Dealers' area

Dear sales partner / service partner, 

In order to allow you the safe, effective, quick and future oriented cooperation with AMAZONEN-Werke, please find on this sales partner page all service portals necessary, such as, for example the spare parts portal, information portal or the Amazone ticket system and much more.         


Garantie- und Gewährleistungsantrage - RMA-Portal

In cases of warrantee and/or guarantee you can make use of our RMA portal. Here the handling of such cases is simple and automatically finds the way to AMAZONE.

AMAZONE SmartLearning programme

AMAZONE E-Learning

AMAZONE SmartLearning offers interactive Driver Training, which enables the driver to practice the operation of complex machinery on  his own, both on-line and off-line, via a PC or tablet.



Machine Configurator

AMAZONE Maschinen-Konfigurator

With the aid of the AMAZONE machine configurator please configurate your individual AMAZONE machine on the Basis of pre-configurated order Patterns (Commercial Price list) or via the expert mode (Basic Price list), supported by the deposited set of rules/expert knowledge from the offer down to the order.

Spare parts database


In the AMAZONE spare parts portal every body has free access to spare parts of AMAZONE machinery. You get informed of the individual parts and - if interested - order them directly.

Info-Portal | Downloads


Leaflets, spreading charts, internet links and many more - the info portal offers a large range of Amazone documents free of charge to view and download.

Dealers' equipment


Useful articles for dealers: Publicity flags, banners, racks for leaflets, etc.

Marketing Portal


Here are ready for download all the important templates, documents and image files for the marketing activities of Amazone sales partners.