Front tank system for UF mounted field prayers


The top benefits

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, Top-Argumente

+ FlowControl intelligent fill level management – for optimum weight distribution
+ Improved driving stability on slopes due to the intelligent loading of the front axle
+ Very compact design thanks to front linkage – better manoeuvrability in the field and for a safer road transport.

The special advantages offered of more manoeuvrable tractors with a mounted implement compared with trailed sprayers in smaller and more awkward shaped fields as well as the better behaviour on slopes are the major arguments for the front tank solution.  However, even in the 3,000 litre self-propelled class a
comfortable tractor in combination with a high-class mounted sprayer and front tank is an interesting alternative.     


The advantages of the front tank

Fronttank FT 04

Advantages over trailed sprayers
- Compact unit
- Less side crabbing on side slopes
- Optimum ballasting of the front axle results in a smooth travelling behaviour in sloping terrain
- Faster to back into corners on the headland
- Easy manoeuvre in smaller and in wedge shaped fields
- Compact tansport on narrow country lanes and along roads
- The front tank simultaneously serves as front weight ensuring an optimum balance
- Reduction of soil compaction
- Price  advantage

Advantages as against self-propelled
- Hude advantage on price
- Up to 50 km/h permitted speed on the road
- 80 km/h permitted speed with fast tractors
- Tractor can also be used for other operations

The front tank acts both as an extension of the tank volume and also as a front weight.

The electronic Flow Control fill level management

Das Füllstandsmanagement Flow-Control

The specific feature of the FT 1001 is the 100 % integration of the front tank into the mounted sprayer via the Flow-Control electronic fill level management system in the ISOBUS terminal. The technological basis of Flow-Control is the two electronic fill level indicators in the tanks and the two high capacity injectors. The transfer capacity in both directions is up to 200 l/min ensuring the liquid is always ideally homogenised.

The ISOBUS terminal automatically controls the liquid circuit, ensuring always, an optimised weight distribution. Premature relief of the weight on the front axle is prevented and, depending on the fill level, new liquid is delivered from the front tank early enough so that the mounted sprayer is never emptied prior to the front tank and the liquid always remains homogeneous.
Manual control also allows the transport of just fresh water in the front tank.

Handling and transport

Amazone UF mit Frontank, Sicher auf der Strasse

The compact sprayer-tractor unit is favourable especially in narrow lanes with hardly any obstruction to the view thanks to the well thought out design.  The FT 1001 front tank fulfils all relevant EU-guide lines and standards for traffic safety.

Quick handling and transport

Schneller An- und Abbau

No matter whether in the yard or in the barn: there is always a safe parking place for the compact combination on its parking rollers. This simple handling convinces even after just a few operations.

The internal cleaning of the sprayer combination is carried out via the fresh water tank of the UF. The 100 l additional clean water tank allows for the appropriate cleaning according to the European guide lines (clean water supply at least 10 % of the tank volume).

Optional camera system

Mit Kamera und Monitor die Übersicht verbessern

The optional camera system on the front tank and on the mounted sprayer provides better visibility, and thus more safety, to the front and the rear. The high resolution, anti-glare monitor has a back-lit display and can display two cameras at the same time.