ED precision air seeders


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Amazone Amapilot

Thanks to the AUX-N feature, you can operate multiple functions of the machine via AmaPilot+ or any other ISOBUS multi-function joystick.

The benefits of AmaPilot+:
• Perfect ergonomics
• Almost every function directly controlled via 3 levels
• Adjustable hand-rest
• Freely-programmable, individual key layout

Tractor wheel mark eradicators

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Traktorspurlockerer

When operating on heavy soils tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense. These loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
Depending on soil type and implementation of the machine, the wheel mark eradicators can be equipped with different wear points. The overload safety device provides a maintained release force in all tine positions.

Filling auger – Time-saving filling of the fertiliser hopper

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Befüllschnecke

For filling the ED with fertiliser, AMAZONE offers a hydraulically-driven filling auger, integrated within the machine concept. In this way fill times can be reduced and the work rate of the machine further increased. The filling auger is available for all models of ED.
Due to the filling height of just 70 cm, the conveying auger can be filled also via a simple tipping trailer. The drive and control of the filling auger is carried out via the hydraulic system of the tractor.
For an easy fill level check, the fertiliser hopper is equipped with large inspection windows at the front and at the rear. In addition, also an electronic fill level control of the rear fertiliser hopper can be chosen, reminding the driver to refill the fertiliser hopper right on time.
Via the weighing technology, AMAZONE offers an especially comfortable solution for the ED 6000-2C Super which allows the constant measuring of the fill level. In addition, an exact record is possible as to how much fertiliser has been needed for that specific application. In particular, it is agricultural contractors that very much appreciate this convenient solution.

GPS-Switch with individual row shut-off

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, GPS-Switch mit Einzelreihenabschaltung

Accurate placement of the seed
After the success of the GPS-Switch system on fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, sowing now is the focus for the use of this technology. For the ED, the on/off switching of each individual unit is controlled via GPS. In this way, the stress on the driver is reduced and an improvement in the operational performance is achieved especially in small fields with many headland turns.

The future today
In addition, application maps are becoming more and more popular where the seed rates can be matched to the small-scale situations in the field – such as hills and hollows or changes in soil type. Task Controller (via ISO-XML) or GPS-Maps, as an option for the AMATRON 3 terminal, allows the simple implementation of application maps. A graphic display of the map in the background offers a good overview.

Automatic on/off switching
GPS-Switch controls the on/off switching, depending on the position of the machine and the settings made by the driver. Individual row shut-off allows the very easy and comfortable creation of tramlines and irrigation tracks. On narrower row spacings, tramlines are required to apply fermentation substrates or other fertilisers in the growing crop without damaging the plants. In this way, during practical operation, the often found over or under sown areas in critical spots, such as on the headland or in wedges can be minimised. Sowing ‘gaps’ are now things of the past! The driver can fully concentrate on driving.

Rear-view camera available as an option

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Optional lieferbare Rückfahrkamera

Camera systems help in enclosed situations and contribute to the safety of the machine. This applies both to road traffic and also when manoeuvring.

+ Large viewing angle of 135°
+ Camera with heated and Lotus coated lens
+ Clear picture also in the dark by infra-red night vision technology
+ Automatic backlight function

Micro plus micro-granular applicator

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro plus

AMAZONE offers the possibility, to equip the ED with one or two Micro plus micro-granular applicators enabling the simultaneous application of up to two micro-granules along with the seed during one pass in the field, depending on the machine type. Depending on the preference, the granules can be applied at two different points. Micro plus features a central 110 l hopper and one central electric metering for all rows making filling and emptying very easy. The application rate of the granules can be very simply adjusted and changed via the terminal.
In the basic electronic equipment level for the ED Special, the Micro plus micro-granular applicator is controlled via an additional AMADRILL+ on-board computer.
AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD ISOBUS terminals, used in conjunction with the Profi electronics, are able to autonomously control a micro-granular applicator. A second micro-granular applicator has to be controlled via an additional AMADRILL+.

LED work lights

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, LED-Scheinwerfer

Good visibility after dark is offered by the optional LED work lights attached on and in the fertiliser hopper, lighting both the operating area and also the interior of the hopper.