New AD-P Special seed drill with electric metering

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Amazone presents the new AD-P Special pneumatic seed drill with electric metering. The new series supersedes the very successful previous model. Apart from many attractive detail solutions, the outstanding improvement in operational comfort is the major change.

The optimised hopper shape is impressive with its shallow design which is especially characterised in the smaller machine with its 850 litre hopper volume. The larger version of the AD-P Special features a 1250 litre hopper. At 2.2 m wide, both hoppers have been designed specifically so that filling via a wide front end loader shovel is also no problem. With the aid of an extension, the capacity can be increased to a total of 1,100 litres or 1,500 litres respectively.

Electric metering
The metering unit, well-known from the large area sowing technology, is now also integrated in the new AD-P Special. It is characterised, above all, by the improved access when calibrating and when changing the various metering cassettes. In addition, the metering cassette can be easily removed with nothing hampering the metering cassette change, even when the hopper is full.
As standard, the metering unit of the AD-P Special is driven electrically allowing, on the one hand, calibration by the press of a button and, on the other hand, meaning the very simple adjustment of the seed rate from the tractor cab. For this, from choice, the AMADRILL+ on-board computer or the AMATRON 3 operator terminal can be used. For determining the forward speed, various speed signal sources can be utilised on the AD-P Special. Depending on preference, there is a choice of a space-saving radar sensor in conjunction with a working position sensor, using the speed signal of the tractor, a GPS speed signal or the current impulse wheel system can be used.

One important detail has been realised with the addition of two extra seed rows that can be switched off when tramlining. So, now up to 5 rows per side can be shut off, resulting in a maximum tyre width of the following tractor of up to 99.6 cm at a row spacing of 16.6 cm or 75.0 cm with a row spacing of 12.5 cm. In this way the demands from the market for still wider tyres on the following husbandry tractor have been taken into account.

ComfortPack – the interesting equipment option
One very interesting option for the AD-P Special is the new ComfortPack. It includes the TwinTerminal 3.0 with its 3.2” big display. This TwinTerminal allows the driver to save making unnecessary trips between the tractor cab and seed drill during calibration. The repeated climbing on and off the tractor cab during one calibration procedure thus is history, because it is not only possible to start the calibration from outside but also, following calibration, the weighed calibration quantity can be input directly into the terminal. This option is rounded off by the added function of emptying the seed tank residues which makes it easier for the user to change over between seed types.

GPS-Switch with AMATRON 3
As on all seed drills from AMAZONE that are equipped with electric metering drive, the AD-P Special can be controlled on the headland automatically as well via GPS-Switch part-width section control. The increase in efficiency created by saving seed corn and reducing overlapping on the headland, even in any field size, can be enormous. Additionally, by using an automatic switching system the stress on the driver can also be considerably reduced. It also doesn’t matter how many AMAZONE machines are used, only one GPS-Switch licence needs to be activated for them all.