Cenius-2T trailed cultivator


Optimum reconsolidation

Amazone Catros, Certos, Cenius - Nachlaufwalzen

Depending on the kind of soil, the range of following rollers are designed to provide intensive crumbling and reconsolidation. Changing rollers just requires a pair of brackets to be loosened. The large distance between discs and following roller ensures that the soil settles again and can be perfectly reconsolidated by the following roller.

1.) SW Cage roller
2.) PW tooth packer roller
3.) TW tandem roller
4.) DW Disc roller
5.) KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile
6.) KW wedge ring roller
7.) WW angle profile roller
8.) UW U-Profile roller
9.) DUW double U-Profile roller 
10.) DDW double disc roller       

Following roller and rear harrow – the strong combination for springtime

Zinkenstriegel fürs Frühjahr

For use with some following rollers, the optionally available rear harrow is available for the additional crumbling and the perfect levelling of the soil surface. When in use, the rear harrow shakes slightly and large particles of soil remain on the surface and prevent capping if there is heavy rain. The fine earth is placed in the area where the seed is sown.

GreenDrill – mounted seeder box for fine seeds and catch crops

Amazone Cenius Grubber mit Green Drill für Zwischenfrüchte

The GreenDrill seeder box enables you to sow catch crops directly together whilst stubble cultivating or carrying out primary soil tillage and also for reseeding grass. It goes together as well with the Cenius mulch cultivators (3003/3503/4003) as it does with Cenius-2T and Cenius TX and with a Catros compact disc harrow or the KG rotary cultivator and the KE rotary harrow. The seed is distributed evenly by the spreader plates.

The GreenDrill seed hopper holds 200 l or 500 l (Cenius-2T and Cenius TX) and is easily accessed via the loading steps provided. Within the metering system located underneath the seed hopper, is a seed shaft that is equipped, depending on the type of seed and the application rate with either fine or normal seed wheels. The drive to the fan and the seed shaft is via an electric motor, or alternatively, hydraulically.

For the control of the seeder, two alternatives with differing levels of operational comfort are available. The GreenDrill terminal, in its basic format, just provides the switching on and off of the seed shaft and the fan plus the initial setting of the seed shaft speed. Additionally in Comfort specification, the terminal offers a menu selection to support the calibration procedure, a display of the forward speed and both the area covered and the hours worked.