Amazone opens its new KTL paint facility

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Where normally it is mainly forklifts and trucks that are cruising about, a party took place late afternoon on the 7th April, 2017 to mark the official opening for Amazone of the new KTL paint facility in the Hude-Altmoorhausen indus-trial area. Many guests of honour from the district, the community and neigh-bourhood came along, among them the county commissioner of the district of Oldenburg, Carsten Harings, and Hude’s mayor Holger Lebedinzew. From Amazone, many employees and executives also took place in the opening celebration.

Dr. Stephan Evers, who, as a member of the Amazone general management is responsible, inter alia, for the plant management in Hude, welcomed the guests and thanked all those involved in this major project. It was more than three and a half years ago, Dr. Evers recalled, that the investment was ap-proved by the general management of Amazonen-Werke so that in March 2014, the contract could be signed for the most important parts of the plant with the company Eisenmann. From then on, the Amazone employees and the project team from the plant supplier collectively did a great job which was so decisive in the success of the project. “Now Amazone machinery is being painted utilising this state of the art technology which meets the highest environmental standards and so, at the same time, we have created far reaching growth opportunities for the production in Altmoorhausen“, Dr. Evers said.

“The new paint facility is an important milestone for the Hude-Altmoorhausen factory“, also Amazone director, Christian Dreyer, gladly reported. In total, the new paint facility has cost round about 20 million Euros and is thus, up to now, the biggest individual investment in the company history of Amazonen-Werke. "This investment is worthwhile because we now have one of the most up to date painting facilities in the agricultural industry. In this way we strengthen our position to compete and thus safeguard the jobs of our em-ployees”, Christian Dreyer continued.

An overview of the KTL paint facility
The KTL paint facility, which has been built in a covered area of approxi-mately 8,000 m², has been designed with a capacity to paint up to 750,000 m² of surface area per annum. KTL is the abbreviation for cathodic dip paint-ing (kathodische Tauchlackierung), ensuring a high-class corrosion protec-tion similar to that widely used in the automotive industry.

The plant is digitally controlled and is divided into several areas of function. This includes hanging up and taking off stations, a pre-treatment and primer coating hall, three curing ovens and a dip paint and powder coating area. All the three areas are connected via a 2.3 km long overhead track system. Via this system, all the parts to be painted are automatically transported via 140 carriages from station to station.