HeightSelect for AmaSelect individual nozzle switching

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For safe and effective crop protection application, technical and meteorological parameters have to be considered. The aim is to maintain an application that offers little drift, which, in addition to nozzle choice, the spray pressure and forward speed is also achieved by maintaining the correct boom height. At a low target surface distance, the wind affects droplets as very little. The optimum boom height depends on the spraying angle of the nozzles and of the nozzle spacing on the boom. From choice, nozzle spacings of either 25 cm or 50 cm are possible. The optimum lateral distribution of the spray liquid on the target surface is ensured when all of these variables are well matched.

The electric AmaSelect 4-fold individual nozzle control consists of a 4-fold nozzle body with electric nozzle switching over and switching off. As an option, the AmaSelect nozzle body can be equipped with an extension kit for 25 cm nozzle spacing. This offers the benefit, in conjunction with special 80° nozzles, to reduce the target surface distance to less than 50 cm. AmaSelect provides the customer with the big advantage, that, for a nozzle change, he does not have to climb down from the tractor but can comfortably switch over between any of four nozzles from the tractor cab.

A further possibility is to carry out the switching over or additional switching of a nozzle automatically. By entering into the terminal the optimum pressure range of each individual nozzle within the 4-fold nozzle body, the system automatically switches over the nozzles as specified. This offers the possibility, for instance when leaving the optimum pressure range, to change from the nozzle configuration with 50 cm nozzle spacing to a second nozzle configuration of 25 cm distance or to switch over to a bigger nozzle.

With the aid of HeightSelect, now also the distance between boom and target crop is automatically matched depending on nozzle spacing and nozzle type. The innovation for HeightSelect comes from the automatic and continuous control of the boom height at a change of nozzle spacing and/or nozzle type. If that nozzle is switched, the automatic boom guidance regulates the relevant suitable target surface distance. This automation improves the efficacy of the crop protection agent by always utilising an optimum lateral distribution and at minimum drift. In this way, stress on the driver is also substantially alleviated