ZG-B Bulk Material Centrifugal Broadcaster


The benefits

Vorteile ZG-B Drive

• Low wheel slip for exact Speed recording via wheel sensor
• Simple and freely selectable metering of the spread rate via the shutter slide
• Convenient Operation and control of all hydraulic functions via the AMATRON 3
• Calibration when stationary thanks to AMATRON 3 and integrated speed simulator
• Forward speed-related rate control due to the electro-hydraulically controlled rubber belt floor
• Universal twin-disc spreading unit with lime spreading discs
• Optional: Easy to install OM spreading discs for mineral fertilisers
• Optional: Limiter border spreading system
• Robust sensor technology for function monitoring (e.g. position of the Limiter)
• Standard half-side shut off recudes over-fertilisation when base fertilising
• Very simple emptying of residues when stationary using the hydraulic drive
• Perfect drive with 40 l/min flow rate, optional load-sensing connection
• Optional weighing equipment

Running gear - high levels of comfort for maximum work rates

Amazone ZG-B: Fahrwerk – viel Komfort für höchste Flächenleistung

• Well-engineered and robust running gear technology, designed for speeds up to 50 km/h
• 7.0 to 9.8 t payload
• Over-size tyres reduce ground contact pressure and enable the spreader to be used in even the most arduous conditions
• Track widths of 1.50 to 2.25 m are possible for tyres with an AS profile
• Increased driving comfort due to spring-suspended and height-adjustable drawbar systems
• Increased safety in road traffic due to large-dimensioned axles and Brakes (dual-circuit pneumatic air brakes or hydraulic braking system)
• PTO shaft drive with Walterscheid wide angle PTO shaft
• Large ground clearance
• Large-dimensioned stand
• Foldable ladder

Large-capacity hoppers - save travelling and loading times

Amazone ZG-B: Großvolumige Behälter – sparen Fahr- und Ladezeiten

• Hopper capacity: 5500 litres and 8200 litres
• Easy to fill from the store or using a loader thanks to large filling opening.
• Steep walls in the hopper ensure that the spreading material slides down into the hopper also in sloping terrain.
• Low-wear rubber belt floor with automatic belt control centres automatically even with uneven operational demand.

Sophisticated spreader technology - first-class spreading results

Amazone ZG-B, Durchdachte Streuwerkstechnik – erstklassige Streuergebnisse

• Stainless steel sheet metal withstands even intense abraison from fertilisers
• The agitator, metering elements and spreading discs are optimally linked together and ensure even fertiliser distribution
• High-grade stainless steel screw Joints for hydraulics in the "dirty zone"
• Mechanical spreader disc drive available for PTO shafts of 540 rpm or 720 rpm
• Maintenance-free and robust oil-bath gearbox with integrated overload safety

Automatic rubber belt floor control

automatische Gummibandbodensteuerung

Standard comfort: The automatic rubber belt floor control guarantees constant conveyor centring, even under demanding conditions.

ZG-B Special

Amazone ZG-B Special

• Floor belt- and spreading unit drive via the PTO shaft
• Fertiliser metering via conveyor belt
• Hopper volume 5,500 / 8,200 l
• Working widths 10 – 36 m

ZG-B Super

ZG-B Super

• Belt floor drive via ground wheel (forward speed related metering control).
• Fertiliser metering via conveyor
• Hopper volume 5,500 / 8,200 l
• Working widths 10 – 36 m

ZG-B Special and ZG-B Super

ZG-B Special, ZG-B Super

- Ideal for agricultural contractors and contract farming.
- Working width up to 36 m
- Hopper volume 5500/8200 litres

The robust ZG-B Special and ZG-B Super bulk fertiliser spreaders are top of the class when it comes to cost-effective fertilising. They are equipped with a strong universal lime spreading unit for working widths of up to 15 metres. This enables even large quantities to be evenly and accurately distributed. Whether you are distributing earth moist or dehydrated sewage sludge, the power and output of these bulk fertiliser spreaders is bound to impress!

Cutting costs with high performance!

Amazone ZG-B

(1) Stainless steel rate sluice gate for setting the spread rate with an easily readable scale directly in the operator's field of Vision, and easily adjustable. Optional: Hydraulic shutter operation with half-side shut-off possible with double shutter system.

(2) When spreading earth moist fertilisers and large application rates, the belt floor is subjected to extreme loads. With uneven loads, the unique belt floor control ensures that the rubber belt remains in a central Position. This helps to prevent damage and guarantees a long Service life.

(3) The rugged universal twin-disc spreading unit with oil-bath gearbox and overload safety for direct driving of the spreader discs ensures even Distribution, even with very high spread rates. Optionally available: OM spreading discs for the application of granulated mineral fertilisers for working widths of 10 to 36 m, easy to install.

ZG-B Drive

Amazone ZG-B Drive

• Electro-hydraulically driven belt floor (forward speed related rate control)
• Fertiliser metering via conveyor belt
• Hopper volume 5,500 / 8,200 l
• Working widths 10 – 36 m

ZG-B Drive - the allrounder for successful seamless spreading

- Universally applicable for earth moist fertilisers, lime, sewage sludge, base fertilisers and Mineral fertilisers
- Hopper volume: 5500 / 8200 litres
- Working widths up to 36 m

The ZG-B Drive is a universal talent universally applicable for both, earth moist lime or granulated mineral fertilisers for base fertilisation. The ZG-B Drive ensures reliable and precise work under all conditions. Its strengths are flexibility and convenient use, from which you can benefit in every day use!  


Infinitely adjustable rate control

ZG-B Stufenlose Mengenregulierung

The infinitely adjustable rate control and emptying while stationary are enabled by the hydraulically driven floor belt gearbox (ZG-B Drive).

ZG-B Drive with AMATRON 3 on-board computer

ZG-B, AmaTron 3

Excellent operation of your ZG-B Drive is ensured with the state-of-the-art AMATRON 3 on-board computer. The Computer enables simple Operation and Monitoring of all hydraulic functions: e.g. the hydraulic shutter slide for half side shut-off, the swivelable hopper cover, Forward speed-related rate control, or the optional Limiter.

Reduce costs with AMATRON 3: Rising Prices and strict environmental regulations call for accurate, targeted use of valuable fertilisers. The specification of the ZG-B bulk fertiliser spreader with ist modern AMATRON 3 on-board computer and in conjunction with a GPS terminal enables site-specific mineral fertilising based on application maps.

Even spreading - no matter how fast you travel - can be ensured thanks to the forward speed related rate control. The AMATRON 3 operating terminal controls the speed of the hydraulic rubber bet floor according to the forward speed, thus enabling the potential of the spreader to be maximised.  

The optionally available weighing equipment is particularly useful for agricultural contractors. It enables you to determine the quantity actually distributed, and adjust the shutter slide as necessary. This guarantees an even application rate and provides the best prerequisite for efficient nutrient distribution. As an added bonus, the weighing Equipment also aids automatic plot-related documentation (ASD).

Omnia-Set spreading discs

ZG-B Streuscheibe

Precise: The OM Omnia-Set spreading discs are equipped with pivoting swivel vanes that generate a spread pattern that is extremely precise and safe. 
Easy: The working width and the spread rate can be easily adjusted via the spreading vanes and metering shutter without tools. 
Precious: OM spreading discs are made from stainless steel and easy to fit. 
Extra: Late top dressing is advantageous for generating quality crops. With the OM spreading discs this procedure is extremely easy to do without tools by just tilting up the standard equipped swivel tips on the spreading vanes. 
OM spreading discs for ZG-B: OM 10-16; OM 18-24, OM 24-36 (with hard metal coating for a prolonged service life)

Spreader Application Centre: Exemplary advice – for more than 25 years

ZA-TS Streuhalle

With the Spreader Application Centre, AMAZONE offer even better customer service. In addition to the already well-established fertiliser laboratory and spreading hall, the Spreader Application Centre now also includes the areas of “Test and Training”, “Data management” and the relevant “Knowledge transfer”.

The two last areas are accompanied by a reorganisation that caters for the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of agriculture. The aim of the Spreader Application Centre is to offer to the customer an even better service with regard to fertiliser application.

FertiliserService – Only when properly spread is your fertiliser worth its weight in gold

ZA-TS Duengeservice

The AMAZONE FertiliserService closely cooperates with well-known manufacturers of spreading material – worldwide to be able to make available to you the best setting values as quickly as possible. AMAZONE is the name for precise spreading charts, worldwide.

The FertiliserService works beyond limits. Because no matter whether your fertiliser spreader is 5 or 50 years old, we are always by your side with competent and reliable assistance.

You can contact us via:
- Internet:
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- Telefon: +49 (0)5405 501-111
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