increased flexibility with the XTender rear tank

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With the new XTender, AMAZONE introduces a flexible tank system for use with its passive soil tillage range. The rear tank offers the possibility to simul-taneously apply fertiliser and/or seed in combination with the soil tillage im-plement. In this way, for instance, the application of a base fertiliser, a com-pensatory fertiliser for straw breakdown or a starter fertiliser alongside catch crops. Just catch crop sowing is also possible.

At the heart of the XTender is a 4,200 litre pressurised tank, split into two equal sized compartments. This way the XTender can be utilised for simultaneously applying both fertiliser and seed or two different types of fertiliser. By producing the tank via a deep-drawn process, which results in no corners, edges or weld seams, it provides a constant and even flow of the fertiliser and the seed. The hopper frame is designed for tractors up to 600 hp and is char-acterised by its favourable centre of gravity when mounted to the tractor.

Comfortable operation
The XTender's metering system is based on two electrically-driven metering units for variable application rates from 2 to 400 kg/ha and which can be ad-justed from the tractor cab. Depending on seed and fertiliser applications, dif-ferent metering cassettes are available. As special option, and as an aid to calibration, Amazone also offers the TwinTerminal 3.0 which is brought over from the seed drill range.

For operation in the field, either an AMAZONE ISOBUS terminal or the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor can be utilised. Thanks to its control via ISOBUS, also part area, site specific fertiliser applications are possible.

Fertiliser supply tines and new C-Mix 40 share
To combine the XTender with the Cenius TX cultivator from Amazone, the manufacturer offers special fertiliser supply tines which can be combined with the C-Mix 80 share, the C-Mix 100 or the new C-Mix 40 share. With the aid of an adjustable delivery plate down at the tine, the placement depth of the fertil-iser behind the share can be adjusted to 3 levels: either 100% under-root, 50% under root and 50 % on the surface or 100% near to the surface.

Amazone has developed the new C-Mix 40 share especially for soil loosening at a working depth of up to 30 cm. Compared with the C-Mix 80 share, it is characterised by its reduced pulling power requirement. At the tip, the share is equipped with a hard metal insert which reduces the longitudinal wear. In this way no readjustment of the working depth is required over the entire operational life of the share.