Amatechnica 2016: 6,000 professional visitors have been guests of Amazone

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It has now become the tradition for Amazonen-Werke to hold their "Amatechnica" field day roughly six months after Agritechnica. So, once again, on June 2nd this year, around 4,000 farmers, contractors and sales partners from Ger-many along with 2,000 more from 29 export countries around the world have taken part in this major event in Hasbergen-Gaste. The day offered the opportunity to get up to date with the current innovations in the Amazone agricultural and ground care machinery programme.

The main objective of this event was to show, in practical operation, all the Agritechnica innovations in a live presentation to this wide audience. This meant that the visitors were able to fully enjoy the 65 machines on static display, the 31 machines taking part in a machinery drive past as well as the 16 machines in field operation. Also included were nine further technical innovations which made their debut at Amatechnica. In addition, the focus was also on the mutual exchange of experiences and opinions with Amazone custom-ers.

In the demonstrations, the ever increasing working widths in soil tillage showed again to be a leading trend. On the other hand, it was also the utilisation of electronics which, in particular, within fertilisation, crop protection and sowing technology help to further improve the accuracy of these machines.

The latter also became obvious in the "Information Centre for Precision Farming" where the visitors could find out for themselves about the current developments in the area of Precision Farming. Here, alongside Amazone, different nozzle, electronics, sensor and software manufacturers from the wider agricul-tural technology sector introduced a cross-section of their products. Here the focus was not only on the functionality and the simple handling, but also with demonstrations as to how electronics can help to save the environment and costs.

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