Pantera+ - with even more climbing ability

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With its stepless hydrostatic drive, the Pantera self-propelled crop protection sprayer from Amazone is well-proven in its ability to cope in difficult operating conditions. It features excellent pulling power and, with its climbing ability of up to 27 %, it fully meets the demands usually found in practice. There are sometimes, however, operating conditions, for instance in extremely hilly terrain, where more climbing ability is required. For this task Amazone now offers its self-propelled model as the Pantera+ version. The difference for the ‘Plus’ version is that the planetary gearboxes at each individual wheel within the stepless hydrostatic drive are equipped with a smaller ratio of 1:30 instead of the standard 1:23.5. In this way Pantera+ manages slopes of up to 34 % - roughly 25 % more than the standard machine. This smaller gear ratio comes also with a maximum speed limitation of 40 km/h instead of 50 km/h.

The ‘Plus’ Package is available for all Pantera models, including the Pantera-W and the Pantera-H, and so virtually any combination regarding track width and ground clearance can be fulfilled. The conversion of existing Pantera 4502 series machines in the field is also possible.

Amazone offers the self-propelled Pantera 4502 sprayer in a tank volume of 4,500 litres and with the Super-L2 sprayer boom in working widths from 21 m to 40 m. The Pantera’s special tandem chassis design, not only ensures a good following of the ground undulations, but also high stability on slopes. Thanks to the fill-level regulated, hydro-pneumatic suspension, the Pantera operator also enjoys maximum comfort and safety. In addition, the combination of this special chassis design and the proven Amazone boom suspension provides an optimum smooth boom ride even in adverse terrain.