Customers from Russia thank Prof. Heinz Dreyer

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Customers from Russia thank Prof. Heinz Dreyer for the "Primera DMC wonder seed drill".

This really is something that does not happen every day: when visiting the " Russian Amazone Crop Production Days " in Hasbergen-Gaste, satisfied Amazone customers took the opportunity to personally thank Prof. h.c. (SAA Samara) RAAS Dr. Dr. h.c. Heinz Dreyer. Leading the praise was Gennadij Klimov, the director and co-owner of an agricultural estate in the Rostow region in South Russia. This estate farms more than 12,000 ha in total, 9,000 ha of it in arable crops. The crop rotation is divided into approx. 55 % winter wheat, 7 % each of spring barley, maize and grass and 25 % bare fallow.

Since 2009, the estate uses Amazone machinery. Whereas initially in total eight track-laying tractors with seed drills were still needed for the sowing operation, latterly only one Primera DMC 9000 and one Citan 12000 have been required. Gennadij Klimov was especially satisfied by the high operational performance and acreage output of the Primera DMC 9000 which is pulled by a Fendt 930 Vario. In 2013, this combination managed to sow an area of 2,500 ha, 1,924 ha of it direct sown at daily outputs of approx. 180 ha. "The machine is especially easy to pull, leaves a good placement quality and also the fuel consumption of up to 5 litres/hectare is low. The costs for spare parts and repairs are also low", commented Director Gennadij Klimov. Also the Citan solo seed drill 12000 is impressive in practical operation; achieving in 2013 an annual output of 2,800 ha.

"Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union our estate is run as a share company", Director Gennadij Limov reported. Both the technical specialists, and also the tractor and combine drivers as co-owners, were initially against the purchase of Western agricultural technology because the purchase price was higher than for other machines. Gennadij Limov, however, managed to convince his fellow shareholders nevertheless to buy Amazone machinery. In practical operation, however, the economic benefits of the new technology were very quickly recognised.

It was a personal desire for Gennadij Klimov to very warmly thank Prof. Heinz Dreyer, especially for the development and all the subsequent changes to the Primera DMC. In his opinion, no other seed drill can be used so flexibly for any cultivation method from conventional sowing via mulch sowing through to direct sowing.

Also Michail Glaskov, who manages a farm east from Moskow in the Rjasan region with more than 11,000 ha, thanked Prof. Heinz Dreyer for the efficiency and reliability of the Primera DMC. Because Michail Glaskov was already using Amazone sprayers successfully for many years, he decided this year also to purchase a Primera DMC 9000. This seed drill was initially put to work in the spring and has already sown more than 1,500 ha of spring cereals.

Alexej Barychenskij, Amazone sales partner from the Region of Tula, used this visit to Hasbergen-Gaste also for a personal thank you to Prof. Heinz Dreyer. On this occasion he handed over a gingerbread of the famous "Tulskij Prjanik" brand from Tula. "This gingerbread has most probably also been baked from wheat that has been sown with a Primera DMC seed drill", said Alexej Baryschenskij. Because in the Tula region so many Primera DMC drills have been sold over the previous years and have since then operated successfully – being used as seed drills which can be used under all possible conditions and with all kinds of cereals. These machines have impressed  many customers no more so than  in autumn 2013 when it was raining such a lot in Russia that almost all seed drills had to give up. Only the Primera DMC was still successfully working even  under these most difficult of conditions from Kaliningrad to Blagoweschensk on the Amur.