New to the Amazone range: the Double-U profile roller

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With the DUW 580 Double-U profile roller, Amazone has extended its pro-gramme yet further with another following roller for the Certos TX heavy com-pact disc harrow and for the Cenius TX mulch cultivator. The specific feature of this roller is the 580 mm diameter U profile rings which are open and be-come filled with soil during operation. Because of this adhering soil in the U profiles, a good soil to soil contact with the soil surface to be reconsolidated results so that roller slip is reduced. Also wear in the material of the U profile rings is kept to a minimum.

An additional strength is the very good passage resulting from the modular design of the DUW 580. Especially on light to medium, heavy soils, the earth flows optimally through the rollers giving an improved levelling effect.

Despite its modular design, the Double-U profile roller features a large contact surface area and a good carrying ability due to the interlocking of the stag-gered profile ring arrangement between the front and rear roller. This ensures a good reconsolidation of the soil. Simultaneously, the staggered arrangement of the rings results in an excellent self-cleaning effect in the gaps between the rings.

If necessary, and as an option for the Double-U profile roller, Amazone offers a following harrow which provides the possibility for an additional final levelling of the soil.