New following roller with Matrix tyre profile

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To expand the working spectrum of the wedge ring roller, Amazone has de-veloped a version with a new Matrix tyre profile. The special feature of this roller is the specific longitudinal and lateral profiles of the Matrix tyres. Whereas the longitudinal profile creates the desired strip-wise reconsolidation of the soil, the narrow cross bars on the profile provide more fine soil, resulting in optimum growing conditions.

When attached as the following roller on the rear of the Certos TX heavy com-pact disc harrow or the Cenius TX mulch cultivator, the new roller offers sev-eral advantages. So, the combination of this new profile and the 650 mm di-ameter tyres reduces the rolling resistance and thus the pulling power required in the field. The intensified adherence of the tyre profile with the soil results in an improved self-driving effect for the roller that again reduces pulling power as well as fuel consumption.

Especially on lighter soils an improved carrying capability and a higher through passage is achieved. On heavier areas, the Matrix tyre profile ensures, even under moist conditions, an improved crumbling effect. As an option for the roller, the following harrow is also available