UX trailed field sprayer


Top features

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX Special, Top Argumente

+ Profile steel frames that are as strong as an ox
+ Lightweight spray tank with favourable centre of gravity and absolutely smooth walls
+ Multiple axle and drawbar steering versions of choice
+ Sprayer booms from 15 to 40 m in super-light, super-strong and super-compact profile design
+ Parallelogram suspension of the multi-shock damped boom
+ Option of Profi-fold for flexible boom folding and DistanceControl for improved boom guidance
+ AmaSwitch or AmaSelect individual nozzle switching as an option – for 50 cm part-width section control
+ Induction bowl with power injector for quick, safe and precise operation
+ Maintenance-friendly self-priming piston diaphragm pump which can be run dry
+ Optional Comfort-Pack for automatic filling, cleaning and switchover procedures

The frame – strong and yet elastic!

Anhängefeldspritze UX, Rahmen

The wide profile steel frame made from high grade steel, the compact tank and the robust boom technology provide the necessary strength. All edges are rounded off; all hoses are perfectly routed so that they are protected inside the frame.

Drawbar damping protects the booms


The drawbar supplied as standard with a shock Absorption system to minimise the horizontal to and fro movement within the base machine.
The sprung steel centre boom section (on 4-section fold booms) is a further measure towards protecting the boom when travelling quickly on the road or in the field.

Strong, shock absorbed drawbar

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Anhängung

All drawbars - no matter whether steered or rigid, upper or lower hitched - are provided with the drawbar shock absorbance system, an important design element in the UX. Minimising the to and fro movements between frame and drawbar it also protects the booms and prevents any rocking movement of the tractor keeping the operator comfortable. Towing eyes with 40 or 50 mm (50 mm also as a pivoting option) or the modern K 80 ball coupling ensure suitability for any tractor type.

Axle and brakes – Safety first

Anhängespritze UX, Achsen und Bremse

With a permitted travelling speed of up to 50 km/h and available as an option, ALB (automatic load related braking valve) the UX is perfectly suited for road travel. Tyres, up to 520/85 R46 (2.05 m diameter), with their large contact surface result in little ground pressure.
Track width adjustment of the fixed axles can be specified from 1.50 to 2.25 m and by turning round the wheels two track widths are possible. For utmost flexibility the adjustable axle  (UX 3200/UX 4200) offers an infinite track width adjustment from 1.50 to 2.25 m. The large ground clearance of approx. 80 cm and the flat, smooth chassis underbelly design with additional deflector plate made from stainless steel prevents crop damage.
For extreme conditions, there is a hydro-pneumatic sprung axle option with patented roll stabilisation.

Functional tank design

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Behälter – Niedriger Schwerpunkt

+ Slim-line tank with favourable centre of gravity
+ Smooth tank walls for easier cleaning inside and outside
+ Minimised residual volumes even on slopes due to the optimised design
+ JKI-tested agitation efficiency

Tank – beautiful yet smart!

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UX - Behälter

The compact tank is made from polyethylene to be particularly strong and long lasting. The completely smooth inner and outer walls of the tank with rounded corners and no nooks and crannies ensure quick and easy internal and external cleaning.
Important: Residual spray volume is kept to a minimum due to the special shape of the tank bottom.
No need for internal baffles due to the optimised conical shape. For instance, during tractor braking, the liquid in the tank is concentrated at the centre thus preventing any surging.
The result: Safety even at high forward speeds.
The shape of the UX tank and the compact AMAZONE boom ensure a low centre of gravity and very compact rransport dimensions. In addition, the boom is supported close to the back of the wheels using the parallelogram suspension.

The tank design offers the following specific features:
+ low transport height
+ less tank nooks and crannies
+ reduced boom overhang behind the wheels
+ low centre of gravity
+ allows parallelogram boom suspension
+ internal tank baffles no longer necessary
+ simple internal tank cleaning
+ minimal residues


Hydraulic pump drive

UX Special Einfachpumpensystem

As an alternative to PTO shaft drive, the UX can be equipped with a hydraulic pump drive. Largely unaffected by engine revs, the pump is driven at a gentle, constant speed. LS Profi-fold (load sensing) with active accumulator provides error-free operation of all hydraulic functions such as AutoTrail and DistanceControl.

Induction bowl and power injector

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UX Special, Einspülbehälter und Power-Injektor

The high-performance induction bowl features a volume of 55 l and ensures the safe induction of crop protection agents. The circular ring line, including an additional nozzle within the induction bowl, means that powdered or granulated spray agents can be quickly and safely dissolved and simultaneously quickly inducted via the power injector.

Canister rinsing with the induction bowl

UX Special Einspülbehälter

Problem free cleaning of the spray agent canisters and thus also making full use of the canister contents is possible by flushing with the rotating nozzle and the closed induction bowl can also be rinsed for self-cleaning. The induction port has a dust proof closing so that no dirt is allowed to penetrate and no liquid to escape.
The Ecofill port significantly eases the sucking off large containers.

The operator stations

UX Special, SmartCenter

All UX crop protection sprayers are equipped with a central ergonomically designed control centre. All control elements are logically and unmistakably arranged directly to the front left-hand side of the operator. All operational procedures are accurately indicated by simple lever positions.

Switching on the injector enables fill capacities of up to 700 l/min (UX Super) and 500 l/min (UX Special).

Picture on top: Operator station UX Special, 2" suction valve for machines with one pump, filling power up to 500 l/min

Picture at the bottom: Operator station UX Super, 3" suction valve for machines with a twin pump system, filling power of up to 700 l/min




Suction filter

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UX, Saug- und Druckfilter

The suction filter can be opened even when the machine is full without losing any spray liquid.

Simultaneously superbly robust and superbly light

Gestänge superleicht und superstabil

Thanks to the special profile design AMAZONE booms are at the same time superbly light and superbly strong. The boom working widths from 15 to 40 metres allow the optimised matching of the sprayer to the structure of the farm. High-grade quality ensures a long operational life even over very high acreages.

AMAZONE aircraft-style boom design

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Gestänge in Transportstellung

+ No spray agent from the booms drips on to the tractor. The booms also do not hit the tractor cab.

+ Everything shipshape: The boom is located safely without movement in its transport position. The parallelogram suspension dampens shock loads in the field as well as in the transport position. This is pure convenience and, above all, ensures the long service life of the boom.

+ Focussing on the substance: the road in front of you.
You can concentrate entirely on driving. The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Where the tractor can get through then the trailed sprayer can also pass. No protruding parts, no boom damage. 50 km/h no problem!

Superbly compact on the road


Superbly narrow transport width of just 2.40 m on all Super-S2 booms: 15 – 18 – 20 – 21 – 24 – 27 – 28 m.
The Super-S2 boom folds fully automatically, in or out, via oversized hydraulic rams. In the transport position, the boom sits compactly behind the tank with a transport width of only 2.40 m. The multiple-folded steel profiles of up to 140 mm wide make the Super-S2 boom extremely robust.

Three important elements for excellent boom guidance

Aufhängung Super-S2-Gestänge

Super-S2 booms come as standard with:
+ central pendulum suspension for the optimum boom guidance on slopes and on level ground,
+ combined spring and damping elements for shock absorbed suspension to damp down the vertical roll movements,
+ integrated damping system consisting of braking plates and buffer blocks to damp down the horizontal yaw movement.

Due to the shock absorbed suspension with nitrogen accumulators in the parallelogram linkage the Super-S2 boom is safely guided at the correct distance above the spray target surface.

AMAZONE booms - an idea gets its way

Drive safely!
The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Anywhere the tractor can go, the sprayer with its narrow booms goes as well. No protruding parts, no boom damage, minimal transport width.

Everything shipshape!
The boom locates safely in the transport hooks. No rattling. No wear susceptible boom thar rests on the tractor. Travelling fast is not a problem.

Clean working!
No spray agent from the booms drips on to the tractor or on the operator station and the booms also do not hit the tractor cab.



Super-L2 sprayer booms

UX Super-L2-Gestänge

Superbly narrow transport width of just 2.40 m on all three-fold Super-L2 booms with working widths of 21, 24, 27 and 28 m. Amazing transport width of only 2.60 m on all four-fold Super-L2 booms with working widths of 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 39 and 40 m (UX 6200: 2,80m).
The Super-L2 boom is automatically folded fully in or out via oversized hydraulic rams. The folded in booms are positioned down the sides of the tank. The boom is fixed safely, without movement, on the transport-locking device with any shock loads being absorbed via the parallelogram suspension even in the transport position. The multiple folded steel profiles of up to 220 mm make the Super-L2 boom superbly robust.

As standard the Super-L2 booms are equipped with:

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Super-L-Gestänge

+ an over-long central pendulum for the parallel guidance of larger booms,
+ combined spring and damping elements for shock absorbed suspension to damp down the vertical roll movements,
+ a large dimensioned integrated damping System consisting of brake plates and buffer blocks to damp down horizontal yaw movements and
+ spring plates to damp down movement in direction of travel (only four-fold booms).

ISOBUS – Machine actuation in the digital age

One language, many benefits!
With every ISOBUS-compatible machine, AMAZONE offers state-of-the-art technology from the digital future with virtually unlimited possibilities. To what extent you make use of that potential lies solely in your own hands. It doesn’t matter whether for this purpose you utilise an operator terminal from AMAZONE or use an existing ISOBUS terminal. ISOBUS is a worldwide recognised communication standard between, on the one hand, operator terminal, tractor and connected implements and, on the other hand, agricultural office software.

Operation with any ISOBUS terminal

Which means that ISOBUS enables you to take control of all your ISOBUS compatible equipment. You just connect the machine with the relevant ISOBUS terminal and immediately the normal operator interface is displayed on the monitor screen in your tractor cab.

Benefits of ISOBUS:
• This worldwide standard provides a uniform interface and data exchange formats that ensure the compatibility even with third party manufacturers
• Plug and Play between machine, tractor and additional ISOBUS implements

AMAZONE – more than just ISOBUS: Improved control, more yield! Precision Farming 4.0

ISOBUS Terminals

Our competence in electronics:
To increase the operational comfort, AMAZONE implements and operator terminals feature a function scope beyond ISOBUS standards.

The benefits of more than just ISOBUS:
• Highest compatibility and safety functionality of your ISOBUS equipment
• No additional modules on the machine side. All ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE is already equipped as standard with the necessary ISOBUS functions
• MiniView display with all AMAZONE terminals and additional ISOBUS terminals. See, for instance, the machine data in the GPS view
• The possibility using the tractor terminal or in a twin terminal solution to separate the functionalities of tractor and connected implement
• Unique operation concept. Freely-configurable displays and individual user interfaces in the operator terminal
• Up to 3 user profiles are possible. Establish for every driver or operation an individual user profile!
• Freely-configurable machine operation as, for instance, the folding procedure of the booms of your AMAZONE crop protection sprayer
• Intelligent tractor-ECU function evaluation. Automatic motion sequence detection depending on the ISOBUS tractor, such as, for example the automatic switching on of the work lights or the locking of a steering axle when reversing.
• Integrated TaskController data logger. As a matter of principle, every ISOBUS telemetry solution is possible (for example, TONI telemetry from CLAAS).
• Freely-configurable part-width sections