Agrosalon 2014 with gold- and silver medals for Amazone

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Great Success for Amazone: Prior to the Agrosalon Show, the most important agricultural trade exhibition in Russia, an independent expert jury awarded Amazone both a gold and silver medal. The new Amazone fertiliser spreader ZA-TS series with Switch-Point was awarded a gold medal, whereas the mechanical D9 6000-TC Combi trailed seed drill was awarded silver.

SwitchPoint on the ZA-TS fertiliser spreaders enables a fertiliser type and working width dependent adjustment of the switch on and switch off points when utilising the automatic GPS-Switch headland and part-width section control. No complicated calculations are necessary; the values for both can just be taken from the setting chart and entered into the relevant operator terminal. This service offers an additional comfort factor when using GPS-Switch. Also users who do not utilise GPS-Switch can optimise the switch on and off points for their fertiliser spreader on the headland.

The silver was awarded to the 6 m wide D9 6000-TC Combi seed drill which is produced at the Russian Amazone subsidiary "Eurotechnika" and is designed especially for the demands of the Russian market. It is suitable for sowing cereals, grain legumes and grass and offers the possibility to simultaneously apply fertiliser along with the seed. This extremely strong and robust designed seed drill shows its strengths when operated on large areas at sowing speeds of up to 15 km/h. Despite the large working width of 6 metres, the trailed D9 6000-TC Combi can be also operated behind smaller tractors which don’t have the lift capacity. Thanks to the integrated transport kit, the width on the road is only 2.50 m.

In total, over the course of the expert’s assessment towards the "Innovation Technology Agrosalon 2014" only four machines were awarded gold and 15 machines a silver medal. For this evaluation, stringent criteria were applied where top priority was the importance of practical operation. The benefits for economic and organisational efficiency, as well as improvement of the environmental situation, were also included in the evaluation. Additional criteria were the increase of soil fertility and the effect on operational comfort and safety.

The official award ceremony for the medals will take place during Agrosalon 2014 in Moscow. This exhibition will be open from 7th to 10th October 2014.