Machine of the year: ZA-TS fertiliser spreader

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The new Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with Argus Twin now is allowed to carry the title "Machine of the year 2016". This titel is a special Innovation award. The official presentation by the agricultural technology editors of the dlv Deutsche Landwirtschaftsverlag took place on 10th November, 2015 at the Agritechnica in Hanover.

Together with international partners from France, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Russia the agricultural technology editors of dlv awarded each one machine of the year in 14 different categories.

The innovation of the ZA-TS with Argus Twin features the monitoring of the lateral distribution of the fertiliser at both spreading discs with the aid of radar sensors. In case of deviations from the pre-determined values the electric delivery System is fully automatically readjustet, ensuring a constant Optimum lateral distribution. This also applies to changing fertiliser qualities, travelling on slopes, starting and braking procedures or worn spreading vanes.