of ISOBUS:
• This worldwide standard provides a uniform interface and data exchange formats that ensure the compatibility even with third party manufacturers
• Plug and Play between machine, tractor and additional ISOBUS implements

AMAZONE – more than just ISOBUS: Improved control, more yield! Precision Farming 4.0

ISOBUS Terminals

Our competence in electronics:
To increase the operational comfort, AMAZONE implements and operator terminals feature a function scope beyond ISOBUS standards.

The benefits of more than just ISOBUS:
• Highest compatibility and safety functionality of your ISOBUS equipment
• No additional modules on the machine side. All ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE is already equipped as standard with the necessary ISOBUS functions
• MiniView display with all AMAZONE terminals and additional ISOBUS terminals. See, for instance, the machine data in the GPS view
• The possibility using the tractor terminal or in a twin terminal solution to separate the functionalities of tractor and connected implement
• Unique operation concept. Freely-configurable displays and individual user interfaces in the operator terminal
• Up to 3 user profiles are possible. Establish for every driver or operation an individual user profile!
• Freely-configurable machine operation as, for instance, the folding procedure of the booms of your AMAZONE crop protection sprayer
• Intelligent tractor-ECU function evaluation. Automatic motion sequence detection depending on the ISOBUS tractor, such as, for example the automatic switching on of the work lights or the locking of a steering axle when reversing.
• Integrated TaskController data logger. As a matter of principle, every ISOBUS telemetry solution is possible (for example, TONI telemetry from CLAAS).
• Freely-configurable part-width sections

Easy and comfortable!

Anhängespritze UX, variable Mengenausbringung

Especially in operation, no matter whether via an operator terminal from AMAZONE or with your tractor terminal, one can experience how practically-oriented the machine software has been developed. In this way, for instance, a simple and clear division of the field menu and the setting menu provides a very easy and intuitive operation. Understandable operational symbols ensure clearness and a safe functionality.