DLG image barometer 2015: Top rating for Amazone

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In the DLG Image Barometer 2015 Amazonen-Werke again came out superbly well. With 52 points the company gained 4th place against all agricultural machinery manufacturers represented in Germany. The first three positions were filled by the companies Fendt (60 points) and Claas and John Deere with each 54 points. In the total ranking, Amazone even improved its position in comparison with the 2014 result by 2 points and thus increased its image overall.

With data for the Image Barometers having been collected regularly for 20 years, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) investigates the customer’s perception of image and how popular the most important brands in the world of agriculture in Germany are. The results are based on a phone survey of farmers which were carried out in August and September, 2015.

The overall brand index that is calculated from the survey includes four sections: brand knowledge, brand loyalty, brand performance and brand image which have been equally incorporated in the total ranking of the companies. In all four indices, Amazone has further increased its values from 2014 to 2015.

The Amazone team is proud to have been nominated as the best company in Germany for mounted implements and now the objective is to become even better in the future. So, it is imperative that Amazone carry on with their innovative technology, quality, operator-friendliness and service and to get even closer to the customer and their demands.