Working 12 m wide at demonstration tour in North America

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At these demo days quite a few farmers in North American rub their eyes in surprise when they first meet Kathrin Schmidt from Germany. Because currently the 26 year old employee of Amazone Product Marketing is on tour behind the wheel of a Xerion 5000 in the land of boundless opportunities. And linked to the rear of her tractor: an Amazone Catros+ 12003-2TS.

Kathrin Schmidt has taken on the mantle of demonstrating to US American and Canadian farmers the benefits of the 12 m wide compact disc harrow in practice in the field. This campaign is called "Catros-Performance Tour 2017" and includes both participation in large exhibitions and also carrying out many smaller, individual on-farm demonstrations. Skilful and with engagement, this young woman shows that the Catros is also the right machine in the vast fields of North America for shallow and intensively mixing stubble work. "After the demonstrations there is always a good acceptance. The farmers are astonished at the excellent performance of the Catros“, the qualified agronomist gladly reports on the success of her tour after the first three weeks.

However, again and again, exciting moments and obstacles have to be surmounted. So, for their onward transport, the tractor and the Catros are loaded onto two separate trucks. If one intends, however, to travel with such a wide load from one state to the next, one needs a special licence in the USA. Some times it takes ages to get such a licence and this upsets the overall timetable of the performance tour. But even these special challenges Kathrin Schmidt has mastered with great skill.

So she will be on tour up until the middle of October – initially in the USA, and then in Canada. She reports regularly about the people, the landscape and all the other things she experiences and gets to know, in her richly illustrated blog which you can find at Plus her adventures can also be followed via Facebook ( and Instagram (