Amazone Cracker Disc roller – the wave profile keeps everything performing well!

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As a robust, enclosed steel packer, the Cracker Disc roller copes easily with the most arduous of soil conditions, managing well also even on heavy, clayey soils, in addition to leaving a maximum crumbling effect, it ensures the opti-mum seedbed preparation. With immediate effect, Amazone offers this roller as an option for KE, KX, KG rotary harrows and rotary cultivators in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m, when either used as a solo machine, or in combination with an AD and D9 mechanical or AD-P Special pneumatic seed drill.

The characteristic wave profile of the roller rings improves the soil structure and simultaneously provides fine soil for the seedbed coverage. Cross supports, integrated in the roller rings, ensure a good self-driving effect. The roller design corresponds to the Amazone wedge ring roller principle with its stripwise reconsolidation, resulting in an optimum infiltration and gaseous exchange within the soil.

With its large 550 mm roller diameter, the Cracker Disc roller is characterised by its good carrying ability with a very even weight distribution across a large surface area. This results in a smooth run of the roller and allows high sowing speeds with an accurate seed placement.

The gaps between the steel rings are cleaned via robust scrapers ensuring that the interior of the roller does not clog ensuring blockage-free operation. Thanks to the cutting knives, with their adjustable overload safety function, the roller simultaneously leaves a fine-crumbled surface finish.