ED precision air seeders


The top benefits:

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03

+ Particularly precise placement due to low drop height of 10 and 14 cm
+ Numerous singling discs for a great number of seeds ensure the optimum performance
+ The wedge-shaped furrow prevents displacement of the seed
+ Reliable seed coverage in all soils, thanks to different embedding tools
+ Rear or front hopper for the optimum weight distribution at large working widths
+ Single seeding combined with fertiliser application, from choice with mechanical or electric drive
+ 4 to 12 sowing units, each of 60 l, and fertiliser hoppers from 900 to 2,000 l ensure high acreage outputs
+ Comfortable matching of the application rates on the move from the tractor cab
+ Micro plus pneumatic micro-granular applicator for the application of micro-granules and micro-fertiliser
+ Hydraulically-driven and integrated filling auger for the filling with all types of fertiliser

ED 6000 Special – Designed for simpler and older tractors


The ED 6000 Special precision air seeder from choice can be equipped with or without the 1,100 l fertiliser hopper. The seed hoppers have a capacity of 60 l each. With a choice of sowing systems, the Classic unit is ideal for sowing after the plough whereas the Contour unit is better suited for mulch sowing. Fertiliser placement can be carried out either via drag coulters or, when mulch sowing, by the use of a single disc coulter.
The demands on the tractor hydraulic and electrical system are very low. With the ED 6000 Special, the blower fan, for instance, is driven via the PTO shaft. The singling drive and the fertiliser metering are carried out mechanically via the land wheel. For monitoring the singling procedure, and as a hectare meter, AMASCAN+ is used.
AMAZONE offers the ED 6000-C Special as an 8 row machine with fertiliser hopper for under-root fertilisation. For sowing sugar beet, rape or soya, AMAZONE equips the ED 6000 with twelve units. The precision air seeder can be optionally ordered with up to two micro-granular applicators.

ED 9000-KR and ED 12000-KR – The highest output potential at a favourable price

ED 9000-KR und ED 12000-KR

The ED 9000-KR and ED 12000-KR are trailed combinations each consisting of three individual precision air seeders in a KR trailed carrier system. Each machine travels on its own running gear and in this way can contour follow very flexibly even to extreme soil undulations. The trailed carrier system can be pulled by tractors in the 180 kW (240 HP) class. For transport and turning on the headland, the three precision air seeders are raised with the aid of “Liftpack” systems. The very robust track markers leave a trace for the tractor centre and, at changeover over, the marker arms are folded up into the vertical position.
Both Classic and Contour sowing units are available. For maize execution a row spacing of either 70 cm or 75 can be selected whereas, for beans, the row spacings of 45 cm and 50 cm are available. The sowing units are monitored by the AMASCAN+ on-board computer.
For transport the outer machines are swivelled in towards the main frame. In the folded position, the transport width is approximately 5.80 m. For operation of the machine, three double-acting tractor spool valves are required.
The KR 9002/12002 trailed carrier system offers versatile possibilities of application and thus can be operated especially economically. As an alternative the coupling frame can be equipped with the D9 seed drill or with the Catros compact disc harrow.

Contour sowing unit

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Contour-Säaggregat

The AMAZONE Contour sowing unit is ideally suited to both mulch sowing and when working after the plough. The outstanding feature of the AMAZONE Contour sowing unit is the low singling disc position with a drop height of only 140 mm. The sophisticated coulter technology creates a seed furrow, virtually free from any organic matter. The sowing coulter undercuts the clearing disc, resulting in a well re-consolidated wedge shaped groove.
These are the optimum pre-conditions but, under very light and sandy soils, the additional carrying wheel can be fitted on to the Contour sowing coulter to prevent it sinking too deeply into the soil. In this way the placement depth can be maintained significantly better.   

Contour sowing unit – smooth running for precise placement

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Contour-Säaggregat – Laufruhig für präzise Ablage

The Contour sowing unit is guided via a longitudinal tandem, supported at the front by a one-sided press roller and at the rear by a V-press roller or Farmflex tyres. In this way the influence of the ground contours on the smooth ride of the unit is significantly reduced. Clods do not make the unit jump but it smoothly runs over them. So, any change in placement depth due to an uneven soil surface is minimised.
The front press roller has been deliberately mounted just on the one side so that the soil, thrown up by the fertiliser coulter, does not create additional movement on the unit. Thanks to the suspension in the longitudinal tandem, the unit can, on the one hand, optimally match the field contours and on the other hand it maintains a very smooth run at high forward speeds and on rough ground. Both factors result in an optimum accuracy of work with a precise placement depth! The weight distribution on the two press rollers in the longitudinal tandem can be adjusted. Depending on the soil conditions, always the right operating settings can be found.

Classic sowing unit

AMAZONE sowing units have been uncompromisingly designed for high precision yet low maintenance. The easy handling saves start up times and increases the work rate. The sowing units are individually equipped with 60 l seed hoppers. For machines with Profi electronics, a fill level check is available.
The Classic sowing unit is ideally suited for sowing maize, sunflowers, beans, peas, cotton, etc., following the plough. On the Classic sowing unit the drop height is just 100 mm! These are the best pre-conditions for a high accuracy of work, for good placement and an enhanced field emergence!

EnviroSafe Airkit

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, EnviroSafe Airkit

The sowing of dressed maize seed using the well-known and widely used pneumatic vacuum sowing technology is, since 2009, in numerous regions of the world only approved for use when equipped with a suitable exhaust air guide system. In this way it is then ensured that waves of seed dressing laden air are not released into the atmosphere to protect both people and the environment. The AMAZONE Airkit has been certified by the Julius-Kühn Institute (JKI) and fulfils all regulations and is approved as an effective method of protection.

Vacuum principle of the singling system

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Saugluftprinzip der Vereinzelung

AMAZONE precision air sowing units operate according to the vacuum principle. The mechanically (ED Special) or hydraulically (ED Super) driven singling of the grains is carried out via a stripper finger which offers considerable advantages as it is virtually independent of forward speed and seed shape. The unique feature of the AMAZONE precision sowing units is the singling disc. The seeds are drawn by vacuum on to the raised holes and are delivered to the stripper. These raised holes function as an agitator because they protrude from the disc surface and thus bring a motion into the seed hopper. The raised holes have a conical shape and thus cannot be blocked by broken grains. These raised holes on the singling disc ensure that the seed leaves the disc in free fall so that it is not influenced by the disc as it turns. This is of special importance for the placement accuracy.

1 = Stripper fingers
2 = Inspection hole
3 = Opto-sensor
4 = Ejector
5 = Emptying flap for residual amounts
6 = Emptying flap
7 = Reduction flap

The AMAZONE stripper finger design

The AMAZONE stripper finger design is of particular advantage because it can easily be adjusted. Only 5 steps are quite sufficient to achieve the optimum position. The stripper finger adjustment has been proven to be insensitive to seed shape and speed with 85 % of all maize varieties available on the market being singled at the same stripper finger setting.
For monitoring the singling process, there is either a large inspection window and/or an opto sensor positioned inside the housing. This serves as a seed detection system for the singling disc. In case, due to an error, the deviation is higher than 10 %, an error message is sent and displayed on the terminal.

High-quality plastic components and optimum sealing

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Hochwertige Kunststoffbauteile und optimale Abdichtung

High-quality plastic components made from different materials pair together and are responsible for the superb sealing between the vacuum chamber and the singling disc. This pairing together of different
materials guarantees a long service life with optimum sealing.   

Precise placement for the highest yields and work rates

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Präzise Ablage

After the contactless fall of the seed from the disc, the secondary ejector ensures that the raised holes are absolutely clear. The design of the seeding mechanism results in a low drop height of only 100 mm on the Classic and 140 mm on the Contour unit which is an important pre-condition for the precise seed placement.
A large variety of singling discs make possible the sowing of maize, sunflowers, rape, sugar beet, millet, cotton, etc. For each crop there are at least 2 singling discs with different hole sizes available for the optimum adjustment. The plastic singling discs are quickly exchangeable and offer great value for money.

Safe coverage of the seed

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Zuverlässige Bedeckung des Saatgutes

1 = Fertiliser coulter
2 = Sowing coulter with cutting disc,
3 = Furrow former with seed channel,
4 = Seed press roller,
5=  V-press roller (alternative: Farmflex tyres)   

V-press rollers

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, V-Andruckrollen

V-press rollers of different sizes are available for equipping the sowing units. They are potentially used for the mulch sowing of maize and sugar beet. Via the adjustment of the press angle, the opening angle and the opening width, the V-press rollers can be optimally adapted to the prevailing soil conditions. V-press rollers allow the optimum operation with and without following closers both in ploughed or mulch conditions.

1 = Super-V press roller, ∅ 380 x 57 mm
2 = V-press rollerm ∅ 500 x 50 mm

Optional seed press roller

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Optionale Saatandruckrolle

When the seed has been placed into the pre-shaped seed furrow, it is pressed by the roller, providing optimum seed/soil contact. This ensures a quick and safe field emergence. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the downforce can be adjusted in three positions. Under very wet conditions the roller even can be completely removed, quickly and without tools.

Farmflex tyres

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Walkgummireifen

Ball-bearing mounted Farmflex rubber tyres in various sizes are available for the sowing units. The Farmflex tyre is best suited for sowing maize following the plough in conjunction with pre-closers.   

Different hydraulic variants

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Hydraulik-Varianten

Depending on the choice made, the hydraulic system is available in three versions. There is the entry-level standard hydraulics, where every function has to be actuated from the spool valve on the tractor. For tractors with a limited number of spool valves, the Comfort hydraulics can be selected. Here the functions of wing and track marker folding can be combined via an electric changeover valve supplied by one spool valve. For those customers who intend to operate all functions via the terminal or the optional joystick, then the Profi hydraulics are available.

Forward speed recording

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Geschwindigkeitserfassung

For regulation and drive of the fertiliser metering unit, the forward speed of the ED Special is taken from the ground wheel drive. On the ED Super, this can be carried out via a GPS receiver or the signal socket of the tractor or the Super Fast radar sensor on the precision air seeder.   

Calibration button

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Kalibriertaste

By interaction with the ISOBUS terminal, a calibration test to determine the precise application rate of the fertiliser can be quickly done. The complete calibration procedure is carried out conveniently at the left hand side of the machine.

Fertiliser equipment

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Düngerausstattung

For metering the fertiliser, the ED Special is equipped with a mechanical drive, whereas the ED Super has an electric system. With the electric drive, the fertiliser rate can be also variably matched on the move. In conjunction with the electric metering drive, the calibration button is standard at the ED Super. The optional internal hopper lights and the LED working lights allow operation also at night.
Via the loading board, the rear fertiliser hopper is simply and safely accessed. For all models, a loading board with an integrated transport box is also available.

Drag (suffolk) and single disc fertiliser coulters

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Schlepp- und Scheibendüngerschare

Both the drag (suffolk) and single disc fertiliser coulters have been designed for tough operational conditions. The strong tension spring (160 kg) protects the coulter from stone damage and yet on the other hand helps maintain an even placement depth. The depth is set quickly without tools via simply resetting a pin. The special clamp arrangement allows the positioning of the fertiliser coulter where desired in relation to the sowing coulter.
Due to its large diameter, the single-disc fertiliser coulter is especially well suited for mulch sowing conditions. It does not feature any scrapers and thus rotates blockage-free even in extreme situations. The Boron steel disc offers high wear resistance.

Basic electronics with AMASCAN+

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Basic-Elektronik mit AMASCAN+

On the ED Special, the mechanical drive to both the singling and fertilising can be controlled via the basic electronic equipment level. AMASCAN+ monitors, in conjunction with the opto-sensors, the entire drive down to the choice of the singling discs. During operation the accurately sown number of grains per ha is displayed. In conjunction with the electric shut-off, every individual sowing unit can be switched off via AMASCAN+. The electronics sends an error message in less than 10 sec. The service key allows the quick
function test of the opto-sensors. Additional displays: ha, Σ/ha, ha/h, t, km and km/h and many more.   

Profi electronics with AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD

Amazone Einzelkornsämaschine ED 03, Profi-Elektronik mit AMATRON 3 oder CCI 100

Profi electronics consists, from choice, of an AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD terminal and is available for both the ED Special and ED Super. The ISOBUS terminal allows a comprehensive monitoring of the machine and an especially convenient operation. In addition to the quick adjustment possibility, the ISOBUS terminal also offers the possibility of job management, the checking of the opto sensors and the utilisation as a monitor for the reversing camera.
If the season has finished, then the terminals, moreover, can be utilised also for the operation of other AMAZONE machinery.