AmaSelect: 50 cm part-width sections help reduce chemical usage in crop protection

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On offer now from Amazone is the electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control with 50 cm part-width sections and which is available for the UX trailed sprayer and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer. In combination with the automatic GPS-Switch headland and part-width SectionControl, which, on its own, enables spray agent savings of approximately 5 %, any overlapping during application can be still further reduced with the aid of the AmaSelect individual nozzle control. This results, in comparison with conventional part-width section switching, in additional chemical usage savings of, on average, another 5 %; depending on field size, working width and the number of part-width sections currently used.

The decisive innovation of the AmaSelect system is the 4-fold nozzle carrier that features both electric switching over and switching off of the nozzles. Here, the system is used to switch off the individual nozzles in 50 cm part-width sections via GPS-Switch. In addition, the possibility exists that when the optimum pressure range of a nozzle is reached, AmaSelect automatically switches over to a smaller or bigger nozzle or even adds in a second nozzle. When the optimum pressure range for each nozzle type on the 4-fold nozzle carrier has been entered initially into the ISOBUS operator terminal, AmaSelect selects the best nozzle or nozzles depending on application rate and forward speed according to these specifications. If necessary, the driver can also switch over between the four nozzles via the operator terminal without having to leave the tractor cab.

Included within the standard equipment of AmaSelect are LED individual nozzle lighting and the DUS pro high pressure recirculation system. DUS pro pre-vents, even when the nozzles have been switched off, deposits, blockages and segregation within the spray line. The spray lines are always filled with a homogeneous mix and operate at full dose immediately over the entire working width.

If necessary, and in addition, any number of part-width sections and with any number of nozzles can be freely configured. This is of interest especially for agricultural contractors who operate with different tramline systems because, in this way, the nozzle switching can be optimally matched to different working widths.

As an optional extra, an intermediate kit is available which enables the use of AmaSelect also at a real nozzle spacing of 25 cm. In this way, the target height can be reduced down to less than 50 cm. This variant also allows the supplement of the option HighFlow for applications with extremely high application rates by utilising double the outlets.