Cataya Super seed drill combination, now also with RoTeC Control coulters

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Last year, Amazone introduced to the market the new conventional Cataya Super seed drill combination with TwinTeC double disc coulters. Now, the Cataya is also available with RoTeC Control single disc coulters, which – like the TwinTeC version – can be delivered with row spacings of either 12.5 cm or 15 cm. With this choice between the RoTeC and the TwinTec coulters, Amazone offers the appropriate coulter system for any kind of farming application.

The universal RoTeC Control single disc coulters show their strengths above all when working in large amounts of crop residues and on moist, heavy and sticky soils. Also on the narrower row spacing option, the single disc RoTeC coulter ensures a very good passage under all conditions. The furrow former always provides a clean clearing of the seed furrow resulting in the optimum soil contact of the seed and thus ensuring reliable emergence results.

Via the adjacently-mounted Control 10 depth guidance disc or alternatively using the Control 25 depth guidance roller, the RoTeC coulter is accurately guided at the optimum depth. In combination with the RoTeC coulters, the Cataya can be equipped from choice with either the Exact following harrow or with the Roller harrow. Depending on the prevailing soil conditions, the press wheel pressure on the Roller harrow can be adjusted independently, so that under light, dry conditions less coulter pressure and more roller pressure can be applied. However, under heavy and moist conditions, a higher coulter pressure and little roller pressure can be used.

Irrespective of the coulter equipment, the Cataya Super seed drill combination, with its electric metering drive and its ISOBUS control, is characterised by numerous innovations. The most important ones are the Precis metering system with its exceptionally easy conversion from fine to normal seed and minimised residual amounts thanks to the funnel shaped apertures and the simple and comfortable adjustment and actuation via the SmartCenter which is located at the left hand side of the machine. In addition, the Cataya Super can be equipped with the TwinTerminal, ensuring a comfortable calibration process without having to walk to and fro between the tractor cab and the machine. In addition, the Cataya features a very large capacity seed hopper of 830 litres which can be increased to 1,270 litres by the use of an extension.

As a means of soil tillage for the Cataya combination, Amazone offers, from choice, the new KE 3001 rotary harrow or either the new KX 3001 or KG 3001 rotary cultivators, all of which can be equipped with numerous different following rollers.