UF 02 mounted sprayer


AmaPilot multi function joystick

Amazone Multifunktionsgriff AmaPilot

Special comfort if offered via the actuation of boom- and control chest functions via the AmaPilot multi-function joystick. All the functions in the operation menu can also be actuated via the AMAPilot multi-function Joystick or other ISOBUS joysticks (AUX-N).



Special crops and bed work often require the on/off switching of the individual part-width sections in the middle of the boom. For this, the AMACLICK is an ergonomic controller which can be operated both in
conjunction with the multi-function joystick and also just with an ISOBUS terminal..

GPS-Switch for AMATRON 3

GPS-Switch für Amatron 3

This GPS assisted operator terminal system automates the exact control of the machine on the headlands, around the field border and when spraying in wedges. The working width and the arrangement of the part-width sections are taken into account.
The automatic GPS-Switch part-width section control offers precision, comfort and safety: simply select the desired degree of overlap and leave the GPS-Switch in automatic mode. So, even in difficult circumstances, such as wider working widths, limited visibility at dawn or dusk, or in high crops, the job can be mastered. In addition: you save up to 5 % on crop protection agents, whilst at the same time safeguarding the environment and can fully focus on monitoring the sprayer.

GPS-Track for AMATRON 3

GPS-Track für Amatron 3

The GPS-Track parallel driving aid turns out to be an enormous advantage for easy orientation in fields without tramlines or on grassland. It features various track modes, such as A-B line and contour travel and an obstacle function. The bouts are numbered all the way across. The deviation from the true line is shown on the display. Unmistakable steering recommendations help keep you in the track. Also the distance to the next tramline is shown precisely, providing the ideal guide, for example, when locating the correct maize row.

External lightbar for GPS Track parallel guidance system

Amazone Externe Lightbar für Parallelfahrhilfe GPS-Track

As a possibility, an external lightbar display is available which can be easili used in conjunction with GPS-Track. The external lightbar can be freely positioned anywhere in the cab.

GPS-Maps for AMATRON 3


The additional module GPS-Maps enables GPS-based processing of application maps in a shape file format. Both in AMABUS, and also in ISOBUS mode.
The direct application rate can be used or the amount of spray agent. With AMATRON 3, the spray rates can still be adapted.
Task Controller is available as standard and enables the processing of application maps in ISO-MXL format, both in AMABUS and also in ISOBUS mode, even without GPS Maps.

CCI 100 operator terminal

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

The CCI ISOBUS terminal from AMAZONE is the result of the cooperation with several other manufacturers of agricultural machinery who are joint participants in the Competence Center ISOBUS e.V (CCI). With CCI, AMAZONE and its partners have laid the foundation to introduce ISOBUS into practice.
The CCI is the basis to convert all AMAZONE machinery and implements successively to the ISOBUS standard.
+ The bright 8.4 " colour display with its high screen Resolution and ambient light sensor matches the brightness automatically to the light conditions. This avoids the driver in twilight or at night being blinded by too bright a display.
+ Easy input via the operator-friendly touchscreen display, or via the softkeys.
+ Fatigue-free operation at night is assisted by the back-lighting of the keys which are also connected with
the light sensor.
+ The proven AMAZONE one-handed operation is still possible because the function of the ”soft keys“ can be simply mirrored.
+ For intuitive menu guidance and the convenient input of values and text, the terminal is provided with a
high-quality touch screen.
+ For the direct, quick input and adjustment of the input values, a scroll wheel with actuating function is ergonomically integrated in the housing.   

CCI 100 terminal functions

- ISOBUS machine operation
- Tractor ECU function (interface for speed, PTO shaft and lower link position) 
- CCI.Control job management for documentation
- CCI.Command (optional)
- -  automatic part-width section shut-off CCI.Command.SC 
- -  parallel guidance aid CCI.Command.PT
- Application maps supported in ISO-XML format
- USB interface for data exchange
- Interface for the connection of a GSM modem
- ASD and LH5000 Interface via RS232 (nominal rate transfer), e.g. for N-sensors
- Camera function CCI.Cam

AMAPAD operator terminal

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Bedien-Terminal AMAPAD

An especially comfortable method of controlling agricultural machinery.

With the AMAPAD operator terminal, AMAZONE offers an entirely new and high-class solution for GPS application such as automated GPS based part-width section control and Precision Farming applications.
AMAPAD features an especially ergonomic, 12.1" touch screen. With the unique ”Mini-View“ concept, applications that do not need to be actuated but which, however, need to be monitored, are clearly shown at the side. If needs be, these can be enlarged by ”finger tip“ widening. The possibility also exists to customise the display, a feature which rounds off the exceptional layout of this operator terminal.
In addition to GPS-Switch pro part-width section control, a high-quality professional manual light bar guidance system is also installed as standard. GPS-Track can also be upgraded to an automated steering system.

The terminal includes the following functions:
+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ TaskController job management for documentation
+ Automated GPS-Switch pro part-width section control
+ Integrated light bar for GPS-Track pro parallel steering aid
+ as an option: upgradable to automatic steering
+ GPS-Maps pro application map module
+ RS232 interface via SCU adapter (for data exchange)
+ Two USB interfaces for data Exchange
 +WLAN mode (via USB adapter)
+ GPS output

The characteristics of AMAPAD:
+ screen made from toughened glass
+ housing made from impact-proof plastic
+ extra-narrow rim for maximum visibility
+ flush finish, no penetration of dust / humidity

Pre-select folding

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Vorwahlklappung

Independent, one-sided boom folding is possible with the ISOBUS terminals via the tractor spool valves.

Profi fold

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Profi-Klappung

Profi-fold is the electro-hydraulic actuation of the boom via an oil circuit from which the functions of height adjustment, folding out and in, independent fold, boom width reduction and tilt adjustment (Profi-fold 1) are easily actuated via the ISOBUS terminal or the multifunction joystick. Additional boom tip angling is possible via Profi-fold 2.   

DistanceControl with 2 sensors or DistanceControl plus with 4 sensors

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, DistanceControl mit 2 oder DistanceControl plus mit 4 Sensoren

When the Super-S boom is used in conjunction with either Profi-fold I or II, the fully automatic boom guidance System DistanceControl with 2 height sensors, or DistanceControl plus with 4 sensors, is then possible. In heavily differing crop heights, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it could be that the boom, when equipped with 2 sensors, dips into the crop. In this case equipping the boom with four sensors will
prevent this. The sensors are electrically connected in parallel and so it is always the sensor that is closest to
the target surface that is actuated.

The DUS pressure recirculation system on the Super-S boom – proven more than 10,000 times

Das Druck-Umlauf-System (DUS)

The AMAZONE DUS pressure recirculation system guarantees the safe circulation within the entire system. When starting the spraying operation all the hoses including the spray lines are filled under pressure in the reverse direction with themixed spray agent. This means the spray lines are always full and immediately ready to use over the entire working width. There is no waiting on the headland.

Every time individual part-width sections are shut off, during the turning operation and during transport, the spray liquid circulates continually thanks to the pressure recirculation system. This reliably prevents deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines.

The concentration of the spray agent always remains constant right up to the nozzles, so the start of spraying is carried out without any problems after, for example, a change of ingredients.

During the cleaning operation, fresh water flushes the spray lines out right up to the nozzles without any spraying being necessary. During this cleaning procedure the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank via the pressure recirculation system leaving the spray lines clean.

Electric boundary nozzle switching

Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung

Additional nozzle switching:
In order to extend the normal working width, an asymmetrical nozzle can also be switched on. This is particularly useful if the distances between tramlines are not precise enough.

End nozzle switching:
If a one metre buffer zone around the edge of the field needs to remain unsprayed due to distance constraints, end nozzle switching can be used.

Boundary nozzle switching:
For precision border spraying between two sensitive crops, the boundary nozzles can be used to make sure the spray pattern is accurately defined.

AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching for Super-S2 booms

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, Einzeldüsenschaltung AmaSwitch für Super-S2-Gestänge

If AmaSwitch is combined with GPS-Switch automatic headland and part-width Section Control, the individual nozzles are automatically switched in 50 cm part-width sections.
The decisive benefit of this individual nozzle switching is the possibility to operate with small part-width sections even more precisely in wedge shaped areas, short work and on the headland. The amount of overlap is significantly reduced on the headland, for instance, by up to 85 % less when compared with conventional Section Control part-width section switching. In this way, depending on field shape, boom width and number of part-width sections, the combination of GPS-Switch and AmaSwitch results in considerable savings of spray agent compared with the usual crop protection techniques used up to now.
The new technology is based on a 3-fold nozzle carrier with electric on/off nozzle switching. In addition to the automatic switching using 50 cm part-width sections, it is possible to configure the amount of part-width sections from choice.
AmaSwitch is a cost-effective alternative for users who do not want to make electric nozzle changeover a priority but, however, want to make use of the advantages of the very precise switching in wedge shaped fields and overlap zones thanks to the 50 cm part-width section control.
Standard equipment with AmaSwitch includes the DUS pro high pressure recirculation system. DUS pro prevents deposits in the spray lines and ensures an even spray agent concentration. Thanks to the pressure recirculation system all the nozzles are ready for operation over the entire boom width. In addition, when switching off individual part-width sections and when turning, the spray agent remains in constant circulation.
In this way deposits, blockages and any potential demixing in the spray line is safely prevented. As a special option, AmaSwitch can also be supplied in combination with LED individual nozzle lighting.

LED boom lighting for Super-S booms

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, LED-Gestängebeleuchtung für Super-S-Gestänge

For flexible and efficient operation at twilight and in the dark, LED boom lighting is available. Two far-reaching LED work lights, mounted in the middle of the boom, ensure excellent visibility of all the nozzles at a glance.

LED individual nozzle lighting for the Super-S boom

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, LED-Einzeldüsenbeleuchtung für Super-S-Gestänge

Professional work lighting is today the basis of a flexible, output-increasing solution to operating in twilight and at night. LED individual nozzle lighting picks out each individual spray fan. An absolutely immediate assessment of their operation down to the very last nozzle on the boom can be made.   

Operator-friendly liquid fertilising

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Bedienungsfreundliche Flüssigdüngung

In conjunction with the AMAZONE boom, a separate drag hose kit for risk-free late fertilising is available. The selfcontained aluminium profiles can be attached with a few hand clamps. Drag hoses offer a risk-free late top dressing with liquid fertiliser and stainless steel weights help keep the position of the drag hoses within the crop. For the coarse droplets distribution of liquid fertiliser AMAZONE offers multi-hole nozzles (3, 5, or 7 hole).

Under-leaf spraying

Lösungen für die erfolgreiche Unterblattspritzung im Gemüse- oder Maisanbau

In connection with the Super-S boom, AMAZONE offers elegant solutions for successful under-leaf spraying when working in vegetables or maize. The Dropleg system from Lechler, for instance, is an easy and robust under-leaf spraying system that hangs freely between the rows and which fulfils professional demands.

Comfortable hitching up – the quick coupling system

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002

Even with its favourable centre of gravity, to make mounting the machine to the tractor as easy as possible the front face of the tank is completely free from any hoses and brackets permitting a trouble-free coupling. For an even more relaxed coupling and uncoupling of the UF 2002 from the tractor, it can be equipped with the optional quick coupling system. In conjunction with the TeleSpace PTO shaft, the machine can be hitched on and off with greater comfort.

Comfortable demounting – the parking system

Amazone Anbaufeldspritze UF 2002, Abstellvorrichtung

The new parking system is completely integrated in the frame. As an option, the patented system can be equipped with caster wheels that remain on the machine even during operation. Thanks to their simple and robust design, the parking skids or rollers just swivel down from the transport to the operating position. Any troublesome removal of parking rollers or skids is avoided.