UG crop protection sprayer


The DUS pressure recirculation system – proven more than 10,000 times

Das Druck-Umlauf-System (DUS)

The AMAZONE DUS pressure recirculation system ensures a reliable circulation throughout the entire system. When starting the spraying operation all the hoses including the spray lines are filled under pressure in the reverse direction with the mixed spray agent. This means the spray lines are always full and immediately ready to use over the entire working width. There is no waiting on the headland.

Every time individual part-width sections are shut off, during the turning operation and during transport, the spray liquid circulates continually thanks to the pressure recirculation system. This reliably prevents deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines.

During the cleaning operation, fresh water flushes the spray lines out right up to the nozzles without any spraying being necessary. During this cleaning procedure the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank via the pressure recirculation system leaving the spray lines clean.

Liquid fertilising – Safe and user friendly

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UG, Flüssigdüngung – sicher und bedienungsfreundlich

For coarse droplet distribution of liquid fertiliser, AMAZONE offers a variety of special nozzles.

In conjunction with the Super-S2 boom, separate drag hose equipment for risk-free late top fertilising is available. The self-contained aluminium profiles can be attached with a few hand clamps. Drag hoses offer a risk-free late top dressing with liquid fertiliser and stainless steel weights help keep the position of the drag hoses within the crop.

Comfort Pack for ISOBUS terminals

Amazone UG Comfort-Paket

The AMAZONE Comfort-Pack controls the most important functions of the liquid system.
+ Automatic fill stop
+ Regulation of the agitation
+ Automatic, in-cab remote cleaning.

The intensity of the hydraulic agitator is, depending on the fill level, reduced until completely shut off to prevent foaming of the crop protection agent or to minimise the residual spray volumes. On AMAZONE crop protection sprayers the un-sprayed plant protection agent is delivered back via the return flow into the suction system. In this way any unintended dilution of the spray liquid is prevented. 370 l/min min agitation capacity is available to achieve a perfect result even with difficult tank mixes and high concentrations. The two internal cleaning nozzles provide the best cleaning job inside the tank. The Comfort-Pack automatically ensures that the agitation will be rinsed.
Minute final residual volumes of less than 20 litres and the large fresh water contents ensure a very effective cleaning procedure whilst still in the field.

Electric boundary nozzle switching

Elektrische Randdüsenschaltung

Additional nozzle switching:
In order to extend the normal working width, an asymmetrical nozzle can also be switched on. This is particularly useful if the distances between tramlines are not precise enough.

End nozzle switching:
If a one metre buffer zone around the edge of the field needs to remain unsprayed due to distance constraints, end nozzle switching can be used.

Boundary nozzle switching:
For precision border spraying between two sensitive crops, the boundary nozzles can be used to make sure the spray pattern is accurately defined.

AMASPRAY+ operator terminal


AMASPRAY+ enables the simple yet fully automatic regulation. Switches, integrated into the operator terminal, make possible the isolation of 5, 7 or 9 boom part-width sections. AMASPRAY+ has digital pressure indication and digital tank level indication. It registers both, the quantity sprayed and the area worked. The actuation of the hydraulic functions though is carried out via the tractor control valves. AMASPRAY+ also visually indicates boom tilt and locking. As an option, AMASPRAY+ enables one sided folding of the boom or alternatively the access to the boundary nozzle spraying systems.
The AMASPRAY+ operator terminal with serial Interface can also be used for the automatic documentation (ASD) and part area site-specific application.

Standard functions:
- Single, high-contrast, backlit screen
- Overall and part-width section on/off
- Up to 9 boom part-width sections
- Digital pressure indication
- Digital fill level indication
- Display of boom position and locking status
- Hectare counter (total and daily counter)
- +/- 10 % key
- Job management

Special functions:
- Pre-select fold for one side boom reduction
- End- or boundary nozzle on/off control for Super-S boom (alternatively to pre-select fold)
- Fold or tilt via 1 double acting control valve (electric changeover unit)
- ASD  (automatic plot related documentation): serial interface

Electrically-controlled TG valve chest

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, Elektrisch fernbediente TG-Armatur

For actuation using either ISOBUS or AMASPRAY+, modern valve chest technology is utilised. The part-width boom sections are switched, on and off, quickly and drip-free via electric motor valves with pressure relief. In all situations the spray rate is exactly and quickly controlled directly via the computer and so negating the need for any mechanical equal pressure control.

More spraying comfort with ProfiClick

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritzen - ProfiClick, Kleiner Schaltkasten mit großem Komfort

The ProfiClick switchbox offers the simple and precise actuation of all hydraulic functions of the booms and steering with AMAZONE crop protection implements.
It is available in combination with the electro-hydraulic pack “Profi-fold 1” for the entire crop protection sprayer product range from AMAZONE. All the operational functions of the ProfiClick switchbox are ergonomically arranged and directly linked with a function. The potentiometer for the re-adjustment of boom tilt or for the automatic steering of a trailed sprayer can be controlled on the move without looking thanks to the centre position via a detent function. So the driver can concentrate perfectly on driving.

The ProfiClick switchbox for actuating the hydraulic functions of an AMAZONE sprayer can be combined with AMASPRAY+, AMATRON 3 or with any other ISOBUS terminal. Thus it offers a favourable and comfortable control of the hydraulic functions via an oil circuit. On the tractor, only one single acting
spool valve with a pressure-free return flow is required.

ProfiClick is available for UF, UG and UX without steering and the UG with drawbar steering or for a UX with axle steering.

ProfiClick switchbox without steering
Actuation of the boom functions via the oil circuit

ProfiClick switchbox with steering
Actuation of the boom functions and the steering for true track following via the oil circuit

AmaPilot multi function joystick

Amazone Multifunktionsgriff AmaPilot

Special comfort if offered via the actuation of boom- and control chest functions via the AmaPilot multi-function joystick. All the functions in the operation menu can also be actuated via the AMAPilot multi-function Joystick or other ISOBUS joysticks (AUX-N).

AMATRON 3 – the terminal for all plant protection functions

AMATRON 3 – das ISOBUS-Terminal für alle Pflanzenschutzfunktionen

The AMATRON 3 operator terminal allows the fully automatic regulation of the pre-set application rate (l/ha). Rate changes are possible in pre-selected % steps.
Due to its clear, simple and logical handling and its illuminated keys, this terminal is especially operator-friendly. For monitoring the system a high contrast and low reflection display has been installed. The very compact shape of the terminal requires little space in the tractor cab.
By using two flow meters, the application rate is extremely precisely maintained, particularly at low spray rates.





The terminal features the following functions:

The terminal features the following functions:
+ ISOBUS machine operation
+ AMABUS machine pperation
+ Tractor ECU function (Interface for speed and PTO shaft) 
+ Task Controller Job Management for documentation
+ Import/Export of the plot file via USB stick
+ GPS-Switch automated part-width section conrol (optional)
+ GPS Track parallelguidance system (optional)
+ Optional external light bar for GPS-Track parallel guidance
+ GPS-Maps application map module (optional)
+ ASD interface via RS232 (nominal rate transfer), e.g. for N-Sensors

Standard functions:
+ Overall and part-width section on/off
+ Digital pressure indication
+ Digital fill-level indication
+ Display of boom position and locking status

Special functions:
+ Foam marker
+ End or boundary nozzle on/off control
+ Pre-select fold for the independent boom folding
+ Profi-fold for independent boom folding or boom tip angling (only 1 tractor control valve required)
+ DistanceControl – automatic boom guidance
+ Comfort-Pack – remote controlled spray agent flow circuit
+ GPS-Switch, GPS-Track and GPS-Maps



Special crops and bed work often require the on/off switching of the individual part-width sections in the middle of the boom. For this, the AMACLICK is an ergonomic controller which can be operated both in
conjunction with the multi-function joystick and also just with an ISOBUS terminal..

GPS-Switch for AMATRON 3

GPS-Switch für Amatron 3

This GPS assisted operator terminal system automates the exact control of the machine on the headlands, around the field border and when spraying in wedges. The working width and the arrangement of the part-width sections are taken into account.
The automatic GPS-Switch part-width section control offers precision, comfort and safety: simply select the desired degree of overlap and leave the GPS-Switch in automatic mode. So, even in difficult circumstances, such as wider working widths, limited visibility at dawn or dusk, or in high crops, the job can be mastered. In addition: you save up to 5 % on crop protection agents, whilst at the same time safeguarding the environment and can fully focus on monitoring the sprayer.

GPS-Track for AmaTron 3

GPS-Track für Amatron 3

The GPS-Track parallel guidance system proves to be a huge help for orientation within the field. It features different track modes, such as A-B line, contour following and an obstacle function. The tracks are clearly numbered all the way through. The deviation from the ideal line is graphically shown in the display; clear steering recommendations keep you on track. Also the distance to the next bout is accurately displayed – for an ideal orientation.

Of course, GPS-Track also works as a “stand-alone“ system, even without an implement attached.

External light bar

Amazone Externe Lightbar für Parallelfahrhilfe GPS-Track

As a possible extension for the GPS-Track parallel steering aid, an external light bar is available for AmaTron 3 which can be readily coupled with GPS-Track. The external light bar can be freely positioned in the tractor cab.

CCI 100 terminal functions

- ISOBUS machine operation
- Tractor ECU function (interface for speed, PTO shaft and lower link position) 
- CCI.Control job management for documentation
- CCI.Command (optional)
- -  automatic part-width section shut-off CCI.Command.SC 
- -  parallel guidance aid CCI.Command.PT
- Application maps supported in ISO-XML format
- USB interface for data exchange
- Interface for the connection of a GSM modem
- ASD and LH5000 Interface via RS232 (nominal rate transfer), e.g. for N-sensors
- Camera function CCI.Cam

AmaPad – The especially comfortable way to control agricultural machinery


AmaPad features a high-resolution, high-contrast and low-reflection 12.1" multi-touch colour display. The operation of AmaPad is carried out solely via touch. With the practical “MiniView concept”, applications which aren’t being actively operated at that moment but need to be monitored are clearly displayed at the side. When needed these can be enlarged via “a finger swipe”. The possibility to individualise a “dashboard panel” with the displays of choice rounds up the user ergonomics. In addition to GPS-Switch part-width section control with GPS-Track pro also a professional parallel steering aid with integrated light bar is installed as standard.

Benefits of AmaPad:
• Particularly low-reflection, high contrast, large 12.1" multi-touch colour display
• Standard high-tech equipment level with GPS-Maps pro, GPS-Track pro and GPS-Switch pro
• Extended MiniView concept
• Upgrade to automatic steering is possible thanks to the automatic GPS-Track Auto track guidance
• Day and night mode

Terminal features
• ISOBUS compatible with all ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE and from other manufacturers
• Two 2.0 USB interface ports for data exchange
• WLAN module (via USB adapter)
• Remote servicing via the internet possible
• Interface for the connection of sensors via SCU-L adapter (e.g. for N-sensors)
• GPS-interface
• Light sensor for the optimum adjustment of the display

The following applications are possible:
• Task Controller – job management and application maps in ISO-XML file format
• GPS-Maps pro – processing of application maps in the shape file format
• GPS-Switch pro – automatic headland and part-width section control of up to 128 part-width sections
• GPS-Track pro – parallel steering aid with integrated light bar
• GPS-Track Auto – automatic track guidance (only on Pantera)

Future oriented technology

UG N-Sensor

For the automatic variation of the application rate UG crop protection sprayers can be accessed by many external TPS terminals. One example is for the part area site-specific application of growth regulator in cereals using the YARA N-Sensor.So, depending on the target and the terminal, several possibilities are offered, both for part-area site specific application from a map or using a sensor. You, as the operator can  decide for yourself on the right system for your conditions and application. 

Documentation with ASD

Amazone UG Dokumentation mit ASD

Starting from field records the automatic field related documentation (ASD) offers the possibility to exchange, via a blue tooth interface, application plans and actual programmes via AMASTRPRAY+ and AMATRON 3 on-board computers. In this way the documentation is more accurate and simpler and hand written notes are not necessary. 

ASD now enables documentation in conjunction with many major field record database providers in Europe. The ASD interface is available as an open standard for all device and software providers. With ASD, AMAZONE offers a practical, value for money documentation system for all types of farming.

Camera system to the rear of the UG trailed sprayer

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UG, Kamerasystem am Heck der Anhängefeldspritze UG

The optionally available camera system mainly serves for safety when manoeuvring. This is ensured even in rain, twilight or in darkness via infrared LEDs and a heated lens. The high resolution, antiglare monitor is backlit and can also display two cameras at once.
As an alternative, pictures from the camera can also be displayed on the CCI ISOBUS terminal via the CCI Cam camera function.

LED boom lighting for Super S2 booms

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UG, LED-Gestängebeleuchtung für Super-S2-Gestänge

For flexible and efficient operation at twilight and in the dark, LED boom lighting is available. Two far-reaching LED work lights, mounted in the middle of the boom, ensure excellent visibility of all the nozzles at a glance.

LED individual nozzle lighting for Super-L1 and Super-S2 booms

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UG, LED-Einzeldüsenbeleuchtung für Super-L1- und Super-S2-Gestänge

Professional work lighting is today the basis of a flexible, output-increasing solution to operating in twilight and at night. Illumination of the spray fans ensures complete control of the nozzle function at just one glance.

LED individual nozzle lighting picks out each individual spray fan. An absolutely immediate assessment of their operation down to the very last nozzle on the boom can be made.