E+S 01 mounted spreader


The top benefits

Amazone Anbaustreuer E+S

+ Easy and precise setting of the spread fan via the SmartCenter
+ Steep hopper walls for a continuous flow of spreading material
+ Spreading system and hopper tip made from stainless steel – for arduous winter application
+ Extremely robust and reliable – for a long service life
+ Spreading material protecting and high performance agitator
+ Swivel hopper cover with inspection window – for an easy fill level check
+ LED work lights and LED road traffic lights – for more safety during darkness
+ Equipped with either PTO shaft drive or with hydraulic drive on the E+S Hydro version
+ Comfortable and precise operation via the up-to-date AMADOSE+S and EasySetE+S in-cab terminals possible
+ Robust mudguards protect the tractor and the machine

E+S – the technology with Snow-how

Amazone, E+S – Technik mit Snow-how

Upper picture:
E+S 301 mounted spreader, here with 300 l hopper capacity
- Up to 490 l hopper capacity

Picture below:
E+S Hydro 751 + S 180 mounted spreader here with 750 l hopper capacity & 180 l hopper extension
- Up to 1,110 l hopper capacity

Standard features of the E+S include:

+ Drive from choice via PTO shaft or hydraulics (E+S Hydro)
+ Steep hopper walls for optimum flow of the spreading material
+ Strong protective sieve inside the hopper
+ 3-point linkage Cat. 1 and Cat. 2, easy mounting to the tractor
+ Important parts such as the entire bottom assembly, spread pattern limiter, spreading disc and spreading blades are made from stainless steel
+ SmartCenter for easy and precise setting of the spread fan
+ The spreaders are available from choice in green, orange or other RAL colours
+ The extremely corrosion-resistant cathodic dip painting process increases the service life of the spreaders (to automotive industry standards)

Top-class spreading system

Amazone E+S Hydro

The E+S Hydro spreaders are optimally equipped with a hydraulic spreading disc drive and speed-related spread rate control. As the spreading width is controlled via the rotational speed of the hydraulically-driven spreading disc, the E+S Hydro offers the stepless and very sensitive adjustment across a wide spreading width range from 1 to 8 m. The precise hydraulic drive ensures the perfect spread pattern at any working width and reduces the formation of salt dust.
The reduction to a minimum of the rotational speed of the agitator connected with the spreading disc whilst the tractor stops is an additional advantage. In this way blockages and any bridging of the material in the hopper are efficiently prevented.

The benefits:
- Hydraulic drive with stepplessly adjustable disc speed
- Improved longitudinal and lateral distribution
- Little formation of dust
- Reduces the rev. speed of the agitator while the tractor stops

All year round – maximum usage across the board

+ For the winter application of salt, sand or grit
+ For fertilising lawns
+ For applying sand to golf and sports grounds
+ For spreading red sports field ash

Applying sand at regular intervals

ZA-X Besandung

Regular applications of sharp sand in small quantities prevent lawn surfaces from becoming sealed and, as such, stop the creation of layers that are impenetrable to water, nutrients and air.
Without conversion the AMAZONE E+S spreader becomes the perfect machine for the application of sand. The sand is evenly incorporated into the lawn. Any additional sweeping and lifting of the grass is not necessary.

Spreading red ash on hard court surfaces


After intervals of two to three years, sports field red ash should be freshly applied on to hard courts.
With the AMAZONE E+S spreader, the ash is evenly distributed to level out undulations and to prevent the coarse sub layer from coming up.

Ideal across a wide range of application


The flexible drive concept, from choice with either PTO shaft or hydraulic motor, makes possible a wide range of application, whether mounted conventionally behind the tractor or also fixed to a wheeled loader (E+S Hydro)*.

* The mounting frame cannot be purchased from AMAZONE

Special agitators for different spreading materials


Rod agitator for sand and salt

Chain agitator for grit/salt mixtures

Agitator head for granular material



Thanks to the variable delivery system adjustment, the E+S can be set to either symmetrical and asymmetrical spreading. Via the SmartCenter, which is comfortably positioned at the rear of the spreader at the height of the hopper tip, the spread fan can be quickly and very precisely adjusted.

The highest quality

Amazone E+S, aus Edelstahl gefertigte Trichterspitze

Because winter salt spreaders have to face such horrific demands, AMAZONE sets standards during production. The hopper tip, made from stainless steel, for example, is connected with the hopper by the use of up-to-date technology that utilises a seamless laser welding procedure.
This high-class finish provides the AMAZONE spreader not only with a long service life but also with a high resale value.

Perfectly equipped

Amazone E+S, umfangreiche Sonderausstattungen

Thanks to the comprehensive range of optional equipment, the E+S spreader is an especially reliable spreader for use in any application.

+ Operator terminal EasySetE+S or AMADOSE+S
+ Robust mudguard helps protect the tractor
+ LED lighting
+ Hopper cover with inspection window
+ Practical hose rail for the safe storage of the hydraulic hoses on the E+S Hydro

Capable of fulfilling any demand

E+S 301 Streuschirm

In its basic version, the spreader can be operated without the need for an operator terminal. Then the working width is matched mechanically via the spread deflector.

AMADOS E+S and EasySet E+S – the clever way to save salt

With either the AMADOSE+S or EasySetE+S operator terminals, AMAZONE even offers two comfortable possibilities to operate the E+S spreader.
- Operation of all functions via the press of a button
- Matching of the application rate
- Speed-related control of the application rate
- Comfortable and precise