Three Agritechnica silver medals for Amazone

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In the run-up to the up-coming Agritechnica 2017, Amazone can announce its first success with the neutral expert committee, appointed by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), rewarding three of the Amazone innovations with their prestigious Silver medal awards.

Agritechnica is regarded as the world's most important and largest agricultural machinery exhibition and will take place from 12th – 18th November 2017 in Hanover. There, on its 2,700 m² exhibition stand in Hall 9, Amazone will present to the many thousands of visitors expected from across the world, more than 60 different machines and functional models, including 25 innovative new pieces of kit or process solutions.

Silver medal No. 1 was jointly awarded to Amazone for its "SwingStop pro" development in collaboration with the company, Rometron. This has been won for an innovation that ensures an even more precise boom guidance for modern crop protection sprayers. SwingStop pro comprises of the SwingStop active horizontal damping suppression combined with a new nozzle system that operates using the principle of pulse width frequency modulation (PWFM). With the help of software and acceleration sensors, SwingStop pro calculates, in real time, the relative speed of each individual nozzle, sets it in relation to the forward speed of the sprayer and controls the appropriate output of the nozzle in milliseconds. In this way, any rate changes caused by the horizontal movements of the boom can be compensated for. This results in unprecedented application accuracy over the entire working width of the sprayer.

The second award-winning Amazone innovation is called SmartService 4.0. In the world of evermore complex machine design, AMAZONE, via SmartService 4.0, is utilising the technology made possible by digital VR and AR technologies to further enhance its learning, training and repair processes in the sector of technical customer service as well as assisting its customers in carrying out routine maintenance work. Thanks to SmartService 4.0, for example, a technician from an Amazone service partner, who is about to carry out a complicated repair or maintenance procedure, is connected digitally and in real time with an Amazone service specialist sitting in the office. Through this connection, which is done via tablet PC, Smartphone or data glasses, it is possible to backup that technician with expert knowledge anywhere in the world during that repair or maintenance work.

For Silver Medal No. 3, Amazone, for the creation of agrirouter, has got together with DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG as well as many other well-known agricultural machinery manufacturers. The agrirouter is an internet-based data exchange platform, which enables farmers and contractors to exchange all working data between their machines and the most diverse range of agricultural software applications, independently of the manufacturer. This not only simplifies data exchange and operational procedures, but also reduces administrative costs and improves profitability. At the same time the agrirouter farmers and contractors are able to optimise agricultural production processes from beginning to end. From the point of view of the end user, it also offers the important advantage that they always have full control over their data.