Better longevity from the C-Mix HD shares for Cenius cultivators

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As an addition to the C-Mix share system for Cenius cultivators, Amazone now offers the C-Mix HD coulter for use in especially arduous conditions. Thanks to the hard metal inserts in the main wear areas, the C-Mix HD share (HD meaning Heavy Duty) is characterised by a significantly higher wear resistance, resulting in the decisive benefit that the share length, and thus the working depth, are maintained. This avoids the need to constantly readjust the working depth during operation. Depending on ap-plication and soil conditions, the lifespan is approx. four times longer than that of the standard system. This results in extended intervals between share changes and re-duces the system costs accordingly.

The C-Mix HD share is a one-piece share with an integrated, scrolled guide plate and is ideally suited for use in intensive incorporation at working depths of 12 to 30 cm. When used in combination with the 350 mm C-Mix wing shares, it is also possible to use them for shallower stubble cultivation.

Thanks to the different share options, the C-Mix share system ensures a very flexible utilisation of Amazone's Cenius cultivators. So, the operational spectrum of these ma-chines ranges from shallow stubble tillage via top soil deep loosening and onto seed-bed preparation. In addition to the C-Mix HD share, there are two options for shallow soil tillage - the C-Mix duck foot share or the C-Mix wing share, for medium deep op-eration the C-Mix 100 tip with the 100 guide plate and, for deeper operation, the C-Mix 80 tip with the corresponding 80 guide plate.