ZA-M Centrifugal Broadcaster


Border spreading with Tele-Set disc

ZA-M Tele-Set-Scheibe

Economical, and in particular, extremely ecologically sensitive mineral fertilising requires responsible minded actions. According to new environmental directives, environmentally harmless fertilisation on the field edge is not possible without modern border spreading systems. All of the requirements of the current fertiliser ordinance can be perfectly met with AMAZONE boundary spreading equipment.
Tele-Set-disc: Change over from normal spreading to side, boundary or water course spreading by means of a tool-less disc change.



Side spreading (yield oriented setting)

ZA-TS Randstreuen

The neighbouring field us an area that is used agriculturally. In this case it is tolerable for a small quantity of fertiliser to be thrown over the border of the field. The fertiliser distribution inside the field boundary is still 80 % of the desired application rate at the edge of the field.

Boundary spreading (environmentally friendly adjustment)

ZA-TS Grenzstreuen

In case of a road or a cycle path right against the side of the field no fertiliser may be spread beyond the field's border. In order to avoid the over fertilisation inside the field, the spread rate has to be reduced on the field's border. This boundary spreading system fulfil the fertiliser decree requirements.

Water-course spreading (environmentally oriented setting)

ZA-TS Grabenstreuen

If there is surface water at the edge of the field, a distance of one metre must be maintained using the border spreading device according to the fertiliser ordinance, and even three metres without a border spreading device. In order to prevent over fertilisation inside the field, the spread rate must be reduced at the boundary side.

Border spreading with the border spread deflector

If the first tramline is situated at the field's edge, border spreading (environmentally-orientated adjustment) is then achieved by the half-side shut-off of the spread fan. No fertiliser is thrown beyond the field's border and, inside the field, optimum fertilisation is maintained.

Boundary spread deflector, left hand side

Randstreuschirm, links

The one-sided, manually folded spread deflector is a low-cost solution for carrying out boundary spreading on the left side in the direction of travel.   

ZA-M border spread deflector for both sides

ZA-M Randstreuschirm

The border spread deflector to both sides can be operated at the left and right hand side but also at both sides, to keep the track virtually free from fertiliser. Adjustable for different fertilisers and also suited for special crops. Many applications possible. The mounting and demounting is quickly and easily done without  tools.


AMAZONE Limiter right or left hand

ZA-M perfektes Grenzstreuen

With the ZA-M there is a choice: Limiter to the right or left hand side. Modern tractors have most of the controls on the right next to the driver’s seat. In this case, border spreading is more convenient and comfortable using the right hand Limiter. The all-stainless steel Limiter is simply folded down into the spread fan. The lamella block then produces a direction change for part of the flow of fertiliser. An optimum spreading pattern is formed up to the border.

Perfect boundary and side spreading

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, Grenz- und Randstreuen in Perfektion

The Limiter is a modern boundary spreading system that is used if the first tramline is half the working
width of the fertiliser spreader. It is used for side, boundary and water course spreading.
The decisive advantage with the Limiter is that there is no need to stop, interrupt the spreading operation
or dismount from the tractor.
When boundary or watercourse spreading, the application rate on the edge side is automatically reduced by the EasySet, AMADOS+ or AMATRON 3 terminals when the Limiter is lowered down.
The Limiter can be moved on a fixed frame within a generously dimensioned swivel range. This sets the
Limiter to the required position for side, boundary or water course spreading, depending on the type of
fertiliser. Exact details of this can be found in the setting chart and on a sticker on the machine. If the
Limiter is not being used, it is conveniently swivelled up via a hydraulic cylinder.



EasySet, the simplest of terminals

Amazone EasySet

With the help of the EasySet operating terminal, the left and right shutter settings can be adjusted separately at the press of a button whilst on the move. This means that the spread rate can be set individually to either the left or right hand side.
The EasySet terminal can also be used to operate the optional Limiter border spreading system. A LED light on the terminal shows the driver whether the Limiter is active (swung down) or not.

Main benefits of EasySet:
• Simple operating terminal without menus
• Only individual function keys
• Comfortable operation from the tractor seat of both the on/off and shutter position without the need for tractor spool valves
• Adjustment of the application rate by alteration of the shutter position
• Rate reduction when border spreading
• Readout of the Limiter position possible 

Simple, direct operation

ZA-M 2- und 3-Wegeeinheiten

• Individual hydraulic shutter actuation via two double acting tractor spool valves
• In case the tractor does not have sufficient connection possibilities, simple two-way or three-way hydraulic
changeover units are available


AMADOS+ - the measure of safety in fertiliser spreading

Control-Paket (für alle Modelle)

For the ZA-M with mechanical spreading disc drive there is the Control package with AMADOS+ for electronic control of the spread rate, independent of the forward speed.   

Benefits from AMADOS+:
• The preselected spread rate always remains the same whatever the optimum working speed selected.
This is particularly beneficial with tractors with a variable transmission.
• Quantity changes can be made variably to both sides or just one side with this modern operator control terminal in order to save money and protect the environment
• Robust actuator motors on the rate shutters adjust the spread rate
• The hydraulic shutters of the double shutter control system are operated independently of the electronic
rate shutter. This is quicker, and protects the electronic actuator motors
• All electronic components are protected from water ingress and corrosion
• The speed is recorded using sensor systems or the tractor signal socket
• Simple calibration program with independent rate setting determination
• Robust sensor equipment for function monitoring, e.g. of the shutter position
• Can be extended to other applications, e.g. as a hectare counter during manure spreading, cultivation
or mowing with a separate working position sensor
• Serial interface available for documentation and the connection of N-sensors and GPS-terminal supplied application maps for site-specific fertilisation
• Job memory for up to 20 field records

Electronic control with AMATRON 3 for ZA-M 1001 Special Profis

Tronic-Paket (ab ZA-M 1200)

ZA-M Profis with Tronic Package:

The ZA-M Profis Tronic package is available for the forward-speed related rate control (kg/ha), the control operation of the Limiter border spreading device and the weigh cell.

Because of its large display and its clear, simple and logical operation, the AMATRON 3 is extremely user-friendly. All functions can be operated with the one hand whilst the other hand stays on the steering wheel. In addition the AMATRON 3 is able to carry out the monitoring of the Limiter with integrated automatic rate control at boundary spreading. Thanks to its multifunctionality AMATRON 3 can be also used for other AMAZONE machines, such as, for example field sprayers or seed drills.
By using the practical and clearly designed AMATRON 3, you only need one terminal for the control of different fertilising functions.

With the AMATRON 3, all relevant data is clearly displayed and the few necessary Inputs are entered very conveniently.
AMATRON 3 is fully downward compatible to AMATRON+ and upwardly compatible to the ISOBUS standard providing a bridge between the AMABUS and the ISOBUS world.


GPS-Track for AMATRON 3

GPS-Track für Amatron 3

The GPS-Track parallel driving aid turns out to be an enormous advantage for easy orientation in fields without tramlines or on grassland. It features various track modes, such as A-B line and contour travel and an obstacle function. The bouts are numbered all the way across. The deviation from the true line is shown on the display. Unmistakable steering recommendations help keep you in the track. Also the distance to the next tramline is shown precisely, providing the ideal guide, for example, when locating the correct maize row.

GPS-Maps for AMATRON 3


The additional module GPS-Maps enables GPS-based processing of application maps in a shape file format. Both in AMABUS, and also in ISOBUS mode.
The direct application rate can be used or the amount of spray agent. With AMATRON 3, the spray rates can still be adapted.
Task Controller is available as standard and enables the processing of application maps in ISO-MXL format, both in AMABUS and also in ISOBUS mode, even without GPS Maps.

ASD – Reliable and simple documentation

Amazone ZG-B ASD Automatische Schlagbezogene Dokumentation

Automatic field-related documentation (ASD) is a product and manufacturer-encompassing documentation concept for transmitting field-related data between the AMATRON 3 or AMADOS+ and the electronic field data management system. The digital interface used is published and accessible to all manufacturers.
ASD provides the farmer with the possibility of simply and economically integrating all machines in the documentation chain.


The extensions: The hopper volume can be quickly upgraded or retrofitted

ZA-M S und L Ausätze

Extension S - narrow
The narrow S-extension gives you a small transport width. Direct filling from a tipping trailer or out of big bags is no problem.

Extension L - wide
The large filling width of 2.76 m provides you with adequate safety when loading with wide buckets. The wide L-extension is particularly recommended when large industrial front loading shovels are being used.



Electric 3-way unit

ZA-M Elektrische 3-Wegeeinheit

The HyCLICK electric 3-way unit can be used as a convenient preselection isolator for the Limiter and right or left hand double shutter functions for tractors with only one control valve.  

Castor wheels and 'Tele Space'

ZA-M Rollvorrichtung und Tele-Space

A sensible accessory: the robust castor wheels make it easier to attach and detach the spreader and manoeuvre in the farmyard. The wheels can be quickly removed. It is even easier to attach and detach the spreader using the "Tele-Space" telescopic PTO shaft.

Swivel hopper cover

ZA-M Abdeck-Schwenkplane

The hopper cover is simply swivelled open before filling. When closed it allows fertiliser spreading to continue, even during bad weather.


Front lights / integrated ladder

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, Frontbeleuchtung / integrierte Leiter

According to the StVZO, front lights are required for the wide L-extension if there is an excess width. The ladder integrated on the left-hand side provides a better view into the hopper and therefore makes inspection and cleaning easier.

EasyCheck – Precise spreading made easy!


Digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution

Instead of testing trays, such as those found in the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight test mats made from rubber and the EasyCheck App for Smartphones. The test mats are positioned in pre-determined distances away from the tramline. Then the relevant tramline is spread and the mats with the fertiliser granules laying on them are photographed. The App now compares automatically how much fertiliser has been collected on each test mat and sets the results of the individual rows to an average. In cases where the spreading results are not the optimum, the App suggests readjustments for the setting of the relevant fertiliser spreader.